This Afinibot printer is just awesome! I have been using this printer for printing small objects and the build-up volume is large for printing Legos. I absolutely love the quality of prints. At such low price, it delivers so much. I can print in PLA on Windows. I was happy with their customer service as well at the time of delivery. This printer definitely deserves praiseworthy 5-stars!



To be honest, I am only dipping my toes into the 3D printing world. However, impressed by the efficiency of this printer, I have to say that choosing Afinibot was not a bad idea! I have not tried printing on rubber and wood but PLA print resolutions are very fine and I loved the print quality. Involves a bit of tinkering! The customer service is not up to the bar! Just mentioning! Overall, a nice printer!



This printer has warping issues! Go for an acrylic frame printer! I am a hobbyist and have only recently started working on 3D printers. First thing first, assembling this Afinibot was one hell of a task. Even though, my colleague advised me not to go for DIY printer, but I took the risk of choosing it. The nozzle gets blocked time & again spurting out blobs of filament. Even the masking tape is not of much help here. I would be glad if someone could help me understand how to fix the y-axis. I give this printer an average 3-star!



The portable printer has its own beneficial value like it is lightweight, handy and occupies less space. But, assembling this printer was not that easy task and it took lots of exertion in this process.

This printer has limited features like can only support wood, soft rubber and PLA filaments, and has less print area. Although, this printer has a commendable print speed about 10 to 50 mm/sec and delivers excellent print outcomes.

Perfect ideal printer for the beginners and educators!!

M. Collins


I bought this DIY portable 3D printer kit for my school projects and models. This printer has comprehensive and remarkable features that offer precise same replica of my 2D print. This printer helps me to be more creative which explores my imagination into reality. The printer provides me précised prints at very excellent printing speed. It consumes less power supply and has an extremely simple structure to operate. This lightweight printer is a perfect DIY kit specially designed for learners and educational purposes.