William Cloud


I got this printer in over a week ago and I love it. It took over 7 hours from opening the box to my first print, which isn't bad considering how much you have to put together. Over all I'm very happy with this printer, but there are a few things I would add to it (which you can print). One, I would add a cooling fan to the Hot End tip and second I would add a duct to the extruder cooling fins. Pros: Its cheap for the build volume build quality is solid print quality is well worth the price Steppers seam to be good quality All tools are included Cons: Instructions were not clear on a few steps The rollers seam to wear quickly All of the printer bed is not used A lot of tuning is needed for good prints Over all, my prints are turning out better then what I excepted and I'm pleased with Tevo and my Black Widow. I would recommend this to anyone with experiences with a 3D printer and who is on a budget for large printing volumes.

Robert Guizzo


My first time using a 3D Printer and I am impressed with the machine. Shipped very quickly compared to other online stores. Instructions were a little vague at times but there is a lot of online help with assembly. Went together in about 8 hours. Initial setup went smooth and first prints are impressive. Have already printed a spool stand and filament guides. Take a little time to tweek everything and it will do everything you want it to and more.

Kimberly J. Adams


I ordered this printer because I am planning to expand my work. The printer arrived after 16 days of placing order which increased my curiosity and I got very restless. The shipping process is really slow and it disappointed me. The printer came with all parts included but the assembling process was very hectic and very time consuming. I managed the assembling part somehow.

The printer is not of a very high quality one and consists of only one extruder and that also does not work really well. The printer outs which I get in case the extruder works fine are of average quality.

Linda C. Osborn


The printer is made of aluminum frame which makes the printer durable and sturdy. Assembling this printer is not very complicated tasks as with clear instruction in manual the printer can be assembled on your own. I usually work on PLA and ABS and. With PLA I always get outstanding results but with ABS I get poor quality results and am not able to deliver the best quality. This is the only thing which disappoints me about this printer.

Barbara B. Berrios


The printer arrived quickly with all the parts available and nicely packed. The assembling process was quick too as I found it easy even when I am not a professional when it comes to 3D printers. I am impressed with the metal hot end and extruder as it allows me to any filament be it common or exotic without facing any difficulty. The printer never mess up the look of my cabin as custom electronic box helps in keeping control board cool and wires looking well-ordered. I will recommend this printer to everyone.