A printer which is very easy to assemble and that’s the best part. You don’t have to waste a lot of time while assembling the printer, just go through the video and you are done. Its aluminum frame is very sturdy and that is what makes it a high quality printer which is durable. Another good part about the printer is that it does not require any leveling. It is a noisy machine and I am not able to print when a lot of people are around. But as I am very impressed with the printing quality so I have no issues with the printer.



Yes, the build-up area is huge but it does not satisfy me. I wanted a much bigger build-up area so that I can print bigger objects. But I like the printer because some of its features are really good. It is a high quality printer and is made up of high quality parts. The smaller print outs which I took are precise and high quality, the larger it goes the worse it gets



The best quality printer! It got delivered on time and since the minute I have assembled it, it works really well. The latest features like automatic platform leveling makes the printing process a time consuming and a stress free experience. The nozzle works perfectly fine and I have never faced any blocking issues like I have read in other reviews. I usually print on PLA and I am never disappointed. The printer gets connected to my Mac very easily.



The printer is very easy to assemble and the instructions in the video helped a lot. They are enough to assemble the printer if you go through them properly. It is a high quality printer as the aluminum frame is sturdy. The custom electric box controls the heat perfectly and I print easily without facing heating problems. It does not require leveling and that is something I like the most. The build-up area is also very huge and I print whatever size I want to



It is a very strong and a durable printer and its high quality parts are what make it a must own. It is very economical and it is impossible to get such a good quality printer at cheap price. I am happy with the printer but the only issue is that it is very noisy. I cannot print at home or outside my office cabin. The outcomes are good and the printing speed is also dependable but I noise is an issue.