Spencer Goulburn


I actually liked this Electron 3D Tevo 3D Printer because of its filament compatibility and metal body. Its color is very attractive in the sense that wherever I put this printer, it just looks good there. However, I faced certain issues with it. The assembling process was tiresome. I somehow assembled the printer and loved its printing quality too. Surely recommended!

Ricky Franklin


This Electron 3D Tevo has many features which make it reliable. I was excited when I ordered this printer and on its arrival, I never thought this will be the a hectic thing to manage. The assembling process took a lot of time and the printing speed was not so good. I liked that it can print on a large scale but the speed should have been at leat better. I am just satisfied.

Ava Veale


I am an Information Managing Director and need to print in large amount. I bought this printer only because of its printing capacity. When I received this printer, I quickly assembled it and began printing. I loved the way it doesn’t get heating issues because of the custom electronics box. The inductive sensors made it an easy thing to use. Overall, I am happy that I chose this printer.



I am very happy with the purchase. Everything worked out of the box without the need of replacement parts or modifications. The price was excellent and the build was very straight forward and enjoyable. Ignore the provided instructions and go straight to the facebook group. The facebook group contains a user manual, suggested build items, calibration prints and people willing to answer questions. All in all, I want to justify getting another one! :)

Sandra S.


We looked at a lot of printers before settling on this unit. For this printer to work properly it requires careful alignment/ squaring etc.
The extrusions, end caps etc are all precisely machined. There are some minor complaints, such as the plastic leadscrew blocks and some other
minor annoyances which we will manufacture and replace, but for the money the black widow is a steal at $500US.
The prints so far are very good, however as we are learning, poor quality prints are more a fault of the operator. The full frame is sturdy and
and presents a base if one wishes to enhance or upgrade this unit. We manufacture/ machine and build a great many products for ourselves
and if we say the precision/ quality is A1 trust us. Overall very pleased. These units could sell for $1000US plus and we still would have bought it.