If you are a newbie then this 3D printer is all you need to feel like a professional. It is very easy to assemble and the manual seems to be perfect. It has many updated features like automatic platform leveling which offers hassle free printing. Its nozzle got jammed initially but I fixed the issue with some internet research. I have not faced any other issue with the printer. The high quality print outs impress me every time. I would highly recommend it!



A printer which prints effortlessly with high printing speed. The print outs are precise I have never faced any issue with the printer. It is an excellent machine and the automatic platform leveling is the most advanced feature so far. I never face heating issues with the printer because it is equipped with custom electronics box which controls the heating. The print prints successfully on all the filaments and I enjoy working on all the filaments. I get very happy to see such high quality print outs.



This printer is the best option for you if you don’t want to spend so much time on the assembling part. The printer is easy to assemble as the video instructions help immensly. The printer does not even require leveling which saves a lot of time. I have had this printer for 8 months now and last month while I was printing the nozzle got jammed twice. I contacted the customer care and solve the issue. The customer care team is very cooperative. Happy!



The printer is sturdy and durable because of its high quality aluminum frame. I am very impressed with the printer. Its build-up is very huge and I get precise prints irrespective of whatever size I choose or whatever filament I choose to print on. The printer doesn’t make any noise while printing unlike my previous printer which used to give me a headache. I can now print when my kids or colleagues are around. I am going to recommend the printer to many of my colleagues too.



The manual instructions helped me to assemble the printer within hours. The manual is easy to understand and the printer is easy to assemble. I used the printer for one of my major projects and I was so amazed to see the high quality prints. Even my client was very happy with the work the work got delivered. The print works flawlessly and offers precise print outs. I use the printer 4-5 times a month and it works really well every time. I would recommend the printer to everyone.