The printer is a single machine which is equipped with so many latest features. And the best part is that it is very economical. The latest features which have impressed me includes an all metal 5:1 geared extruder for continuous filament flow, heated bed, solid anodised aluminium plates and inductive sensors and a separated electronics box. The electronic box is responsible for controlling heating issues and I print at a very high speed. Apart from this, the printer looks good in appearance and is very strong too.



I am a newbie and I like this printer because it got assembled in 4 hours using video instructions which is the coolest part. It has the best features which makes operating the printer for a newbie like me very easy. I am glad because I have heard from my friends that leveling consumes a lot of time and is complicated too. I print on PLA and I am amazed to such good quality print outs. I have only faced a single issue until now and that also when the nozzle got jammed..



The printer is not a very high quality printer but it helped me a lot when I had to deliver an important project urgently. The printer arrived 3 months ago and I managed to assemble it very easily. It has a very strong aluminum frame which makes the printer durable in spite of its poor quality parts. The printer not only offers good quality prints but also saves a lot of time as it does not require any leveling. The printer is bit noisy.



A printer which is very easy to assemble and that’s the best part. You don’t have to waste a lot of time while assembling the printer, just go through the video and you are done. Its aluminum frame is very sturdy and that is what makes it a high quality printer which is durable. Another good part about the printer is that it does not require any leveling. It is a noisy machine and I am not able to print when a lot of people are around. But as I am very impressed with the printing quality so I have no issues with the printer.



Yes, the build-up area is huge but it does not satisfy me. I wanted a much bigger build-up area so that I can print bigger objects. But I like the printer because some of its features are really good. It is a high quality printer and is made up of high quality parts. The smaller print outs which I took are precise and high quality, the larger it goes the worse it gets