John S. on 14/08/2016
27 reviews
If you do not want to spend a lot on a 3D printer then this machine is the best option for you. I do not use 3D printer that often and that is why I planned to order this one. The printer parts are of high quality and the assembling part was easy too. The only drawback according to me is that I had to put extra efforts to get the right prints even after the assembling process was successfully completed. But otherwise a good printer and is also perfect for immatures or newbies.
Gerald on 13/08/2016
27 reviews
Great printer, great price. Great support.
Connie Brown on 01/08/2016
27 reviews

My new black widow 3D printer is pretty cool. When it arrived, the little issue I had to face was only setting its Z-axis. As I am not too great with all this tech-stuff, it took me a little more time than required. I realized it later that it was too easy and could have taken lesser time.

After that, the printer has been working super! My sister and I have made so many cool models with it.  The automatic platform leveling and proximity sensors are amazing features of this printer.  

The prints are pretty damn good! Parts are quite durable. Really a good one in the 3D printing arena!

Peter Szabo on 28/07/2016
27 reviews
The printer came nearly exactly as shown, some colors are different in the pictures but otherwise it appears identical. No assembly instructions included but assembly is straightforward enough. Shipping was about 2 weeks to southern CA, which I consider quick considering distance traveled and customs etc. I would purchase from this seller again without hesitation, he communicated with me before and after purchase to ensure I was satisfied. A+
Kimberly J. Adams on 26/07/2016
27 reviews

I ordered this printer because I am planning to expand my work. The printer arrived after 16 days of placing order which increased my curiosity and I got very restless. The shipping process is really slow and it disappointed me. The printer came with all parts included but the assembling process was very hectic and very time consuming. I managed the assembling part somehow.

The printer is not of a very high quality one and consists of only one extruder and that also does not work really well. The printer outs which I get in case the extruder works fine are of average quality.