I already own a 3D printer and I am professional. But still I found this printer very difficult to assemble. The poor quality tools and incomplete instructions in the manual made the assembling process very difficult. I saw many online videos and managed to assemble it even spending 8 hours. When I started printing I found out that z-axis is not properly fixed. I fixed it again but still I am not able to take exact print outs. Disappointed! Not recommended!



I am a hobbyist and enjoy working on 3d printers. Loved this upgraded feature of Electron 3D. The build-up volume is actually huge! You get précised prints. I was able to assemble this printer in a matter of an hour using manual instructions. Printing in PLA gives polished prints. Connects with my Macbook… It is highly recommended to all my 3D-friends. All those looking for slicing options can visit this:

Vernon McAndrews


Bang for the bucks! The print quality of this 3D printer is up to par. This Tevo printer gives precise prints. Being a novice, I enjoy working on this printer. One good thing is that this printer doesn’t require leveling. The build-up volume is huge and heats up extreme fast while working at a great speed. The display came in neat packaging. I was confused between two printers and I am pretty happy with my purchase. Definitely recommended!



I and one of my friends had purchased the same model together. The problem is that somehow I am not able to get fine prints whereas my friend is satisfied with the output. First of all, this Electron 3D is a bit noisy. The nozzle of this printer gets jammed way too often and even though I am not switching the filaments regularly, there is continuous warping issue. Can’t print with ABS properly but works fine for PLA!! Assembling was not a problem. Over all I give this printer 3 stars only.



I ordered the product at a very urgent hour when I needed it for one of my assignments. The printer came in time for my project and was easy to assemble and understand. It also performed well when put to work and delivered quality prints in no time. I was able to deliver my work on time and I am very satisfied from this purchase. Also, the printer makes zero noise while printing. So I can multitask my other activities with it without any problem. I highly recommend it to people who want quality results in less time.