3d Seminx


Average quality. Quiet useful. The mixing system is a great idea but has a lot of problems.... cheap printer but you get what you pay for

Karl T.


This kit extrudes colors out through one nozzle as compared to other 3D kits that make the things complicated by using separate extruding nozzles for different colors. With minimum of calibration required, the results are truly real 3D. Open color system lets me choose any color of my choice, rather than stay constrained. Printing speed is really fast and precise. It is a value for money product.



I bought this printer kit because I wanted to gift a handmade present to my wife on her birthday. I used this 3D printer kit to make a colorful vase for her and she was extremely impressed. The assembling process is very long and it gets you stuck at times, but otherwise I am happy with the cost and quality of the print.



Although I could not get through the assembling part as easily as I would have liked, but it was a fun learning experience overall for me and my friend. We had to call up customer care a couple of times and they provided full assistance. The 3-in-1-out mix color 3D printing feature is the advantage. The product is worth its price.



This printer can be used as a single extruder printer, a dual extruder and a 2-in-1-out extruder, isn’t that amazing. The hotend also offers a good combination of color combination which can be used to add more colors to your objects. With this printer even calibration is not a problem anymore because of the single nozzle construction which the printer offers. I am very happy with the printer. It is very easy to use and I am using it every day for long hours. No complaints! 5 stars