If you have a lot of patience then only this printer is good for you. I am personally not happy with the printer and believe that it is the slowest 3D printer I have ever seen. Assembling the printer is a tough process and apart from that I have faced many issues with the hotend too. The printer delivers average quality print outs and that also at very slow speed which actually is very annoying. I have to wait for hours to get just few print outs. My earlier printer was much better as I am completely disappointed with this one.

Arturo Jackson


My daughter has just taken admission in high school and one of her majors is 3D printing and graphic designing. So, I decided to buy her a 3D printer. After some quick searching, I bought this Rostock Delta printer. When this printer came and opened the box, it was a huge turndown for me as two of the parts were broken. I contacted the customer service and they helped me in replacing them. The assembling took me a lot of effort and time. I had to take help from my neighbor who’s well-versed with 3D printing. When I was searching on net, they had written that this printer has a higher building speed but I will not agree with this now. The prints were of good quality but they came out very slowly. If you’re someone who’s really patient, then this printer is a good option for you. I’m not that happy so I’m giving it 3 stars.

Blaž Rošer


Instructions for bed leveling unclear, few parts need redesign - holders for LCD broke while mounting, because they are not made correctly and thin. Connectors are birttle too and saftey hooks get broken quite easily. Plastic extrudor mechanism is total crap, no tension screw makes filament slip all the time even for 50% rate. Three heads and single extrudor looks great on paper, but in practice is pain in the ass because you need to have all 3 filaments in with tension or you get "spill back" to inactive heater and will clog it. luckily it's easy to clean. lots of spare parts, assembly takes about 16 hours if you are doing it for the first time. sometimes you need to find better screws, because the one in the manual are not correct, but you have enough spare to mount everything.



A good quality printer! I am completely satisfied with it and I have no complaints. The printer is durable and all its parts of good quality. I have been using this printer for more than a year now and its performance has always been very consistent. The only area of the printer which restricts me is its build-up volume because I feel that it is very small. I am not able to print larger objects. But the resolution of smaller models is outstanding and the speed is also reasonably good. Overall, I am happy to own this printer.

Nita Kirkland


Woah! What do I say about this printer! It’s just amazing. I never thought there could be something as magical as a machine like this. My kid loves 3D modeling and designing and seeing his interest, my husband got this one for him. I am stunned the way my little one learnt everything. He prints superbly and has fun with it all the time. I see the prints and they look so beautiful and perfect – almost real. I am not a tech person but I love this printer. And, am also learning to use it now. Perfect printer for beginners. A must-buy!