I have been using this Geeetech for over a month now and faced issues quite a hell number of times! As I am a fashion designer, it is very important to impress my prospective with the 3D designs. Unfortunately, I lost two of them because of a common problem of warping. I have tried calibrating but nothing has helped me so far in eliminating this warping issue. The speed of this printer is also very slow. It took me whole night to print the models.

G. Johnson


This Geeetech 301 is an innovative device in the 3D printing. This helps me to unleash my artistry to get reformed models just like the original ones. This printer has a delta type construction that offers high-accuracy prints and delivers faster printing speed. It contains 3-in-1-out mix color 3D printing hotend which requires only single nozzle for 3D printing in multi-colors. This eliminates the calibration problems and makes it easier and more precise technique of the printing. Truly impressive built!!

3d Seminx


Average quality. Quiet useful. The mixing system is a great idea but has a lot of problems.... cheap printer but you get what you pay for

Wahid Fadl Toma


I would suggest buying this 3D printer for those who are professional in the forte of prototyping business or in 3D printing. For a neophyte, this is just too complicated from assembling to processing. The manual is also very complex, and the technical terms are too difficult to correlate with the tutorials.

However, it delivers excellent prints in triple-color combination, but not at that good speed of printing.

All in all, this printer is designed for only professionals, but not a good option for the beginners.

Karl T.


This kit extrudes colors out through one nozzle as compared to other 3D kits that make the things complicated by using separate extruding nozzles for different colors. With minimum of calibration required, the results are truly real 3D. Open color system lets me choose any color of my choice, rather than stay constrained. Printing speed is really fast and precise. It is a value for money product.