Apart from all the printers which I have short-listed, I have chosen this printer because of the new heated bed which is installed in it. The new bed has a digital temperature controller which is very effective and makes the printer completely safe to use. My kids also use the printer at times. The auto-leveling feature helps me to get precise print outs and makes printing a very easy process. I already have 3 3D print outs but printing has never been so easy. Highly recommended to everyone!



The printer arrived with many damaged parts. I contacted the customer care to replace the damaged parts immediately as I had few projects lined up. Thankfully, they replaced the damaged parts within 5 days and I assembled the printer within few hours too. It is a less complicated machine, maybe because I have studied a lot about 3D printers before ordering this one. The printer is able to print really well on ABS and the printing quality is also very good. I always get accurate print outs and the machine is working good till now. Satisfied!



I am extremely unhappy and irritated with this printer. It is not worth buying. It arrived 14 days after the expected delivery date and then also he arrived with many damaged parts. I contacted the customer care to replace the damaged parts ad it took another 10 days. I don’t know why their shipping service is so poor when they are responsible for delivering such an expensive machine. When I assembled the printer and started printing, I started facing layering issues because I was not able to adjust z-axis accurately. I fixed it and it took a lot of effort.



This nearly assembled is easy to use and is much better than my previous printer. The best part about this one is that Xinkebot features a printing heated plate with a flat surface delivering smooth prints. I love its auto-leveling feature and magnetic extruder with removable and easy to set up feature. The build-up volume is very large and printing on Xinkebot is an easy affair! They even offered free shipping to me! 5Stars



When I ordered the printer, I had no idea that it is such an outstanding machine. The best thing about this printer is that it does not make any noise while printing and I can even print at late night or busy office hours. The printing results are also very impressive. Initially I faced problem while assembling the printer and got stuck at many places. But now, I am very happy with the printer. I work on it every day and face no issues. It is the best 3D printer.