I am a professional and still I got stuck at few places while assembling the printer. Although the manual consist of clear instructions but still I got badly stuck while fixing the z-axis. The magnetic extruder of the printer which is made of high quality material like all the other parts can be removed easily whenever I wish to remove it. It is safe to use as it consist of latest features which allows you to print even when kids are around.



I am very happy and impressed with the printer. Assembling the printer was easy as manual has clear instructions which are easy to understand, I only faced problems while fixing the z-axis which I was not able to fix even after so many efforts. I got fed up and finally contacted customer care and they got the issue resolved. I never expected such good printing speed from this printer as it is very fast and every time I print I get more than expected print outs.



The printer does not make any noise while printing and that is the best part of owning this printer. The printer is specially designed keeping the user’s safety in mind. The new heating bed consists of devoted digital temperature which does not allow digital temperature and motherboard to get overloaded. The printer becomes completely safe to use. The magnetic extruder can be removed as per my wish and the print outs are of very high quality.



When the printer arrived it was very poorly packed. Some of its parts were damaged which I got replaced by contacting customer care. They replaced the parts within 3 days. When I assembled the printer I was surprised to see the large printing area which is very flat. Printing on such a huge area is very easy and even the quality is high and precise. I faced layering issues in the initial in few print outs but after that the printer worked fine.



Assembling the printer was easy but fixing z-axis in particular was very difficult task. I seriously dedicated around 2-3 hours only for fixing it. But apart from this the printer is good. It has a huge printing area which is flat and that is why each print out I take is accurate. The printing speed is very fast and I have never experienced such a speed before. The auto-leveling feature allows me to print more in expected time as a lot of time is saved.