Katrina J. Burns


Scott Johnson


This 3D printer has amazing features from auto bed leveling to its print size and quality. But, initially was the worst experience. I received my order in 15 days, which was almost the double of shipping period.


The packaging was so poor that many of the parts were damaged and torn. The software configuration instructions were not clear and understandable at all. It took n-number of times to understand them. Thankfully, damaged parts were replaced timely. Working on this printer was good. If you are ready to do initial tweaks and inputs, then this is a satisfactory printer.

Melanie Baer


The Xinebot 3D printer gives a revolutionary emergence in the 3D printing world. This printer came nearly with assembled parts and few steps to assemble completely which took very less time as compared with my previous printer. The dedicated digital temperature controller inhibits overloading of the motherboard which is safer and protective. The printing heated plate is designed with borosilicate glass which provides a flat surface and helps to deliver smooth prints. I love its auto-leveling feature and magnetic extruder with removable and easy to set up feature.

Great money value device and happy to add in my inventory!!

Kuan-Yin Hsü


I love prototyping. On the recommendation of my brother, I bought this Xinkebot. The metal-framed device is a little bit heavy. Despite that, this frame gives sturdy look and lifelong durability. It has removable magnetic extruders which make it easy to set up without any substantial tools.


It has an innovative auto bed leveling system that also helps to make printing easier than ever. Multiple filaments like Nylon, PETG, HIPS or ABS are compatible with this device with dual color options. This printer makes my prints more impressive and delivers large print size as well.

Bram Ernst


Without any doubt, I give this printer 4 stars!

This Orca 2 plus has low noise printing (a serious problem in my previous printer!). This 3D printer can print PLA, HIPS and ABS. It also delivers high accuracy and précised prints. The product came in secure packaging. I was able to assemble it in a matter of an hour as mentioned in the instructions. The best part is its removable extruder! No more nozzle blocking!