Karen E. Velez


I ordered the printer for a collage project but unfortunately I was not able to use it for my project as it arrived so late. I was disappointed! But still I decided to assemble it and use it for my DIY projects. When I started assembling the printer, I realized that the instructions are not clear and very difficult to understand. At times I fixed the part at a wrong place and then re-fixed it later on. I completed my assembling process very late. The printer works fine but this printer is a huge disappointment since the day it arrived.



I find this printer kit safe for use at my home as it has an independent temperature controller. So the machine does not get heated up much and provides safety to my kids against getting a burnt finger. Construction is rock solid and surface finish is good too. Full recommendations!



I am happy with this printer kit. It did not need me to spend hours on getting the assembling done, as most of this was already done by the company. It has a huge build volume and so I could print an almost real looking 3D Eiffel Tower.

Please improve the delivery TAT, I received the product after much delay.



The kit came almost assembled, which saved a lot of time and trouble for me. 3D printer is working fine, but it is indeed very noisy. Dedicated temperature controller is a great thing for safety – prevents overheating.



The printer’s new heating bed consist of devoted digital temperature which prevents temperature and motherboard from getting overloaded and that is why I thought I can use the printer when my kids are around. But unfortunately I cannot as the printer makes a lot of noise which annoys my kids. Although the printer is safe to use and the latest glass bed makes printing a very easy process. It offers good quality print outs and good printing speed.