My friend recommended the printer to me and I was so impressed with its advanced features that I ordered it instantly. It arrived on time. This printer is equipped with the latest heating bed which features devoted digital temperature. The devoted digital temperature prevents the motherboard and power from getting overloaded and hence making the printer safe to use even around children. I have faced layering issues in the past but after fixing some of the parts again, I do not find face any such issues now.



Thankfully the printer does not make any noise while printing unlike the other two printers I own. It was easy to assemble. It consists of a magnetic extruder which can easily be removed according to my convenience. The machine prints well on all the filaments and the results never fail to impress my boss and clients. The sped is super-fast and the printer never hangs. It is made up of high quality material. It is very economical. I would recommend the printer to both professionals and immatures.



The only reason why I ordered the printer is its new heating bed. Equipped with the digital temperature controller, the new heating bed makes the printer completely safe to use. I can easily print at home when my kids are around and at times my son uses the printer for his school projects. The printer is so easy to use that he has quickly learnt about its operation. The large printing area is flat and huge ad due to which I always get precise and high quality prints.



I bought this 3D printer out of my enthusiasm to learn the art of 3D printing. It is a wonderful experience printing an object right in the front of you. Automatically error-offsetting feature is a good thing for beginners like me. But, I feel this printer should cost less.

Darrell K. Hinds


I ordered the printer because I got amazed with the specifications that I have read online. It is a modern printer and is true to its online description. The printer is equipped with a removable magnetic extruder which is very easy to handle as per my requirements. I get the best quality prints at very high speed. I have never owned a 3D printer as fast as this one. At times the printer makes a lot of noise and I have to stop my work because the voice gives me a headache.