With a solid steel frame, this printer looks far more durable to me than the others do. This desktop 3D printer fits my desk easily with its compact size. With free shipping, this product saved more money for me, but the delivery took a hell lot of time.



Yes, they are offering FREE shipping, but I had to wait for 2 weeks to place the order as the item was mostly out of stock. Its touch screen interface responds pretty fast. Big build plate, speedy printing, and a full-sized SD card slot – you will not get these in i3 V 2.1. So go for it!



They certainly mean genuine business! The printer comes with 10 Ft. of Standard PLA Filament so that you can test the machine. I bought two optional Black PLA Filament Rolls too, as they were priced cheaply. My friend has the i3 V 2.1 but it has a small SD card slot. My machine has a bigger SD slot along with a filament spool holder. Far Better



Awesome printer, supports a lot of materials including CopperFILL, laybrick and stainless steek which is a little difficult to craft with a precision of 100 microns. MK10 hotend is powerful and makes this a beast of a machine! 1.5 star less for the missing free PLA filament provided in the box.



Costly! But worth the price I must say. Solid steel frame along with the latest FFF technology makes this one of the best 3D printers available in the market. 100 microns layer resolutions ensures you get high quality prints but the print speed is slow with 90 mm/s max. Was expecting more speed from a printer that costly.