Lauren Smith


Bought this Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus last month. It got delivered timely. The assembling was a bit difficult. After it got assembled, it was easy to operate. The printer helps me to finish my project assignments on time. The speed of this 3D printer is tremendous. The advanced features is the USP of this printer. Excellent product for people in fashion designing industry if they don’t want any compromise on print quality at an affordable price.

Chelsea Riddoch


This is the remarkable device comprises with all the relevant features and comprehensions for prototyping. I love printing 3D models with NinjaFlex and Woodfill filaments. It delivers highly précised and highly-defined quality prints at good printing speed (30 to 90 mm/sec). The customer service is impressive and prompt. Truly recommend my dear ones to order 3D printers by this 3D printer online store.



I ordered the printer for my wife as she is doing a lot of creative work these days. But I think this is not the perfect 3D printer for her. It is giving her a lot of trouble and as she is not a tech-savvy person she has no idea how to resolve such issues. She told me that the printer stops while she is taking print outs and things get messed up. She has to start from the scratch and she is not enjoying printing on this printer anymore. She told me that the printing quality has also degraded.



I ordered the printer because I wanted an economical one. It got delivered on time with proper packaging. It is a huge machine and al it delivers are high quality print outs. The printing speed is impressive and never gets slow down even if I am printing for many hours. The only drawback of this printer is its SD card which does not connect or work properly and I am not able to transfer the required files. I think I will have to figure out other ways of getting the files transferred. 4/5

M. Boysen


The fully assembled device gives a big relief for all the mechanical setup for a non-technical person like me. Wanhao 3D printer has a durable steel frame with précised detailing parts. But, it delivers average print quality, not up to my expectation. Sometimes, this device stops working while processing which hinders the ongoing work. The technician has arrived and repairs the printer’s issues, facing while printing. Hoping for the flawless prints of my upcoming projects!