I have always like Wanhao printers as I have one in the office facility and was waiting to buy one for my personal use from so long. Glad that this came with a 1 yr warranty from the company- gives me a little relief when I am paying a whopping $550 for this. The MK10 is a huge improvement on the previous MK8 I have used in the office and really love the 100 micron precision it offers! Thanks I loved it!



The printer is strong, durable and is working well since the day it arrived. It’s been 8 months and I have not faced any major issue which is tough to solve. It is made of high quality parts. The high quality steel frame is what makes the printer durable and strong. It is compatible with various features and the printing speed is also very good. The issue which I feel is that the printer starts printing less precise print outs when I print for longer duration of time.



I wanted a printer with high printing speed as I am handling three projects right now and they have fixed delivery dates. I am so happy that I made the right choice. The printing speed is very high and I had no idea that I will actually be able to take out so many print outs in a single day. The printer is very easy to operate and can be handled without any difficulty. Although the printer consist of single extruder but it is a high quality extruder and works good.



The printer is designed keeping newbies like me in mind. It is a fully assembled machine and is easy to operate too. I have seen other 3D printers with small build volume and I was surprised to see a build volume as large as 200mm x 200mm x 180mm. I literally print all sizes of models in various shapes. I personally don’t like the SD card as I don’t know what is wrong with it. It never gets connected. I have tried connecting it many times and every time I am disappointed.



I wanted a printer with huge build volume and my colleague recommended the printer to me. I got very impressed when the saw the printer in real. Its build volume is actually very huge. The high quality steel frame makes the printer strong and reliable. The other best features include printer’s compatibility with various filaments, open source printing software and high printing speed. It is very easy to operate the printer and even my son prints on it sometimes.