Filament compatibility list of this 3D printer is endless. Now, I do need separate printers for different printing surfaces. Solid steel chassis is perfect for careless handlers like me.

Touch screen interface is impressively fast and SD card slot is big enough for my requirements.

I have finished the free PLA filament yesterday. Am ordering for additional printing filament from them. I hope it gets delivered timely like the printer.





The printer was delivered before the expected date and it was very nicely packed. It was fully assembled as mentioned in the online specification. Although the printer consist of the single extruder but it performs very well. It contributes in offering high resolution prints outs at the fastest possible speed. I am slightly disappointed with the SD card as I face issues every time I connect it. It never gets connected easily. It is an affordable printer and I would recommend it.



My work requires me to print bulk 3D tasks at a fast speed. 90 mm/sec print speed with 100 microns layer resolution definitely made it an ideal choice for me.

It is priced on a higher side, I would say, but the quality of results justifies the cost for me.



This printer is a boon for all the newbies as they do not have to go through the tension of assembling it. The printer comes fully assembled and is ready to work straight out of the box. The printer is made of high quality parts and is very strong. It offers good quality print outs at excellent printing speed. It’s been 7 months and I have recently started facing a minor issue. The print hangs these days but then gets in process after some time. I guess I will have to fix some things to solve this issue.



A fully assembled machine! What else can an unprofessional like me ask for? When the printer arrived I just connected it and it was ready to use. It offers huge build volume with which I can print any size and high resolution printing quality which makes my print the best and worth offering to my clients. At times the printer hangs a lot while I print and I get really annoyed. I am trying to figure out the issue and I am going to fix the problem very soon.