Maya Spencer


Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus - What an innovation! I must say it has tremendous features and the greater functionality. It is the most affordable printer that delivers impressive prints I have come across so far. 

The various types of the filament can be supported includes NinjaFlex, Woodfill, BronzeFILL, Carbon Fiber and plus more. The filament material loads so smoothly and the single MK10 extruder is very simple to switch as well. You can achieve your targets rather quickly in fact, with the excellent speed about 30 to 90 mm/sec.

J. Hanley


Most economical and an Incredible Device in 3D Printing Arena!!

This is an advanced machine comprises with all the latest features and printing technology. This is my best purchase so far. This creates a new standard of prototyping which is more efficient and has a comprehensive process to work on. It delivers impressive results at good printing speed. I love to work on Simplify 3D and CURA 3D printing software. This provides me meticulously same models that of the original ones. I like to work flawlessly on this amazing printer.

Zuha Anisah Atiyeh


I like about this printer that it is a fully assembled device which saves time being utilized in assembling and calibration process. It has multiple filament support and easy to process as well.

The only one thing I bothered after a few prints while working on my project that the printer started delivering low précised prints. It was annoying as I was at the peak of the deadline.

This hampers my work a lot as the quality of prints sudden got low and dull. My complaint has resolved now, but I am still anxious about my future projects. Finger crossed for no more such issues to be faced further.

Richard T


Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus is an economical printer and I think that’s the only good thing about the printer. It is a average quality printer

Its steel frame seems to be of good quality and I face little problems with its other parts while I am working on a project that makes annoying.

The SD card reader which came along the printer does not work properly and I am not able to transfer many of the files which delay my work and I have to think of other ways of transferring files. Print are good at the end.

Cynthia T. Mook


The printer is an updated machine as it consists of all latest features and best quality tools. The built plate of the printer is larger than the 3D printer which I have used earlier.

The printing speed is also very high and I am able to take a large number of printouts within hours. I have owned 3d printers in past also but no printer is able match the quality of this machine. It is actually the best and with such a great price this machine is worth having.

I will recommend this printer to everyone who is looking for a great machine at an economical price.