The printing speed of this printer is commendable. My colleague recommended the printer to me and I am so happy to go by his choice. The printer prints very fast and I complete all my projects before the expected time. I have doubled the use of this printer now a days and still I get high quality results and equally good speed. The printer was easily to assemble and the parts stick to their places no matter for how long you use the printer. Recommended!



It is still hard to believe that I got such a good printer at a very economical price. It is the best 3D printer and is equipped with all the latest features. I have printed on ABS and PLA and the results have been amazing irrespective of which filament I use and what size I choose. The high resolution and precise print outs impresses my clients and I am getting a lot of orders these days. The printer hangs at times but that is only when I use it for long hours.



I faced difficulties while assembling it. It is very tough to assemble and I don’t have much knowledge of 3D printers. I contacted customer care many times to solve my issues and they answered all my questions patiently. The printer is very easy to connect and I easily work on Mac. I can transfer my files without wasting any time. The print quality is also satisfactory.





Honestly speaking, when I first looked at this printer, I was apprehensive towards buying it. To my surprise, investing into Afinibot was such a great idea! Assembling the printer was an easy process for me! Normally I use blue masking tape as well as shaft with my printers but this one doesn’t require any additional tool. Prints are of fine quality!\

It is a nice printer!