Afinibot printer is a must-have for 3D enthusiasts!

Even though I am a hobbyist, I just love working on Afinibot!

Whether printing in PLA, ABS or nylon, the results are same – polished and high in resolution. The speed is appreciable. I can easily work on my Mac! The customer service is also appreciable! Even the delivery was quicker than expected. 5-wonderful stars from my son!

Great money value device and happy to add in my inventory!!



If you need a printer with big printing area then the Afinibot A31 New Printing Model is the perfect choice for you. I have this printer for 2 months now and the printer never disappointed me. Everything about this printer from printing speed to high resolution print outs to its sturdy structure is perfect. I work on this printer every day and I get the same quality and same printing speed. The printer is of very high quality but economical. A perfect buy!

Craig J. Phillips


The printer looks expensive but I was shocked when I saw its price and ordered it immediately. Assembling the printer was an easy process for me as I am a professional and the printer works well for me too. Initially I faced issues with the masking tape as it was not sticking to its place it all but later I cleared the issue by calling customer care. The customer care service is of great help and I am very impressed. The printing speed is very good and I am satisfied with the printing quality.



A lot of unassembled parts are what I have received. The parts got delivered 5 days late than the expected date and I had no idea how to assemble them. The instructions were very complicated and then I got confused. I read the instructions many times and finally started assembling the printer. When I started working on it I was got disappointed with the printing speed as it is below average and the nozzle also blocked many times while I was printing. I would personally not recommend the printer to anyone.



It is an ideal printer!

I am not a native to this place and was not sure about the product. However, this printer is simply amazing! I can easily change the filaments anytime. It gives good prints. I am just a beginner but I know by the quality of the prints that this printer is worth its price. The build-up is okay. But Afinibot missed on one-parameter. The manual should be easy and should be elaborated in every language so that it becomes easy to assemble it.

All in all, a great product at affordable price!