Enthralled with Afinibot!
I am a doctor and have no knowledge about 3D world. I bought this one for my aspiring kid who wants to get into this field. I have to say, printing on Afinibot is real fun. Whether printing in PLA, ABS or nylon, I think the quality is exactly the same. The speed is appreciable. I printed 30 cases in few hours. The calibration part is very easy. I can easily work on my Mac!
Even the delivery was quicker than expected. 5-wonderful stars from my son!



I am disappointed! Honestly, my experience with Afinibot had been the same with the old printer which would hang a lot. But this one has even bigger problems. For starters, this printer invites hell lot of warping. The nozzle keeps blocking time and again. The masking tape would not stick at place at all. Half of the time I keep fixing the y-axis and the results are still same. I just hope if someone can guide me on how to fix this problem?



This printer is the best 3D printer which I have ever owned. This single machine changed the way I deliver work. I take the best quality prints from this machine and that also at unbelievable speed.

The feed port of the printer is flexible and the printer also offers integral heating aluminum plate. All the parts of the printer are of high quality and have not caused a single issue until now. My clients are very happy with my work and now as I am planning to expand my business, I will need more printers.

I am going to order two more these from here very soon. Recommended!



I work a lot with 3D printer so this machine according to me is not a very tough machine to handle. It may be complicated for newbies but I assembled it within few hours. When the printer arrived I found out that some parts were missing, so I contacted the customer service and it took them 10 days to deliver the missing parts.

Initially I got frustrated due to the late delivery but when I started working with this printer I figured out that it is an outstanding printer to work with. It deliver best quality and high resolution print outs. It is hard to believe that the printer is very economical as it looks expensive and works like an expensive printer too.

Eden C. Hinton


I think I should not have ordered this printer. It is a huge and a complicated machine. I faced so many problems while assembling this printer and finally I had to contact the customer service to clear my doubts. It took me around 2 days to get through the assembling process and I came across a huge machine. The printer is so big that I cannot carry it around at various places in my office and this restricts my work. The handling and functioning of this printer is not that complicated as I'm managing somehow. If you are professional then only go for this printer.