Jorge Federico Hernández Sánchez


The included assembly and operating instructions for this product were mostly for a single nozzle and not for three nozzles, which was my case.



I give this printer 4-Star!

First things first! I am thankful to EI3 for offering triple extruder printing.  I always wanted a printer which could print in multiple colors. Courtesy to the speed and precision of this printer, I was able to submit my stereo-types in art classes on time. The printing resolution is excellent. As expected, this device actually gives a glossy finish when printing in PLA filament. The best part is that this DIY printer is easy to assemble and took me only few hours with little bit of tinkering.




I still cannot believe that I have a printer which consist of 3 extruders and can print in 3 different colors. It seems to be amazing and completely magical. Although the printer hangs at times and heats up very easily due to which the nozzle gets blocked but still I like the printer because of its high quality printing. I print on both PLA and ABS and I am very happy with the results. Both the filaments offer excellent results. The machine offers good printing speed also.

Lisa S. Gardner


I am a fashion designer & just love3D printing. I have been using this printer for over 3 months now. Just want to highlight the key features that make EI3 worth buying!


I don’t have second thoughts about this product. It is such a Brilliant Machine!




The DIY kit is not as easy to assemble. The instructions are clear in the manual and it is enough to understand the assembling process. The build-up is flat and offers results but it is not huge enough to print larger objects. The machine can be connected to Mac very easily and I transfer files without any extra effort.