The printer is very easy to assemble and all thanks to the manual which got delivered with it. The clear instructions made the printer’s assembling process a stress free one. The most amazing feature is that the printer prints in 3 colors and the quality remains the same in each printer. Earlier I was using ABS and the results were fine but when I printed on PLA I got surprisingly good results. Recently the printer hanged and the nozzle got blocked too but I solved the issue.



The printer is good and economical. It offers automatic platform levelling and automatic platform height which are specially designed to save time and offer the best quality print outs. The three extruders allow me to print in 3 colors and I am able to provide variation to my clients. It is very easy to connect the printer to my Mac. I have never faced any warping issue or any other issue like I used to face in my previous printer.



I still cannot believe that I can print in 3 colors using a single printer. The printer is very economical and offers great features which I have not seen in other 3D printers. The heating plate temperature varies from 60-110°C which means that I get proper winter warming and summer appropriate cooling when the print. The print out appears to be of the perfect look because of the heating plate temperature. Recently the printer has started hanging a lot and I am not happy with this thing.



I always a printer with a huge build-up but I am not very happy with the printer. Its build-up is flat but it is not very huge. I am able to print smaller objects and get good results too but when it comes to printing larger objects the results are not precise. What I like about the printer is its automatic platform height and automatic platform leveling which offers good quality prints saving a lot of time. I would recommend the printer only if you do not have to print very large objects.



An advanced printer! It is an excellent choice if you want to perform all the tasks from assembling to taking print outs with ease. The printer never causes any issue and works flawlessly. It consist of automatic platform levelling along with automatic platform height which not only saves time but also provides exact print outs. I can print in 3 colors with the help of the 3 extruders. The printing resolution of 50 microns helps in getting accurate print outs.