An advanced printer! It is an excellent choice if you want to perform all the tasks from assembling to taking print outs with ease. The printer never causes any issue and works flawlessly. It consist of automatic platform levelling along with automatic platform height which not only saves time but also provides exact print outs. I can print in 3 colors with the help of the 3 extruders. The printing resolution of 50 microns helps in getting accurate print outs.



I ordered this printer only because it consists of 3 extruders. I have owned 3D printers in past but never owned one with 3 extruders. I print with 3 colors and I am able to offer variety to my DIY projects. I have printed on both ABS and PLA and I am happy. The printing quality is high and precise in both the filaments. Few days back while I was printing the printer got hanged and the nozzle got blocked. I somehow solved the issue and I hope that I do not have to face it again because it breaks the printing flow.



The DIY kit is not as easy to assemble. The instructions are clear in the manual and it is enough to understand the assembling process. The build-up is flat and offers results but it is not huge enough to print larger objects. The machine can be connected to Mac very easily and I transfer files without any extra effort.



I still cannot believe that I have a printer which consist of 3 extruders and can print in 3 different colors. It seems to be amazing and completely magical. Although the printer hangs at times and heats up very easily due to which the nozzle gets blocked but still I like the printer because of its high quality printing. I print on both PLA and ABS and I am very happy with the results. Both the filaments offer excellent results. The machine offers good printing speed also.

Lisa S. Gardner


I am a fashion designer & just love3D printing. I have been using this printer for over 3 months now. Just want to highlight the key features that make EI3 worth buying!


I don’t have second thoughts about this product. It is such a Brilliant Machine!