Hu Wu


Fantastic Prints! As a beginner, it is so easy to assemble and operate. The printing resolution is commendable. I can easily access it with open-source printing software. The multiple filaments (PETG, PVA, Flexible filaments and plus more!) provide me many options to get my prints out as per my requirements. It has an excellent printing speed which saves a lot of time. The triple extruder is also good. I am completely satisfied with my decision to purchase this awesome printer!!



It is the perfect 3D printer. It has everything which a high quality 3D printer should have. It is very easy to assemble and the manual has good and clear instructions. The printing resolution of 50 microns offers exact print outs in the best quality. I get the same results in same printing speed even if I print for continuous hours. I can print in 3 colors which is really amazing. It is easy to connect the printer to my Mac and transfer files.

Finn Woodd


Nicely designed DIY kit! I received my order prior the expected date which was great. I was little worried about assembling process as I am not having any technical knowledge. But, it took only a day to assemble it with the help of its precisely clear instructions mentioned in its manual. The tech support is really very helpful and promptly responsive. They guided me all the configuration procedure to process my first print. That was so easy to follow and operate. Overall, I am so impressed with the evenly designed print quality in tricolor.

Martha Taylor


I ordered this DIY printer over three months ago. I am totally disappointed by its performance and prints. They are not that up to my expectations. If printer heats up high, the extruder clogs the nozzle and the bearing rails of axis fall or break down.

Many times I did a complaint, technicians fixed that issues but couldn’t able to resolve the core problem of this machine. For a few days machine operates well, but again some new other issues come. I just got frustrated by this printer and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.




I am so happy to have a printer which actually has a heating plate temperature which can handle temperature variation from 60-110°C which basically means that there is winter warming and summer appropriate cooling when the print. The heating print technology has actually improved so much that all I get is perfect print outs which are accurate and as expected. The maximum printing speed is 150 mm/s which make it very easy to print as many prints I want to in a single day.