Hardware: 5/5 (good quality hardware)

Assembly: Assembly was not complicated, but instructions were 99% based on pictures. Some clarification words would be nice. 4/5

Design: Good design from the engineering point of view.

Heated Bed: very slow to heat up and barely maintains 80 degrees C. 3/5

Software: bad! 1/5. The windows version of the software is not what their websites advertises. It honestly sucks.

Overall a good printer for the money but you need to use different software. I configured matter control.



Assembling was quite easy, first print was better hope the coming prints will get better and best..

Mena Samy


DIY kit, upgradable and amazing value for what it offers. I still have not found an equally good alternative at this price point. Many software-slicer options. Quality prints, great support and updates. Good community and amazing communication with the company.

Francesco Portale


The printer is just Awesome!! Don’t judge the printer by its looks, it’s a real professional printer there could be. The nozzle can heat up to 275°C and the heated bed heats at 95° which allows it to print using all major materials. The build volume is huge and the printer can print parts at 50 microns. I run a small fab lab in Wisconsin and I have profited greatly because of this printer. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to get some professional grade printer at an affordable price.

Alberto Capuano


This printer became an obvious choice as I wanted something that could print using exotic materials like Nylon, Ninjaflex and T-Glass and this was the only printer in its class that promised to do so. The printer is super quick and gives great outputs. The printer comes with great software which is missing from most DIY kits and the online support community is just awesome. I agree the printer is a bit expensive than the other DIY printers but then you get what you pays for.