Chryssie Greece


We use a Stratasys printer at office and wanted to get a 3D printer for home use, after some 6 months of research I decided to get the Felix 3.1 Kit. I chose the kit because it would teach me about the printers working and I was glad I ordered a kit. I saved some money as well as got my concepts of 3d printing cleared.

The printer arrived within 10 days of order and everything went smooth from there on. I was able to assemble this thing in 8 hours and was printing within a day. I ordered a dual extruder one and the print quality is amazing. It is on par with the professional printers I have at office which was a very pleasant surprise. The build volume is great and the Felix software supplied with the printer works great.



I went into buying felix printer kit with somewhat high expectations and it has really surprised me with its high quality prints and consistency. Assembling takes only 2 hours. Easy use and extreme satisfaction.

Stephen Eaton


I have owned the Feilx since V2 and have since upgraded to V3, I find the printer reliable and the quality of prints is excellent. In conjunction with Simplify3D, a commercial Slicer, this printer rocks.

I purchased this printer for the build volume, and it's portability and haven't been disappointed. It's also quiet due to the linear bearings, so a great bonus.

Only downside is the build platform could do with a re-design, other than that its a perfect printer.

Alewaters Marc


Fun to build with very good instructions . Perfect printer, fast service. Dual printing is still experimental.



I built the Felix 3.0 in two evenings using the easy to follow downloadable .pdf assembly instructions, which are all pictures with very little required text. Some of the molded plastic parts were a tight fit, requiring a few taps of a mallet to fit some parts together, while others fit a little lose, but once bolted together, proved more than adequate.

One thing worth mentioning is that the Z axis spindle requires lubrication. It is mentioned in the operation manual but not the assembly instructions. Failure to lubricate the spindle will result in some unpleasant squeaking and increased wear and tear. Have some patients while leveling the heated print bead, it is well worth your time to do this step with precision.

Once assembly was complete, the software setup and calibration took no time at all. Following the easy to follow downloadable operation instructions made this process a snap, and had me printing the first sample .stl file in a matter of minutes. The initial print quality is excellent and can be fine tuned to your preferences.

You can't beat this level of quality in in such a portable platform, and you don't need to be an engineer or programmer to get every thing built and ready to print.