A good quality printer which works great every time I use it. The HD printing in both PLA and ABS filament is very impressive and precise. I get exactly what I want to print and that also in high resolution. The two printing methods that is USB Print or SD card are really effective and save a lot of time. With high printing speed I print as much as I wish to within a day and the printer does not get heat up rather gets immediately ready for the next print out. Highly recommended!



I like this printer a lot. It is a high quality printer and was delivered before the expected time. I ordered it for my daughter who is involved a lot into DIY projects. I thought this printer will boost her confidence and I was right. She is very happy to have it and print a lot of different things every day. She told me the only complaint which is she is that the printer’s speed gets slow at times especially when she print for many hours. but otherwise she is very happy with the printer. I just noticed that HD printing in PLA is poorer than in ABS.



The Felix 3.1 High speed printer is expensive as compare to other printers online. The parts which got delivered along with the printer are of good quality and are able to make the printer a strong, durable machine. The printing quality which the printer offers is below average and at times the models which I print are not clearly visible and are unrecognizable. Average printer, I give 3 star

Juan Echavarria


Great machine ... needed a second printer to run alongside our MakerBot2X ... selected Felix 3d printer based on price and user feedback ... setup / assembly was easy and unlike the MakerBot2X, the dual print heads ran properly right out of the box ... print exclusively with ABS and again, unlike MakerBot2X, adhesion to the heated build plate is great, no corner curl not lift, and that's with the plate temp at 110 degrees, MakerBot2X required 125 degrees ... have been able to print ABS without needing a raft ... only negative is in the absolute accuracy ... parts have to be scaled 105% to be accurate ... have not yet tried to recalibrate ... no need yet ... easier to just scale the build ... have recommended this printer to one of our clients who's looking to bring 3D printing inhouse ...

Tek Adept


I have had the felix 3 printer for around a year now, it is a very solid machine and does everything you need it to. A bit pricier then other options but I personally think it was worth it.