Hans Dorst


I am very happy with my Felix-3.0 printer. The prints are very good. I develop hobby robots and the printer is used for prototyping.

Raymond Merrick


The printer is fine for PLA printing. Excellent quality, and design. repeatability is excellent. On my unit the build bed is not flat, its got a 1 mm droop in one corner and I could not flatten it. The current model has a honeycomb bed and should not have this problem. Buy the dual head even if you dont need it now, you will want it later. I could not recommend the MK1 for ABS printing. At the least, the plastic parts on the printer should be able to withstand the bed running at 120C without distorting. and the print head got too hot and softened the filament causing miss-feeds. in fact most of the plastic parts melted and had to be reprinted in ABS. I solved my problem by replacing the print head with a dual-bowden design. It blobs.. But that is easy to clean off the parts. Love a self replicating machine..

Simon Ross


I would recommend buying this printer. Very reliable in my experience, I love being able to "Just hit print" Cheers!

Enrique Arturo Soto Mendoza


Generally a good printer, I just bought it a week ago and Im testing it with several models, I just noticed that HD printing in PLA is poorer than in ABS.