Menthol Rum


What a fun thing to use! Easy to set up and easy to get started. Grid plus arrived well packaged and was easy to remove from the box. We put the printer on my desktop and were impressed by the huge size of it. It's as big as a large microwave oven which will allow for some really spectacular models being made.

Once unpacked, you load the plastic filament spool inside and calibrate the platform so it's level. After that you just plug it in and get started. There is a quick guide, thorough instruction manual and also onboard control panel directions that are very easy to follow.



Worth for its price. It is everything that hasmentioned in this website. I'm happy with the way service was handled.



I've been looking for a home 3D printer for past three months. The online reviews and forums are an excellent start. Since I was on a limited budget, anything over $2,000 was out of the questions. Yes I know that quality costs money, but can I get a decent printer to play with for the minimal expense? Turns out the answer is "yes".

The whole Mbot Grid II philosophy is to get the job done for the least complexity and cost possible. This printer best for home and office users. Thanks to 3dprintersonlinestore support executive Mr.Peter for friendly support and suggested me a right product for my needs.

Paul West


Chose this printer due to reviews, hoping for reliability and not necessarily features.

So far.. great quality and seems very durable. After reading the manual and videos from Mbot site, was able to print within about 30min.

Good quality prints from sample files. Sample chess piece, takes about 50min to print. Only drawback is, large ABS print samples are not possible but no problem with PLA.

Serkan Aybaba


Excellent print quality, very reliable, super support, great price.This is my second one. First has over 600 printing ours with zero maintenance. Grid II plus highly recommended for professionals.