Got mine yesterday from 3dprintersonlinestore... So far pretty happy with it. Easy to setup was printing a sample in 20 minutes. It's a little slower than a Makerbot which I have owned but for $1000 it cannot be beat.

Marco Sala


Recommend machine for hobby prototypes. Had some warping issues and it has been overcome with the help of gluestick. The printer works awesome once you got the correct initial setups.

Robert Gaskins


I am on a University Robotics Team and we have had the Mbot Grid II 3d Printer for close to six months now. The printer is fairly straight foreword to set up, it took us a couple hours to get the calibration down right, but after that we were getting great performance with low maintenance.

We used the printer on a variety of projects including a senior design project in which we print a vibration dampener for a quad captor that worked well. Mbot has been great with customer service as well, we consistently get friendly responses back from the company within a short amount of time regarding any inquiry we have had. I would highly recommend this printer as a legitimate option for a cost efficient option for a great printer.

Varun Heta


So I waited quite a while after I bought this printer to review it. I wanted to see how it would perform and if it would hold up. I researched 3-D printers for over a year before making the decision to buy the Grid II and I can tell you, it was a darn good decision.

Right out of the box I was creating 3-D prints. I have been tweaking ever since, trying to learn all of the ins and outs of 3-D printing. It is not for the faint of heart or the non-tech type but you can learn as you go so don't let that scare you away.

I highly recommend this printer if you are looking to learn the technology.