Igor Zusev on 14/02/2016
13 reviews
I have bought this machine December 2013 from 3dprintersonlinestore.com. I literally use it every day and even though it has had some problems the support team has bean super responsive and its clear they definitely care about their customers and stand by their products.
Muhammad on 02/01/2016
13 reviews
An average 3d printer worth for the price!. . .
Sebastian on 30/12/2015
13 reviews
I placed my order yesterday. Eagerly waiting to receive my package. I was searching for 3 days to buy a Makerbot clone 3d printer. Finally i found here with 25% special offer.
Jackson on 10/11/2015
13 reviews
The positives.....

-Product arrived on time, no damage or missing parts.

-Fairly easy to assemble and setup.

The negatives...

-I've yet to successfully print my own designs from 3d cad.

Every print thus far has had varying degrees of warping, with the outer edges of parts pulling away from the build platform.

-Be prepared for allot of trial and error printing.

All in all its a good 3d printer for the money. Just be prepared for a learning curve.

Melissa Hold on 11/06/2015
13 reviews
This is my first 3D printer. It took about 8 hours to build. The instructions were fairly good, but if you don't have any mechanical inclination the instructions might not be good enough.

After another 8 hours of post-assembly tinkering I finished my first (nearly) perfect print.