This was my first 3d printer, and i'm glad i choose Mbot. For the cost it was the best choice in regards to getting a dual head extruder and a large build plate. In addition to this, the open source software allows for versatility and personal preference in choosing your interface.

The best aspect though is the customer support. when an issue arises (and it will with any 3d printer due to the many mechanics of the machine) they were fast to respond with very useful information that walks you through the process as well as honoring the warranty completely.

I've also seen other printers quality in this category and the Mbot is definitely better than most.

Charlie Hu


Not too impressed. The main problem is the build plate is warped and almost impossible to level. The print heads are either not close enough to the plate or too close and destroy the capton tape on every build.

But it is good experience with dual extruder 3d printer at affordable price.

Farhan Syahmie


So far the printer works great... when it works. I purchased it at the end of November but it was a Christmas present so we didn't install it until after 12/25. Thus far:

Pros: Easy to setup and work even without a computer attached; comes with everything necessary and spare parts; is great for learning 3D printing as I've learned so much just from my printing so far.

Cons: Documentation is non-intuitive (does not flow well); computer doesn't always attach via the USB.

Al Jigong Billings


This printer is yet another of the many clones of Makerbot printers being offered here and there. Not a lot of originality like makerbot but the price is good though with dual extruder.



This is a similar model based on the same open-source framework with MakerBot, but the price is really good and has a satisfying printing size, and almost the same quality as the printers at a double price.