Full human body 3d scanner

Our scanner is able to scan whole human body or object of similar size. This scanner joins all the scans together and creates extremely detailed 3D scan model of scanned object. Scanned model can be transformed to stl,gcode format and can print to get a real 3d object.

Full Body Human Scanner generates complete replication of any human being/Object via 3D scanning technology by directing detailed scans of human bodies or faces, and creating miniatures, figurines/ 3D replications that you can physically hold in your hands.

Full Body Human 3D Scanner comes with:

  • Rotary table.
  • Stand.
  • Scanner Software.

Technical Details :

  • Scan Volume: It can scan full human body, Object of size range in 0.1mtr - 12mtr.
  • Scan camera resolution:1280 x 960
  • Scan Speed: Minimum 2 Mins.

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Full Human Body 3D Scanner

Product Code: 3DPO-118
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