J Group Robotics Dimension Dual Delta 3D System

Dimension Dual Delta 3D System is a Delta style 3D Printer designed by J Group Robotics, with a build volume of 250 mm X 250 mm X 300 mm which is more compact, portable and desktop friendly. It is designed for high precision 3d printing which results in to unbelievable surface finish of the 3d printed parts where no post process required.

All metal dual head. Support 36 different types of materials. Allows to print two different materials simultaneously. Now combinations like ABS-HIPS, PLA-PVA, Flex-PLA and more prints like butter.

Auto Bed leveling. Dimension Dual Delta 3D System will autolevel your bed before any single print with an accuracy within 50 microns, because it knows that every single print is important for you.

Precision and Repeatability. Hiwin linear guide and optical sensors for each X,Y & Z ensures that Dimension Dual Delta 3D System aging does not affect its print quality.


dual head delta 3d printer



  • Print size ( X Y Z ): 250 MM X 250 MM X 300 MM.
  • The Layer Thickness : 0.05mm to 0.2mm.
  • Layer Resolution : 50 microns to 250 microns.
  • Chasis : Aluminum.
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm.
  • Nozzle Diameter: 0.5mm - 0.3mm all metal Hotend.
  • Machine Dimensions: 650 mm x 480 mm x 850mm.
  • Shipping box dimensions : 700 mm x 580 mm x 570 mm.
  • Machine weight : 16kg.
  • Shipping box weight : 19 kg.
  • Maximum Print speed : 100 mm/s
  • Recommended Print speed: 70 mm/s.
  • Print Plate Size : 250mm x 250mm.
  • Print Plate (Build Platform) : Heated bed Glass.
  • AC Input: 100-240 Volts , 50-60 Hz.
  • No.of Extruders: 2.
  • Power Requirements: 24 volts , 14.5 Amp.
  • Connectivity (Interface): Usb, SD card.
  • Electronics: Arduino 2560 sheild with LCD & SD Card holder.
  • Operational Environment (recommended) : 15-32 degree celcius.
  • 3D printing Software : Printware.
  • CAD Input data file format supported : .Stl, .obj.
  • Client Operating System : Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • Print in dual color : Yes.
  • Warranty : One year - Limited Warranty.
  • Up-front LCD panel to show you the status of your print.
  • HIWIN high precision MGN12 linear rail slide.
  • All metal Hot End.
  • Auto level Bed leveling.
  • All material Compatibility.

Product Condition
Manufacturer Warranty One year - Limited Warranty
Printing Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 250 x 250 x 300 mm
Print Speed 50 to 100 mm/sec
Layer Resolution 50 to 250 microns
Print Precision (Layer Thickness) 0.05mm to 0.2mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.5mm - 0.3mm all metal
Print Plate Size 250 x 250 mm.
Print in dual color YES
Print in multi color NO
Mechanical Specifications
Chassis Aluminium
No.of Extruders Two
Print Plate (Build Platform) Heated bed Glass
Software Specifications
3D Printing Software Printware
Supported File Formats STL,OBJ
Operating System Windows/MAC/Linux
Electrical Specifications
AC Input 100-240 Volts , 50-60 Hz
Power Requirements 24 volts , 14.5 Amp
Connectivity (Interface) USB, SD card Supported
Electronics Specifications
Electronics (Motherboard) Arduino 2560 sheild with LCD & SD Card Holder
Shipping specifications
Machine weight 16kg
Shipping box weight 19 kg
Machine Dimensions 650 mm x 480 mm x 850mm
Shipping box dimensions 700 mm x 580 mm x 570 mm
Shipping Location India
Lead Time (Processing/Handling Time) 1 week

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J Group Robotics Dimension Dual Delta 3d Printer

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