Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed 3D Printer

Geeetech Prusa I3 X is a new member of the prestigious Prusa I3 family, it was engineered to provide redefined usability, quality, performance and most important, best affordability in desktop 3D printer market.

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 geeetech prusa i3 kit
 geeetech prusa i3 kit

The Geeetech Prusa I3 X is made from piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame. To maintain the garage-built feel and the handmade charm, Geeetech Prusa I3 X is also a DIY kit, which provide you an unforgettable step-by-step learning experience of 3D printer from scratch.

Geeetech Prusa I3 X has a wide range of customers, young or old, professional or amateur, as long as you have a passion for creativity, you can not afford to miss our Prusa I3 X.



Improved Features:

  • Print Speed: 100 to 400 mm/s.
  • All printed parts replaced with strong molded parts.
  • Multiple 3D printing filament supportable: PLA, ABS, Wood-Polymer, Nylon, flexible PLA and PVA.
  • 200x200x170mm printing volume, just right for you.
  • 0.1mm printing precision.
  • 8-mm-thick laser cut acrylic frame for rigidity and long life.
  • Stainless steel rail rods, gears, bearings and connectors for smoother movement.
  • All metal pulleys for improved functionality and performance.
  • Super-flat aluminum alloy print surface for better adherence.
  • Quick-release feed gears for faster and fluent filament feeding.
  • Filament size: 1.75mm.
  • Nozzles sizes: 0.30mm, 0.35mm.
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3
geeetech prusa i3


This kit comes with everything you need to build your Prusa Mendel I3. All necessary items like nut, bolt, wire, spool holder, detailed manual and software included. No crimping wires, no fiddling with firmware and no soldering needed.

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Product Condition
Item Condition New
Manufacturer Warranty 6 Months
Printing Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 200 x 200 x 170 mm
Print Speed 100 to 400 mm/sec
Layer Resolution 50 microns
Print Precision (Layer Thickness) 0.05 mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.3,mm
Filament Compatibility PLA, ABS, Wood-Polymer, Nylon, flexible PLA and PVA.
Print Plate Size 214mm x 214 mm
Mechanical Specifications
Chassis Acrylic Frame + Threaded Rods
Extruder Type MK8
No.of Extruders One
Print Plate (Build Platform) MK2A Heatbed
Print Head/Hotend/Nozzle Type MK8
Stepper Motors 1.8 degree step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
Software Specifications
3D Printing Software Repetier-Host, Printrun
Supported File Formats STL, G-code
Operating System Windows, Linux, MAC
Temperature Specifications
Extruder Temperature 260 degree C
Heating Bed Temperature 100 degree C
Electrical Specifications
AC Input 115V/1.5A or 230V/0.75A
Power Requirements DC12V/0-20A
Connectivity (Interface) USB, LCD display and SD card reader
Electronics Specifications
Electronics (Motherboard) GT2560+5 A4988
Shipping specifications
Machine weight 8.7 kg
Shipping box weight 10 kg
Machine Dimensions 490 x 450 x 490 mm
Shipping box dimensions 520 x 420 x 230 mm
Shipping Location China
Lead Time (Processing/Handling Time) 4 Business Days

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Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support

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