Flyingbear Tornado 2 Pro Liner Guide Rail 3D Printer Kit 





  1. The Y-axis adopts a 42-47 motor with greater torque to prevent losing steps in the printing process
  2. XY synchronous belt structure design is more reasonable to reduce noise
  3. Mesh glass hot bed is adopted, so the model is not easy to be warped, and no need to use solid glue
  4. Flexible filament can be printed with Titan extruder
  5. Optimize the heat dissipation module of the print head to improve the printing quality
  6. XY axis idler wheel adopts bearing structure, which reduces noise and is more durable
  7. Adding a shell to the printer helps keep the model warm and improve the success rate of ABS printing
  8. Key parts of the printer adopts thicker sheet metal.


Machine features

  • Printer adds a filament runout sensor function, printing process don’t need to worry about filament exhausted and print failure.

  • The motor adopts TMC2208 driver,quiet operation, stable, high print quality.

  • The Y-axis uses  dual motor for more powerful power and long-term printing without losing steps.

  • Each part is made of metal! the structure and the extruder are all-metal!

  • Using linear guide rail as motion mechanism, so it runs smoothly and the noise almost can not be heard.

  • Sheet metal housings are provided with a variety of mounting holes that allow you to modify the printer.

  • With the rare 10mm wide synchronous belt, the printing accuracy is higher

  • Hot bed supported by double Z axis design, so in the process of printing, the hot bed more will be smooth and steady.

  • 600w Power Supply, hot bed can be heated to 120°C


Machine Specifications:

Name Flyingbear - Tornado 2 Pro
Print size 360*360*375 mm
Printer size 583*533*500mm
Layer thickness precision 0.05-0.3
MAX printing speed 150 mm/s.
Material type PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA,
Material specifications 1.75mm in diameter.
Positioning accuracy Z 0.002mm, XY 0.01mm.
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm (customized 0.2mm/0.3mm)
Recommended extruder temperature 210°C (the maximum 240°C).
Hot bed temperature 60-110°C .
Extruder number 1/2.
Power requirements 110V/220V, 600W
Connection SD card or USB.
The file print format STL,G-Code.
Compatibility Windows, Mac.
Control software Repetier-host,Cura.
Machine weight 25kg.


Product Condition
Item Condition New
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
Printing Specifications
X Y Axis Position Accuracy 0.01mm
Z Axis Position Accuracy 0.002mm
Print size ( X Y Z ) 360 x 360 x 360 mm
Print Speed 30 to 150 mm/sec
Layer Resolution 50 microns
Print Precision (Layer Thickness) 0.05 mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm (customized 0.2mm/0.3mm)
Filament Compatibility PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA and Flexible Filaments
Mechanical Specifications
Chassis Metal Body
Extruder Type Direct drive
No.of Extruders One, Dual upgrade available
Print Plate (Build Platform) MK3 - Integrated aluminum plate and heatbed
Software Specifications
3D Printing Software Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D
Supported File Formats STL, G-code
Operating System Windows, Mac
Temperature Specifications
Extruder Temperature 210°C (the maximum 260°C)
Heating Bed Temperature 60-120°C
Electrical Specifications
AC Input 50Hz, 0.89A
Power Requirements 110V/220V, 600W
Connectivity (Interface) SD card or USB
Electronics Specifications
Electronics (Motherboard) MKS-L
Shipping specifications
Machine weight 22 kg
Shipping box weight 25 kg
Machine Dimensions 583 x 533 x 500 mm
Shipping box dimensions 550 x 600 x 200 mm
Shipping Location China
Lead Time (Processing/Handling Time) 5 Business days

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Flyingbear Tornado 2 Pro 3D Printer Kit

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