CREALITY 3D Laser Engraver Add on

Enough power to facilitate precise focusing, high cost, DIY power engraving machine dedicated, built-efficient driving, low heat, eliminating external drive box, easier to install and use.

Product parameters: 


Wavelength: 405NM (Blue)

Power: correspondence course 500mW  

Operating voltage: 12V (DC)

Working current: 2100mA

Idemitsu form: dot

Lens Material: dedicated optical coated glass

Cooling: Forced air

Shell material: aluminum anodized black

Input: 2.1 / 5.5 DC seat

Package Included:  

Blue Violet Light Laser Engraving Laser

Video Demo:

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CREALITY 3D High Power Laser Engraver Kit

Product Code: 3DPO-416
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$50 USD

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