Creality Portable Intelligent 3D Scanner


  • Easy to use, start a smart journey Eliminate complex modeling and assembly processes, start-up then scan, no need to preheat, and get 3D data only in three minutes.
  • A quick scan with Self-contained texture map.
  • AR content production Teach users to find a way to tell a story in AR through 3D modeling, bone binding, and a program that drives the model.
  • Cloud computing storage Embedded computing ability, frequently used indoor and outdoor.
  • Multi-purpose, fun and entertaining Equipped with a new Android system, combining functions in one, unlimited download of massive teaching resources.
  • 3D animation production Automatically binds bones with one click, based on motion capture technology, map actions to models, greatly reducing course difficulty and production time.


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Creality Portable Intelligent 3D Scanner

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