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He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
Seller just made a mistake with tracking numbers, everything OK
Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer - Free Shipping

I have never had and never even tried to use a 3D printer. I became interested in 3D printing because of my son’s college projects.

The Afinibot A3 3D Printer is an easy to use machine which is developed to print high quality 3D models. The assemblage and the calibration are extremely convenient.

The advanced design of this machine improves the 3D print rolling speed. I found its print preview option the best as it allows printing prototypes before final production. I’m having a great learning experience with this machine. Recommended!

08/04/2016Ashley Stone
Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 - Color Palette 3D Printer

A good value for money printer!

Since I am new to this industry and it was my first purchase, I was little bit worried. But Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 is an ultimate 3D printer. This 3D printer has made me realize that it isn’t a herculean task indeed very simple.

I was able to assemble unit within a short span of time. I used Geeetech printer for my art project prints and I was amazed with its brilliant quality print. Its speed is also very commendable.

I can create lovely prints and can try diverse templates easily. Its 2-in-1-out version also makes it an ideal pick for me.

08/04/2016Mark Patron
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is an amazing 3D printer and I am happy that I invested upon it. The advanced cooling mechanism of this 3D printer commendable. If you are in printing business too then it is a best-suited option for you also. The quality of the prints delivered by Afinibot Micro Delta printer is excellent with an amazing speed.
08/04/2016Emma Smith
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support

The printer was packed quite well and nothing was damaged.. My printer shipped with incorrect linear bearings and I had to modify some parts to get them correctly mounted. The thermister in my hot end was non-functional from the beginning but it was not a huge deal.

Another issue was that the aluminum bed that was sent with the printer was not flat at all. I had already planned on replacing it with glass so no biggie. I am seeing an issue regarding the power supply being over rated. It has troubles getting temperatures hot enough to produce quality prints with ABS.. Over all for a printer at this price point I cannot complain about having to jump through a few hoops.

I can say that after ironing out the initial kinks this printer can do some amazing things. Print quality rivals that of printers that are exceptionally more expensive. (I know this first hand via access to another off the shelf $1k+ printer.) 

07/04/2016Wes Gentry
Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit

Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit is a pretty fair printing device. It is easy to set up and not too complicated to understand. Even an amateur can easily use it (I was too when I bought the device).

Though, you may have to compromise with the accuracy of the prints. The 3-in-1 3D printer control box is a good addition as it helps eliminating unnecessary power related dangers.

This 3D printer might not be a good choice for professionals as I think they expect more accurate prints on a good speed.

07/04/2016Mark Webb
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping

I would suggest you to buy this 3D printer if you are a professional in the niche of 3D printing or in the prototyping business. For a beginner, Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 is just too complicated to understand.

Though it delivers prints at a good printing speed but they are not very précised. You may also face some power issues while using this 3D printing kit.

The embedded LCD screen functions well and the facility of offline printing via a SD card is also quite impressive. Although you might have to work a bit on this to get good quality prints.

07/04/2016Jonah Hank
Sintron Super Smart Prusa i3 - Free Shipping

Initially, I was kind of disappointed with the printer. The shipment was fast but had two components broken. I had to ask the customer service team and ask for replacement. I got this fixed. Then also, I couldn’t print because of the incorrect XYZ axis positioning- this took me quite a lot of time in getting it positioned correctly.

And once everything was fixed, I had my first print- it was good. Finally, I was happy! This printer gives really good quality prints. One thing which is great about it is that it is highly upgradable.

It’s a good catch for the price!

07/04/2016Gerald Brown
Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit

The auto levelling unit works well and I am also impressed by the speed of this 3d printer but I was expecting more. The prints delivered are average but its fine. It took me some time to build the kit as the instructions mentioned on the packaging box were not clear but it worked well once it started.

I really liked the LCD screen that showed clear instructions and made it easy to work. I had a pretty fair 3D printing experience.

07/04/2016Monika Hazel
CreatbotTech 3D Printing Pen - Free Shipping

What is this 3D Pen thing?

It’s a 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen that uses 3D Printing technology, It extrudes plastic which can be given shapes.

I got this as a gift for my son for the New Year and he has been super excited about it. For $69 it’s an amazing gift idea.

The pen requires no expertise to use and can be setup within seconds, its easy to hold in the hand and does not jam like the ones available for cheap.

07/04/2016Phillip Lew
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer

Formbot T Rex Engraver is like a workhorse for me! I like the way extruder kits switch and in fact the smooth loading of filament like carbon is just amazing. I even use Formbot printer for my bigger designs because of its brilliant color retention and exceptional speed.

Thank God, it has escalated cooling system that keeps me away from the choking issues. It is just like the way I wanted! The Engraver 3D printer is an ideal option for all those folks who have creative soul.

07/04/2016Mathew Powell
Mankati E180 - Precise and Powerful 3D Printer

Mankati 180 lives up to its expectations. I was able to print using nylon at 50 microns which was the best I have got on any printer ever. The closed enclosure and the cooling system on the printer works wonderfully well.

The printer is certainly not a regular desktop printer as many would expect but it’s a perfect replacement for industry grade 3d printers. And it cost almost ¼ of the cost of an industrial printer.

I have already recommended this printer to many professional proto type makers and everyone who has purchased it has been more than satisfied with the printing capabilities of the printer.

07/04/2016Richard Bondi
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
Good printer. But it was expensive for me (final price was 50% more including taxes and delivery). Also it was entertaining assemble the printer with my son) I recommend the product.
06/04/2016Edgardo ... from Chile
Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer V 2.0 - Free Shipping

Initially when this printer arrived I faced some problems while adjusting it. I contacted the tech support team and these guys are so professional and supportive that they solved all my queries in one go and within sometime my printer got ready to use.

I have printed over a dozen things using this printer and the quality is of high resolution. The control of the printer is in my hands too as I can adjust the printing speed. Kudos to the tech support team! Keep up the good work guys.

06/04/2016Walter A. Perez
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
I purchased the Folger 3D printer on the recommendation of a friend who told me that this printer is getting a lot of attention on the market. I am extremely happy on having bought it. With its strong build area and aluminium mounts and frame, this is by far one of the sturdiest printers I have seen. Print quality is next to exceptional! Highly recommended!
06/04/2016Susan Welch
Mankati Fullscale XT Plus 3D Printer

A great quality printer

When I received the shipment I was happy to see the heavy metal body and the closed enclosure.

The printer is offering impressive print outs with outstanding finish as compared to the 3D printers which I have used earlier.

Initially I faced a problem with the stop switch on the x axis and it made a lot of noise but then these guys helped me to solve the problem.

Now, the printer is working well and I am able to deliver the expected work on time with great quality.

06/04/2016Mary Ross
Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer

This Afinibot printer is easy and fast to install and comes with laser engraving feature which is worthy of its value! The printer has a large printing area with no-noise as compare to other printers which is quite satisfying if you like working in peace.

The laser technology helps in molding models with accurate and high-defined quality but its gantry speed being slow is the main reason I was disappointed.

Although it had arrived on time but they missed one substantial part which was essential for assembling the printer. When I called customer support for the same it was delivered within the next week.

06/04/2016David N. Frost
He 3D Ciclop Rotational Laser Scanner - Free Shipping
I like He 3D Ciclop for its impressive software. I bought this scanner 2 months before although it assembles easily but I faced some chokes in calibrating it. Its compact folding and practical design ensures easy storage. This open source scanner is a great option for scanning small objects. Its rotating table is rigid and hardware quality is pretty good.
06/04/2016Patrison Rob
Zortrax M200 - Professional Desktop 3D Printer

This printer is great to start with 3D printing, because you don't need to be experienced. You just plug and print because there are fixed profiles for the different Zortrax materials. So you don't need to try and error, what reduces the costs and time consumption. Unfortunately this means to be restricted to the Zortrax materials. When you get more experienced and the printer runs out of warranty, you can purchase the z-temp modification and break the restrictions which are set with the material profiles. Then the printer is able to print nearly every filament (except of ninjaflex) in a great quality. I would recommend this printer to everybody who wants to produce professional parts in great quality without many tryouts

Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer

I am so dissatisfied with its packaging and labeling. It’s so difficult to assemble. Although, it was semi-assembled but still this partial assorted printer took long hours for me to arrange. None of the parts were labeled correctly which really bothered and frustrated me at times.

Even the manual was also not that clear to understand. I would personally recommend to Sunhokey team, that tools you actually dispatch should be similar to the parts you show in your video tutorials.

At the end, I am thankful to the customer support engineers at Sunhokey who guided me and provided me appreciable service.

06/04/2016Majida Qureshi
Createbot Max FDM 3D Printer V 2.0

Too pricey!

The product in itself is not bad, but I was expecting more from this printer with this hefty price tag! Besides its heated bed and direct drive extruder, I did not find anything ‘special’ in this printer!  Moreover, Creatbot only provides a 6 month warranty on this expensive equipment! What, you don’t trust your ‘posh’ machines for more than that??

06/04/2016Ofelia Cattaneo
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

I love this printer! Shipping for the printer took approximately 6 days not counting processing. Import fees weren't too bad, about $35. Packaging was good, everything was well protected.

Every part was accounted for and there were plenty of extra nuts and bolts provided. From unboxing to my first print was approximately 10 hours. Setup was approximately 6 hours, and troubleshooting/initial calibration was about 4 hours. Assembly wasn't hard, just time consuming. The instructions provided are very straightforward.

Print quality is very nice when calibrated properly, and the printer is capable of extremely fast prints. The printer is also very easy to modify. I've already printed two replacement LCD brackets, and two pulleys to guide the filament. The seller has excellent communication and answers quickly.

06/04/2016Dean Bailey
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer
Innovative 3d printer. Best for the unique features.
06/04/2016George Jones
Folger Tech Cloner - Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

An impressive built area of (230x150x120)mm, incredible layer resolution of 50 microns and printing speed of 60 to 160mm/s, this one 3D printer has it all that I was expecting from a 3D printing machine.

Folger Tech Cloner 3D Printer Kit is a performance driven 3D printer that can print ABS, PLA, Wood, HIPS and PVA. The prints delivered are quite satisfactory.

As a beginner I am quite impressed with this 3D print assembly kit, as it is not too complicated to work with. It also facilitates offline printing via SD card, already embedded in it.  

05/04/2016Norah harrison
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

I bought this Acrylic Prusa printer after reading its reviews on 3D printer online store. It has multiple filaments compatibility, supporting PLA, wood and ABS.  Flexible PLA and wood filament is my favorite to create molds for my art presentations.

Its control board supports MK8 extruders to give great performance making high-quality and professional looking 3D models.

Its shipping was amazing and I never even had to pay any custom duty in America. However, I was not very comfortable assembling this product. Print speed is also not that up to the mark! It took me more time to print than I expected from this printer!

05/04/2016Jack Brown
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

I can echo the comments from the previous reviewers. This is a really nice, well built printer for the money. If you're looking at getting into 3D printing and don't want to build your own printer from a kit, this is a great starter unit.

The printer was shipped from the US warehouse and arrived in 7 days. I ordered two spools of filament with the printer and thought they should arrive just as quickly. When they didn't, and I hadn't heard about or seen any shipping information about them I emailed 3DPrintersOnLineStore and they quickly responded with the answer. The filament is shipped from China and it took an extra 10 days to arrive.

Not a big deal, but had I known that going in I would have ordered filament from a US supplier and had everything delivered together. Trust me, the 10 meters of filament supplied with printer goes really fast then you have a desk ornament staring at you for 10 days waiting for a refill.

Sintron Super Smart Prusa i3 - Free Shipping

A silent printer

The printer works quiet silently and that’s the kind of 3D printer I always wanted to have as the regular printing sound can be really annoying at times.

The 3D printer is light and I am easily able to carry it around in different rooms of my house and my kids and wife are also using it. It is made from high quality acrylic material and steel rod which increases the durability and enhances the functionality of the printer.

The printing speed of 30 to 200 mm/sec allows me to finish the printing work within minutes. Satisfied and happy with my purchase.

05/04/2016Nolan D. Patterson
Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 - Auto Leveling & Height Detection

I am using the Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 3D printer from last one year and I am very happy with my purchase.  Solid printer with durable rigid frame! I received it in the anticipated time frame and don’t have to juggle a lot to assemble it. It was able to assemble it easily with simple provided instructions in 2 hours.

Sixth Generation Prusa i3 is a perfect pick for all those who want to improve their 3D technology experience. If you require a bigger printing envelope, you can expand the Electron 3D easily in all directions.

05/04/2016Sam Watson
Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini PRO - Metal 3D Printer kit

I have been working in an animation company for two years now. So, I seem to have a good knowledge about the technical know-hows. Lately, I’ve taken up 3D printing as a hobby. I searched the web and found Rostock Mini PRO, a good way to start my experience with.

The printer arrived in a week of placing the order. The design seemed to be good- quite strong I must say and I was impressed at first glance. But, when I started assembling, god knows what went wrong. I could finish it after 6 long hours of putting strenuous efforts.

All my excitement and happiness was dumped. When I began printing, it didn’t function. I had to again go through the manuals and fix some parts accurately. It finally started. First 5, 6 prints were not good. Later on, the prints came out to be precise and I took a breath of relief.  I am not much satisfied.

05/04/2016Elva Saucedo
Max Micron - A9 Chariots 3D Printer Kit

I bought a hanging device!!!!!!!!

This printer hangs a-hell-lot! I gave up the auto-leveling Micron and paid 100 more bucks for this hanging device! I don’t care about the quality of prints! This is a painful device. Even assembling it was not easy. I had to search through a lot of sites online to finally understand the whole process. What the hell!

05/04/2016Lauren Rutherford
Cel Robox RBX01 - High Definition 3D Printer
Had to return mine after first print attempt. The printer is stylish and has features which really attracted me (Self leveling plate & no tape or applicant for bed, self feeding extruder) but it just clogged up and then would not eject the filament during first print attempt. I researched a bit on the forums and it mentions that Robox early models had this issue and the manufacturer replaced the heads in later production models. My concern is Amazon has no way of telling me if I got old batch of upgraded model from them. I returned it which was a pain, repack and wait for confirmation of receipt prior to crediting account or replacing. I chose replacing to give Robox one more shot to get it right. I will repost review follow up once replacement u it arrives and I test it. Fingers crossed otherwise, will spend more and get ultimaker 2.
CreatbotTech 3D Printing Pen - Free Shipping

My 12 year old kid uses this pen and kind of loves it.

My only concern is the fumes which are released when this plastic is melted. Is there any official report which tells how lethal these are?

FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

Three months ago I ordered this 3D printer for my son who is an architect and has been working a lot on various projects these days. I wanted to gift this printer to him on his birthday but as it did not arrived on time so I was really disappointed.

Still I did not cancel the order as he required it so I gifted it to him later. Anyways, the assembling part was easy but my son is not very much impressed with the ABS filament as he is facing major issues with it and because of that he is not able to deliver his projects on time. Not recommended if you require for daily usage or heavy projects. Disappointed!

05/04/2016Gena J. Palmer
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
Absolutely perfect. Quality is great and perfect shipping packaging!!!! I've used the Marlin firmware included un the SD card, and switched to the latest... Thank you!!!
05/04/2016Gourav Chandel
Wanhao Duplicator D5S- Mini 3D Printer
I recently moved from jewelry prototyping to industrial designing of small parts, so this is certainly not my 1st 3d printer. In my previous company we were using a DLP printer which gave high precision prints so when I wanted a new printer I was in a dilemma.

People scared me saying FDM printers were not fit to do the job and I should stick to an envision tech printer (like the one I used in my previous company). I decided otherwise, I decided to gamble and it paid off pretty well.

I purchased Wanhao Duplicator D5S mini and it gives me amazing prints, (I am really not comparing the quality to the previous printers). I have been printing on this printer for a month now and I am very happy, it costs 1/10 of the previous printers I used and still gets my job done. The build quality of the printer is superb!! I wish this printer had a heated bed so I could print using ABS but then I am not really complaining.

04/04/2016Tom Jefferson
Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit

Great kit for beginners

I am really happy to have bought this printing kit. This 3D printing kit comes with all the important components required to assemble the print machine.

I feel happy that the manual assembling has taught me how each part works in the machine. It is great open-source hardware and a highly upgradable one too. If you are looking for a zero-maintenance printer at a budgeted price, Folger printing kit is something you should definitely consider. 

04/04/2016Arthur Lee
Uncia DLP Resin 3D printer  Kit - Free Shipping

An affordable, high quality 3D printer with an amazing speed

I work for a designing studio in Florida. Since a long time, I was thinking to buy a new DLP printer for my work and I am happy that I waited and bought this one.

Uncia is for all those people who want to bring creativity in their lives. Everything about this printer is just great. Its Stereo-lithography printing technique gives high resolution and an amazing surface finish.

It prints chunks in just no time. I’m fall in love every time I see my beautiful detailed prints out straight from my new printer. A best buy by all means! 

04/04/2016Emma Cooper
Bq Witbox 3d printer - Large Scale Prototyping Machine
I have used many machines, they all need a little calibration, but this one needed very little. Fast setup too.

The printer has a great build base of 21 x 29.7 cm x 20 cm, it has helped me get some great prints. I started getting printouts from this printer just a few hours after it was delivered.

The product is terrific !!

Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
We bought this for a project that we thought would cover the cost of the unit in the savings. I was wrong, it paid for itself twice over!! Very happy with it and easy to use and setup up out of the box. Support from the sales staff was great too!
04/04/2016GTO Guy
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3

The printer was well packed and shipped quickly. Parts fitted excellent (though one required slight filing) Instructions were a little brief but easy to follow, more pictures would have been useful to help (some pictues and drawings in the install guide were outdated/didn't match the kit fully) Had to do/redo a few different steps to get a good build (mostly loosening the lineal bearings to get a true run) and had to make one mod to get the Z-axis to run true (didn't have upper support on stepper motor/rod) which kept Z axis from running true (was skipping).

A couple of small plastic headers (cut-down child medicine plungers) fixed this . All stepper motors, heatbed, hotend came assembled and plug and play. Fast and easy to wire up. Took about 6 hrs from start to finish to build (my first printer) No parts were missing, frame was good quality Aluminium. Still need to get the tuning done correctly to print.

04/04/2016Jason T
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer

Being in the prototyping business, I have dealt with a large amount of 3D printers in the past. I can definitely say that Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 DIY Kit is one of the best 3D kits that I have come across so far. It is easy to operate, smoothly and delivers amazing prints.

I bought this printer because, I was working on a very important project. I wanted a good printing machine, which can work efficiently. As a user I am satisfied. It is less expensive and the printing speed is also very good.  

04/04/2016Rachel Wayne
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT
My printer was delivered at lightening speed. Somehow got from the factory in Hong Kong to my doorstep in Atlanta within 24 hours. COMES IN PIECES, literally nothing put together, hell of a fun DIY project
Weistek Ideawerk - Portable 3D Printer for professionals

A fully assembled printer

I have never used a 3D printer before and getting used to one was a major problem for me but this printer solved this issue. This fully assembled printer along with its patented technology offers high performance. This printer has been my companion even when I handled the toughest projects too. It is portable and I am easily able to carry it around my house.

The best part about the printer is that it provides offline printing support which allows me to print anywhere without any connectivity. My wife who is a craft enthusiast has taken many 3D printouts and has redecorated a wall in our house with these printouts. Highly recommended!

03/04/2016Anthony Hall
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit

I know a lot about 3D printers as I already have 2 in my office. This printer really impressed me because of its skill of combining the simplicity of an erector set with the power of a much more expensive desktop printer.

The printer is compatible with Windows/MAC/Linux (which is a very rare case) and I can use it with any desktop in my office. The print quality is just fine and not that great. I am planning to buy one more for my boss’s cabin. I will gift him one very soon!

03/04/2016Raymond G. Fernandez
Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 - Auto Leveling & Height Detection

It’s a great package with an incredibly affordable price

I am happy with my Electron 3D Printer. It just works great. Working with this printer has been a great learning process for me.

The assembly process took me a little time but it was worth it. I could learn about the assembly and features comprehensively.

It is a good printer with durable flexible material and a good build size.  It comes with the added accessories to help you in the times if anything goes wrong. 

03/04/2016James Murray
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions

I am seriously impressed by Micro Delta 3D Printer Kit for making the 3D printing experience so amazing for me. This printer embeds the newest version of auto level extruder that cools down instantly after exiting the extruder. The prints delivered are quite satisfactory and delivered with fast speed.

I was working on a project that required serious 3D printing work and this kit made it so easy for me. I highly recommend this set of printer, if you wish to explore the world of 3D printing.    

03/04/2016Emma Lawrence
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

The printer is technologically updated as it is capable of supporting multiple filaments like ABS/PLA/Flexible PLA/WOOD which makes my work easier and I am also able to provide a huge variety and options to my clients. It only took me 4 to 5 hours to complete the assembling process.

As the power supply is pre-configured together with in the printer, the re-arranged cables and wire make the assembling very clear and easy. The improved steadiness and reliability ensures that you get the best prints every time. A good purchase. Impressed!

02/04/2016Casey C. Solis
Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

I am involved in a lot of DIY projects so the Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit was an ideal choice for me. The do-it-yourself kit that comes with this printer is in fact a step-by-step guide so that you learn everything easily.

This printer has a garage-built feel which I particularly like. However I did not find it easy to debug like it claims and I was expecting a few more features for this price.

You need to delve too deep into the instruction guide to get everything sorted. Overall – good!

02/04/2016Scott Kelley
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit

A Best Purchase in Delta 3D Printers

I have purchased the Folger Kossel Delta 3D Printer kit and am extremely pleased with it. This 3D Printer kit stood above my expectations.

The construction assembly is aesthetically appealing. The print quality in ABS and PLA is remarkable. The customer service is highly considerable.

I had all my doubts resolved regarding the installation in no time. It’s a worth investigating stand-alone printer. Highly recommended!

02/04/2016Irene Moore
Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer - Free Shipping

Bought the Afinibot 3D Printer on my colleagues’ recommendation.  Was a little disappointed when I opened the box as two of the components were missing and one was broken.

Customer service did help but my patience was tested. Once, I had gathered all the parts in fine state, the assemblage didn’t take much time. The printer is good and print quality is surpassed. 

Pros- Superior quality 3D prints, Easy to use, Strong build, Compatible with PLA, ABS, HIPS

Cons- Calibration issues, Axes positioning seems to work improperly

Overall, a good printer with an attractive design and high performance.

02/04/2016Troy Welch
Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit - Free Shipping

A printer with great clarity

I received my Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit few days back and I explored it all as I was so excited to have it. I am not a girl of technical expertise but with this printer I feel like a professional as it is very easy to use.

My kit includes MK3 heated bed, auto level probe function, MK8 extruder and excellent bowden hotend. Now, I am easily able to take 3D printouts at home and that too with great resolution and clarity.

02/04/2016Isabella Williams
Mankati Fullscale XT Plus 3D Printer

This printer is a lot better than the other 3D printer which I have owned earlier. When I ordered it online I was not sure about its functionality and quality.

I also faced problems while changing the filament as the hot and the cold feeder are separate and cause a lot of issues. But apart from that the printer is of really high quality and is offering excellent results with its high build volume, dual print head/extruder, effective cooling system and enclosed printing space.

With this printer I am successful in delivering expected work on time without any compromises on the quality.

02/04/2016Jade D. Lovett
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

Being a first time 3D printer user, I was stupid enough to think that this will be straight shot from CAD generated STL files to printed models.

Unfortunately for me it took quite a bit of ups and downs and bumps to get the printing right. You need to invest a lot of time and efforts to get the machine calibration right.

Having said that the printer is a great machine if you know how to use it. The kit consists of good quality parts and the assemble was fairly easy to handle. I have been able to get great prints with both ABS as well as PLA.

02/04/2016Julius Miller
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

The printer arrived safely and quickly as I expected. The printer is very well constructed with the all the parts appearing to be of very high quality. It’s been 3 months now and the printer is working great in my office.

Initially I got a few bad print outs but it was my mistake only as later I realized that the slide rails were left loose. But after fixing this problem the printer worked great.

Apart from auto- leveling and auto- calibration, the printer consists of all metal effectors for more stable and smooth printing. A good purchase!

02/04/2016Bonnie R. Strang
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3
I love this 3d printer! It came to my door on time and in good order. The assembly was easy due to the CD 3d printer online store provided. I would highly recommend ordering from this company. If you are a first time user I would recommend you look on YouTube for bed leveling, extruder heat settings and e-step calibration In order to get the best quality out of your prints.
BlueFrog Planner - Fully Assembled Delta 3D Printer
This printer was very impressive. It took all of 5 minutes to set it up. Pop in the provided SD card into your computer and you can be printing in minutes. This is my first 3d printer so I had to look through the setting a few times to get some different things to print. Smaller objects need some adhesion support to get them to stick to the bed. When printing high quality at .06mm the objects turn out great. I have close to 12 hours of printing on it in the first week so far and I am amazed at how well everything has turned out.
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

In this video we review the Electron Slimbot DIY 3D printer which is available for only 239 USD including (!) fast shipping. Unboxing, timelapse build & test prints are all in this video.

Please subscribe for more product reviews and (soon!) also RC-related 3D printing videos :-):

My opinion: the Slimbot has many features only known from much more expensive models. Full metal frame, heated bed and even a bowden-style extruder are all part of the *base* version which is only 239 USD including fast shipping. The print bed of the base version is not small either, it comes at a size of 20 cm x 20 cm, which is great for this price. It even comes with two spools of free PLA.

In my opinion, this is currently the best you can get for your money. As you saw in the video, the print quality is great, at least I'm more than satisfied with it.

He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
It is hard to find deals like this. Bear in mind 3D printer kits are not for absolute beginners! Seller is excellent to communicate with and very helpful. Instructions are clear and understandable (sometimes in both Chinese and English). Kit parts and injection molding are accurate. Assembly is more-or-less straightforward (but it's my first time). This kit is very good bang for your buck.
01/04/2016Mislav Mercone
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit

Posting this in multiple parts because of the 1000 character limit.

Part 1

Received this printer about two weeks ago and I finally think I tested it enough to be able to write an honest review.

<b>THE GOOD:</b>
- There were no missing parts and putting it together was very easy thanks to the supplied DVD with instructions and software

- All software you need is supplied on the dvd with all the parameters and instructions on how to set it up.

- The shipping was insanely fast and you can track the package(it took 3 days to get from China to Slovenia, and then another 3 days to get through our customs)

- Print quality is quite good for such a cheap printer. I've seen prints from this exact model (with simple upgrades) that can rival prints from $2000 printers.

- Because this is a Prusa i3 model there is almost an infinite amount of possible upgrades that you can print by yourself which will greatly improve the quality of your prints.

<b>THE BAD:</b>
- The heated bed is a little bit warped (around 0.5mm on the x axis) so I'm having problems printing bigger objects.
This can be solved by buying a glass plate (which I planned to do anyway - and you should too) 

- The supplied SD Card adapter doesn't fit anywhere (it is too thick)
No other solution than to buy another one.

- The supplied 8GB MicroSD Card isn't recognized by the printer (you need a FAT32 file format, the supplied was formatted to NTFS) and you can't format it (tried on 3 different computers)
I'm not sure if the MicroSD is faulty or it's just a problem with the firmware.

- Because of the SD Card problems I'm stuck with printing directly from my computer. The supplied USB cable is insanely short and I had to use my own cable to reach my computer.


- The stepper motors aren't completely calibrated (they are close but not perfect) so you will need to calibrate them yourself. The problem is that all settings reset to factory settings when you shut down the printer so you will have to input your setting every time you turn the printer on.
<i>You will need to update the firmware. The DVD doesn't cover this but there are tutorials on YouTube.</i>

- The free filament is not the best quality, but for the price I can't really complain. At least I can properly calibrate and print upgrades without spending a lot of money for the expensive filament.

- The painters tape included is complete rubbish and it's almost impossible to get first layers to stick.
Buy blue painters tape and a glue stick instead. After that it will stick without problems.

Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer V 2.0 - Free Shipping

Nice option for first time users

If you are trying to find a 3D printer that is easy to use and come without a daunting price, the Me Creator is a good choice. We got this as my son needs impromptu print outs.

Don't expect the world as this is a budgeted deal. You are getting a reasonable performer that will last for a long time. Printing area is impressive and use of quality aluminum means more sturdiness.

Not the kind of printer you want at the workplace where an interruption means a headache. Overall a good purchase for medium level printing requirements. Printing clarity is up there with more expensive models.

01/04/2016S. Steffan
Createbot Mini FDM 3D Printer V 2.0

I had a pretty bad experience with this FDM printer. First off it was really slow when I tried printing with ABS and when I contacted the customer support they said that it was a norm in the initial days for every printer. It has been 7 days since, but still the printer is slow according to me.

Moreover, the nozzle that came with this was broken, thank god it was replaceable, but I had to buy it separately from a nearby store. Not good!

01/04/2016Yolanda E. Martin
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

I ordered this 3D printer and it got delivered after 30 days. I was very disappointed as I had a very important project lined up with got canceled because I was not able to deliver the results as this printer was not delivered on time.

Although, I was able to assemble it with the instructions and images as the each step of the manual consist of image guidance. I was successful in assembling it after few hours. I have not used it much but the quality is good and clear. I wish it would have arrived on time.

01/04/2016Henry G. Waldron
FELIX PRO 1 - Assembled 3D Printer

I bought this printer because I got good feedback from many folks at my office. Felix Pro 1 is easy to use and its functioning is also satisfying.

The quality of prints is good but is delivered at slow printing speed. This 3D printer kit inculcates automatic bed leveling and filament detection that ensures that prints delivered are of appropriate thickness.

It is a great kit for beginners but if you are a professional like me then there are better 3D printer kits in the market that you can buy.

31/03/2016Florence Beth
Max Micron - A9 Chariots 3D Printer Kit

With so many options available in the market, finding the right 3D printer is a real task and I am so glad that I found this one. I assembled the printer without any major issues as I followed both the pictures and the texts, only the T- slot nuts were missing from the kit so I ordered them separately.

I am easily able to print using ABS and PLA and the printouts are of great quality. It’s been 6 months now and the printer is giving satisfactory results.

31/03/2016James J. Montgomery
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer

Yes, this is not a kind of 3D printer which gets ready to work within minutes. You obviously have to spend hours assembling it and then some more time in adjusting your settings to get the perfect print.

But I always wanted a budget kit with dual extruder and that’s the main reason why I have ordered this printer. The printer along with its kit arrived in a good condition and its hardware was also well labeled in separate plastic bags.

The aluminum channels are of high quality and aluminum bed and nozzles also heats up very quickly. I have used it many times and it works great for me. Recommended to everyone!

31/03/2016Isabel B. Ferguson
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

Bang for the buck I believe, prints really well when you set up all the settings right. Could use some improvement on arms that hold the heater and instructions too.

All in all recommended for engineers and those alike - not for an ordinary user - as with all printers. Sadly no holder for filament spool.

So first 3d print broke off the filament. Here is the quality that you can expect. Also expect to pay huge import fees - paid 50 euro all together and had to drive 100km to do so (otherwise they would charge extra 20)

31/03/2016Chantelle Dennison
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
This printer work right out of the box. WOW! I wish there were some rubber feet to put on the bottom of the power supply/LCD unit. It may scratch surfaces. I will run it through it's paces and see how it performs ... I will keep you posted.
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support

3D printers are a new rage in the market as both research based big enterprises and small businesses are using them for their projects. Geeetech Prusa I3 X, member of Prusa I3 family though, comes at an expensive market price but it is good enough to fulfill your requirements to quite an extent. The printer not much of high quality, but its refined usability and performance completely compensate for that. It is easy to maintain preserve and set up.   

30/03/2016Paula Clint
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer

Great Printer- Amazing 3D Printing Experience 

This is a great 3D printing appliance in all aspects including its cost, build quality, print quality, printing speed and much more. This Flashforge Printer truly is an excellent tradeoff for your old printer. It produces low noise while printing providing a calm environment while you’re working on your projects. I would definitely recommend this printer for all the 3D printing enthusiasts.

30/03/2016Sophia Greene
Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

I received my Prusa i3 a week back. It is an awesome 3D printer. I am accountable for printing blueprints for my dad’s brassware business.

So, I have a lot of experience with 3D printers. But, this one just blows all of them away. I’ve have had no failures while working any of its components.

The feed rates and speed is exceptional. I’ve been running this printer for almost a week now and the quality gets better and better.  This printer is a definite winner in the 3D printing industry.

30/03/2016Jamie Campbell
BlueFrog Planner - Fully Assembled Delta 3D Printer

Perfect 3D printing experience

I was looking for a replacement of my old printer and BlueFrog is exactly what I wanted. It came fully assembled and there was no worrying for getting into the complex assembly process. I am really impressed with this machine. I got it delivered within a week of placing the order.

I have printed a ton of objects since the day I’ve purchased this one. And trust me, the ink levels are superior. It indeed is a perfect 3D tool.

30/03/2016Tina Crawford
Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer

My partners and me bought the Afinibot printer for our start-up and it is real fun. It has a good build volume, is fast and accurate.

We are able to print larger stuff with a high speed in little time. I was so surprised to know that this 3D printer works as laser engraver.

We are able to give a new dimension to our prints because of its laser engraving technique. I always though 3D printers are giant machines that make a huge noise. But, Afinibot is light-weight and doesn’t even make much noise.  Its quality and feed rate is just next to superior.

Happy to have invested in this!

30/03/2016Jake Hall
Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer

It’s the BEST

Very Very Cool Printer! Having bought a machine like this, I am just dancing all around as it is worth the price! It has a strong cool design, high precision and flexibility.

I am in love with all the features of this printer especially with the laser engraving technique. Its unique frame and positioning makes the image positioning easy.

It is compatible with bamboo, rubber, leather, plastic and with this versatility, I have already printed so many models for my exhibition this month.  The best printer I’ve ever used!

30/03/2016Monica Evans
Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit

I got this printer shipped quickly. It gives good quality prints. I‘d give extra points for the strong aluminum sliders, MK8 metal extruder and compatibility with a number of software including Cura and Slic3.

I found a major issue with the XY positioning which consumed quite a lot of time in re-setting and the Z precision is not that good. But because of its build quality and versatility, I am pretty satisfied with this one!

30/03/2016David Carter
CreatbotTech 3D Printing Pen - Free Shipping

I gifted this 3D printing pen to my 15 years old daughter so that she can give life to her imagination. The pen is easy to setup and it took her around 10 minutes to figure out how the pen works.

The pen’s quality is fine but I wish it didn’t make so many strings of plastic on the thing which my daughter is making. It is very much similar to the hot glue as you end up having to wind up a spider webs. But it is light in weight and easy to hold in hand.

30/03/2016Vernon K. Wellborn
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT
Milion stars!!!! The parts are good quality. This is my first printer and assembly was about 6h. Shipping from HK to CR 4 days, tax and fee about 45$ The seller have very good communication and want to help with every case (very useful). I can only recommend this store and printer.
30/03/2016John Trole
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
While I was surfing online for the perfect 3D printer, I really got impressed with this one. Apart from free shipping, the printer offers many other things like 8 GB SD Card, SD Card Reader, 40 m Filaments, LCD Control Panel, One Roll Masking Tape and One Spare Nozzle which are all provided free of costs. It took me some time to assemble the printer as I am not good with 3D printers but once I was done I got really happy with the results. The quality is great!
30/03/2016Gregory K. Valentino
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

Best Purchase at Reasonable Price!

My previous printer was not compatible with MAC OS, so purchasing it seemed like a dicey affair. Kossel Delta is worth every penny I spent on it! It is equipped with 2020 Aluminum frame and metal extruder that delivers exceptional printing effect. This printer gives such amazing prints! It also has inclusive 40 m filament, though not ABS!

The Calibration part was surprisingly easy and took me only an hour. Even the delivery was quicker than expected!

30/03/2016Matthew R. Ferguson
Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit - Free Shipping

When the kit arrived, all the parts were well packaged which came as a surprise to me. It contained an assembly manual but the instructions weren’t much clear. I struggled with the infinite bolts and plastic parts and it took me 4 hours to get it assembled. 

The Sintron Delta Kit is a nice purchase for its price. It is one of the high quality printers with an affordable price. The designs of the extruder and hot-end are new and pretty good. The modeled parts are fully injected.

The problem however, is with its smaller print bed in the XY axis. And there’s some re-calibration required in changing the filament.

Overall, it is a good buy for beginners.   

29/03/2016John Rodriguez
Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 - Color Palette 3D Printer

East to use 3D Printer- Good for teenage beginners!  

I’ve never 3D printed anything earlier. I always felt this as a herculean task and thought it would take me forever to print one. But, with this Prusa i3 printer, I feel like this is as easy as a pie.

Having it assembled with the help of my elder brother and taking a few notes from him, I printed 62 prints for my art project in a single day. It made it quite easy to try diverse templates and create beautiful prints with in no time. I am just in love with it now!

29/03/2016David Parker
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit

It won’t be wrong to call Auto leveling Delta 3D printer unique in its niche as it comes with an integrated SD card and LCD monitor display. Though it might prove to be a little heavy on your pocket, it is fine for a wide variety of features that it offers. The auto-leaving and auto-calibration mechanism makes it quite easy to use.

The high speed extrusion machine is one more remarkable feature. Grab this electronic machine if you are a 3D print enthusiast.

29/03/2016Sophie Turner
Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit

This 3D Printer is a great value for money but requires a little bit of fixing in getting the fine prints. I bought mine two weeks ago. There were some faults in the build instructions but the efficient customer service helped me fix these flaws easily. 

Pros: Good price, upgrading and modification abilities, ability to print PLA, ABS and other filaments, great print quality.

Cons: Motor gets stuck while printing at high speeds and might ruin them. Proper care needs to be taken while printing ABS as in that case heat requires to be insulated from Acrylic Y sled.  

Overall, this printer is a good kit if you are willing to learn and take time in tuning it.

29/03/2016Folger Tech RepRap Acry
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

It's an amazing printer for the price. The delivery was fast and the printer came fully equipped with the kit. The customer case service is very supportive as they instantly cleared all my doubts which I faced while assembling the printer.

The printer is creatively designed and offers high precision Y- axis plate and guarantee Y- axis positioning accuracy. The aluminum frame of the printer offers better printing effect. High quality printer! Recommended!

29/03/2016Monica K. Kirkham
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
Not so easy to build, it needs a lot of time, but it works very well, we're using it for a lot of different print. Very good to start using 3d Print.
29/03/2016Alexey Semkin
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions
Afinibot Micro Delta is a well-designed and reliable 3D printer, which is worth investing upon. The most striking feature of this 3D printer is its advanced cooling fan that facilitates a double air path to cool down instantly after exiting from the extruder. The built of this printer is quite complicated and an amateur may find it a bit difficult to operate. However, it is best suited for experts who deal and experiment with 3D printing on a daily basis.
28/03/2016Michael Harrington
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

This was my first 3D printer, and I got it up and running within a weekend. Just delving into the firmware now, which customer support was kind enough to supply-and promptly at that! My only issues are that the instruction manual can hardly be called an instruction manual at all-I had to go to YouTube and follow a series of assembly videos-and the packing list is very short and non descriptive.

The specifications of a lot of the parts like the lead screw and pulleys and belts, etc. become very important once you get to the fine tuning stage. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase though.

FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
Very nice Kossel printer. Shipped ahead of schedule. Seller communication is good. Good quality. Don't be afraid to buy from China. It didn't include plastic bed hold down parts or a spool holder, but I found both on Thingiverse and printed them. Now I'm all set up.
28/03/2016Dieter Kondek
He 3D Ciclop Rotational Laser Scanner - Free Shipping

Powerful piece of equipment for 3D Scanning

I own a 3D Printer and know how much struggle is required getting the work done right by these appliances. So, when I went for buying the 3D scanner as I needed one for my grad project, I wasn’t much excited. But, Ciclop 3D Scanner came as hell of a surprise for me.  This scanner is a real smart device which knows its job. I am totally impressed with its way of figuring the scan angles. With the help of this scanner, I made my 3D Model scanned in different angles exactly as I wanted. I would recommend buying Ciclop’s HE 3D Scanner if you’re looking for an efficient and reliable one. 

Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

This printer is kit is as good as it gets, I was able to assemble it quickly but not without a few issues of my own.

The parts, especially electronics were not labeled this side up or right or left. I was left with my own judgement to choose the right combination. The basic structure building was easy but the real trouble started with the The Z limit switch placement is not correct in the pictures. So it required a re-position it to make the printer work. The screw threads on the extruder where not correct it made installing the X belt drive clamps extremely difficult.

Once I overcame all these issues the printer worked as it said it would. I would recommend an upgrade to the power supply as the printer takes more than 25 minutes to heat up to print with ABS (Heated Bed is really power hungry).

27/03/2016Meg Dutton
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit
Super printer at this price. It's not my first 3D printer, so it was easy for me to build. What i want to change is to build the Cyclops E3D dual extruder on it.
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
This was my first every 3d printer. It took my quite a while to get it all up and running. But my first prints have all been very good and I'm quite pleased with the printer. I would definitely order from this company again and recommend this printer to others.
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
Very nicely packed. Nothing is missing. Extremely fast shipping. Just printed first sample. Small adjustment was needed but printer works just fine. 5 stars.
26/03/2016Vadim Rublev
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

Excellent seller reactivity when contacted: provides solutions and performs the follow-up of our problem resolution, it's awesome! About the product: - i got an american power supply but I needed an european one, so be careful when you order, ask for the right one; but I was not an issue the seller sent it to me very quickly (and freely) after I asked him. - some of the 3D printed pieces need some little adjustments (i had to smooth some of them with a file) but nothing blocking - because of their shape of the injected pieces the screwing of the base and the top is not easy at all: I had to shorten the shortest part of some of my allen keys to ease the process Conclusion: excellent quality/price rate for the product and the customer service. I recommend this seller and the product.

25/03/2016Joe Bourrie
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer
I'm quite satisfied with my Reprap Prusa i4. The instructions were easy to follow, but I'd have had an easier time if I'd read them through from beginning to end a couple of times first. This would have prevented me having to disassemble it once during assembly to flip the main part of the frame such that the hole for the LCD wheel was on the correct (right) side.
24/03/2016Susan Story
Sunhokey Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit

A printer which is easy to assemble

Although I know a lot about 3D printers and when I read all the reviews about this printer I was really worried about assembling it on my own.

But when it arrived I was able to assemble it on my own as it came with clear instructions and also all parts were dimensionally accurate. 

The printer is an average one with reasonable printouts and functionality. The printing speed which is 50-100 mm/s is impressive and the price is also very reasonable.

23/03/2016Dorothy Perry
Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit

I knew 3D printing would be awesome if I got the right printer for a beginner. This was the right printer for me.

I have friends that have other DIY 3D printers that need continuous leveling to use and it is a royal pain in the butt! This printer is certainty not that hard to calibrate.

It looks like a stable kit with high precision material used. I would definitely give this printer a 5 star if they could sort out the assembly manual and remake it.

23/03/2016Ashok Garg
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
It is a good printer for the price. And the service on its good. I received my printer in Mexico in only 2 weeks.
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit

I have had my share of problems with 3D printers – each labeling itself as the perfect. 3D printers don't come cheap and you have every right to expect the best performance. This 2015 Sunhokey Prusa i3 Kit is the closest I have come to brilliant 3D printing performance.

This is a DIY kit and it delivers with easy to follow instructions. In fact the setup is so easy that you really don't need to fiddle around much. I found its frame to be among the best I have encountered…gives you a chassis-like feeling. Honestly I did not know about the bowden configuration but it works superbly.

Packed compactly with efficient extruder at work, this Sunhokey Prusa kit comes with adjustable endstop and LCD compatible SD card…giving your more options. Perhaps the best in this segment.

22/03/2016Daniel Jaríček
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping

Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 is easy to assemble and understand. The LCD screen and added SD card that facilitates offline printing is a significant feature.

Due to the presence of bare minimum parts, it is quite easy to set up this 3D printing kit. Some pieces are already added that can help you save a lot of time.

The design and appeal of this printer is quite satisfying. It’s affordable and comes with a 3 month warranty, which is great!!!

22/03/2016Andrew Lennon
He 3D - Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit - 2016 Model
I am new to 3D printers but now as my work demands I had to order it. I am very happy that I ordered this one. This printer is a good one as it is equipped with all the features like heated bed, laser precision outer casing, dual extrusion, SD card support for standalone printing and a good LCD display. I am very impressed with the printer but the USB connection with came along this printer is not reliable. Recommended!
22/03/2016Monica A. Ellis
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