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Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
Very easy to set up, and great purchase for the price!!!


  • Moderately easy to assemble.
  • Comes with everything you need to get printing quickly the LCD Screed does help.
  • Supports a lot of material like ABS, PLA, Wood, Nylon, flexible PLA.
  • Laser-cut Acrylic is very precisely made, and the end product looks elegent.
  • Uses Repetier-Host which is open source and uses standard G-code.
  • Very cheap, I could use this as a portable printer if I plan to upgrade my printer in the future.


  • The printer isn’t fast enough for my liking.
  • Not a stable machine.
  • Dual color prints are only average.
15/08/2015 Bilal Keskin
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
Handling and lead time can be improved but I could not beat the price and trust me I tried. I even priced all the parts and I feel i owe them price $100 for the kit.It is THE BEST ASSEMBLED Prusa i3. Producing High Quality Prints.
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
Shipping was exactly on the expected day, even though I live in Alaska. Came with ALL tools I needed to assemble it. The instructions were frustrating at first because the creators used a model made of clear plastic for the example pictures, but if you look at it long enough you'll figure it out.

EXCEPT for the belt holder under the bed. I had to contact them for a picture to understand what should've been the obvious way to clamp the belt together. But they got back to me almost immediately and the whole thing was virtually painless and a fun project for my fiance and I.

Levelling the Z axis was kinda tedious, but every 3D printer kit has that maintenance added to it. Setting up on the computer was simple, and I successfully started printing the test file on the SD card within an hour of complete assembly. Overall this was an INCREDIBLE buy for me at an INCREDIBLE price. Extremely satisfied. One criticism, your instructions require a lot of imagination.

Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer

This is actually the best tool I've ever purchased. I've spent considerable time with the following printers: Flashforge Dreamer, Makerbot Replicator 2X, Objet 30 Pro. The Flashforge Dreamer is a vastly superior printer compared to the Makerbot Replicator 2X. The Objet 30 Pro is in an entirely different league, but that doesn't make it better. I can't put the Objet in my closet for $1100 and feed it at $14 a pound filament.

Many complain that the Dreamer isn't open source. It doesn't matter. They offers incredible email support and the FlashForge programmers release firmware and software updates nearly every two weeks.

The print quality is outstanding. On high quality and 100% infill it is comparable to the Objet 30 Pro for parts that don't need support material.

I have leveled the bed once and put about 2 kg of filament through it. No other maintenance is necessary. While I haven't sold anything off it, it has been extremely valuable for prototyping products. This machine has paid for itself ten times over in the few months that I've had it.

Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
fast, great customer service and excellent support! Sunhokey Acrylic is the place to do purchase if you want the above. I really appreciate the level of professionalism regarding advice on what you need compared to their product. Kudos to their Team
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer

We've had several of the Makerbot 5th Generation printers and have used them over the past year. They are easy to setup and operate.

They're close to plug and play but do have the ability to customize if you like to adjust things at that level. I also like the ability to take the files via USB and not need a computer for each printer.

When we first got the machines we did have some of the issues other people experienced. But in the past several months we've had very good printing reliability. It is important to keep the firmware and software updated. I feel sure our improvement in print quality is due to firmware updates.

Service and support has also been good. We have generally gotten replacement parts in a few days.

12/08/2015Larry Burditt
MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer
I love it. We have been printing nearly nonstop for the entire first week. Great printer. Easy to set up, and get printing with. Would definitely recommend.
12/08/2015Lance D Sloan
Printrbot Simple 3D Printer
I really wanted to love this printer. I have 2 other 3D printers including a Replicator 2 and a Printrbot Make that we built from a kit. Both of those are great. The Make is slow but prints nice. This printer produces horrible print quality despite trying every adjustment the book. Blobs and pits and stringy diseased looking prints.
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

As a hobbyist, I've wanted a 3D printer for a while but wanted to wait till the first years until the technology matured and became easily available. I zeroed on this printer after a lot of research and I have to say that i do not regret my decision. I only use it for home projects, the potential applications seems endless and I can't wait to play around with it some more.

The only issue I have with the printer is that it has open electronics and I am scared my kids might just pull some wires and the printer might just stop working. Even the naked electronics make the printer look ugly, Geetech should seriously rethink their design and I am sure their printer can look a lot better with minor changes.

12/08/2015Jijo Sunny
Printrbot Simple 3D Printer
Hands down an excellent 3D printer for beginners. I got this for Christmas and I've been using it non-stop to create all kinds of things. If you're new to the 3D printing world, this is the one for you. I can't say enough good things about this printer. It is compact, durable, and simple. The only possible drawback would be that there is an initial learning curve to get everything set up so that it consistently prints well.
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
This printer is great value for money. It's easy to assemble, plug-and-play under linux...I didn't even need any additional drivers/ configuration other than downloading and installing Repetier Host. Very happy with the product, and I would recommend this printer as a first step in 3D printing.
11/08/2015Aswan Korula
Mankati Fullscale XT Plus 3D Printer

I rate this Printer a full five stars after my testing of it, which is written below.This product exceeded my expectations.


  • Huge build volume 260*260*300mm.
  • Nozzle heats up to300 degree which means hard materials like Nylon and polycarbonate can be printed.
  • All Metal, Dual Extruder
  • Extra Turbo Fan for Printing Area helps In proper cooling of the printed parts and avoids wrapping issues.


  • At 25 Kgs the printer too heavy.
  • The printer costs $1900 which is too expensive to be called a consumer printer.
11/08/2015Alfonso Faustino
Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 - Auto Leveling & Height Detection
I purchased this unit at Factory Outlet day before yesterday to replace another previous model and this one is so much better for less cost. It is built like a tank and can, so far, print t-glase and nylon without an issue. Customer service is the best with Electron 3D and I would wholeheartedly recommend this printer - and double thumbs up to Auto levelling functionality that amazes you for sure!!
11/08/2015Joe Miller
Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
Kit delivered in 11 days, but only with prompting & several shipping errors.

Kit included 2 top plates but no base plate. For 5 days I have been asking for a replacement; still no confirmation/tracking/ETA.

Geeetech ignored 3 requests to post the acryllic patterns so that I can laser cut my own base plate.

Minor delamination on 2 printed parts. Reprinted 1

( Superglued the other.

Another review claims "Once the printer was delivered and unboxed it was operational within an hour". Seems impossible w/o help. Kit has ~480 parts. 5 hours for my build, 1 for software & calibration.

Carriage design doesn't ensure reliable activation of end stop switches. Auto leveling probe seems mechanically iffy. Will modify both.

Happy with my kit choice, just not service. Geeetech is more responsive when 3dPrintersOnline is included in the mail.

11/08/2015brent jackson
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support
It's not the fanciest machine out there, but it's a great kit to start out with, especially if you don't want to get in over your head with 3D printing. It's a solid bot and I'm looking forward to upgrading it in the future. Love the support I've gotten with Geeetech and 3dprintersonlinestore. Definitely consider this if you want to get your feet wet.
11/08/2015Pradeep Chotkan
Printrbot Simple 3D Printer
Great printer, works really well, once you get it working. I think they seriously let quality control slip for the holidays. On the first one I bought, the main board went out the first day. A transistor blew on the board. Tried to exchange through printrbot. They ultimately sent me what I needed, but it took over a week before they mailed the part. I was too impatient though and requested an exchange through amazon. received a new printer before printrbot got back to me. On that printer, the power plug just fell apart. Between the two printers, I managed to get a working one. THe other problem with the new one was the insulation on the hot end wasn't high enough. it stuck down below the extruder. I had to cut it back but filament still got stuck on it. almost ruined it over a long print, but it's been running great for a month now!
11/08/2015Chris H
BlueFrog Mirror - Fully Assembled Delta 3D Printer
I ordered BlueFrog Mirror 3d printer in the month of June and have been using it since then. It has been a real work horse; we use it to print prototypes for our custom motorcycle business. We use it in our workshop where there are many heavy machines are assembled and these can cause dust which would have spoilt any other printer, but the closed enclosure on this printer helps keep them out. The printing speed is great; we could print parts at 50 microns which was a shocker for me.
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit

I’ve had some issues with the kit that arrived. It had missing and broken parts.

  • Arrived with a bent USB port.
  • The thermistor was missing.
  • Ordered for LCD and Sd card support but both were missing from my initial order.
  • I called the customer support and they promised to replace the broken part and resend the missing ones but the replacements took more than a week to arrive.

    11/08/2015Ed Perello
    Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer

    I'm posting this because I'm really surprised by some of the bad experiences people have had. Our printer works well and is very reliable. It can be a little slow to print something, but the quality is really great.

    I haven't had the jamming issues that people have described. We needed to replace our extruder once. All it took was a quick call to MakerBot support and we got a new one through our protection plan.

    Sunhokey Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit

    I called them to inform that my printer was not reading the memory card. I explained the situation to them again They resolved the issue by sending me another card reader but getting that done was really irritating.

    Printer working fine but in future claiming warranty might irritate me again
    11/08/2015Aiman Akhtar
    Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
    I work for a fashion company and we purchased Makerbot Fifth Generations @ work. We have them printing all day, every day. Some of the prototypes that we make are incredible. I hope my company decides to invest in more of these printers so I no longer have to share!
    10/08/2015Lello Armini
    Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
    For the low price, the quality is better than expected.

    Expect minor dimensional inaccuracies of the printed parts provided. The 'all metal hotend' is teflon lined. Instructions require quite a number of 10mm bolts, and none are included.

    Plan on upgrading motors to get the speeds the Kossel printer is capable of.

    In my particular case, the hotend was assembled incorrectly, causing an almost immediate jam -- if it had been an all metal, instead of teflon-lined, it wouldn't have mattered which way the tube between heater block and cooling fins was orientated.

    Other than these, the instructions are great, and the printer should work very well. Some components are quite awesome -- the heated bed, and the rails are particularly nice -- rails are much quieter and smoother than most I've heard.

    10/08/2015Fivey Thesphynxcat
    Uncia DLP Resin 3D printer  Kit - Free Shipping

    This is a stellar product. Setup is quick and easy, and unlike the FDM-type printer I normally use, you basically just get what you ask for every time without having to think about it very much. I spend a few extra seconds tilting imported STL files if needed to ensure that they get supports at a slight angle to the build surface and then just send the job to the printer. My first print was a 100 micron wheel for a filament spool holder, and it took about 15 minutes to print.

    It is considerably superior to a 100 micron print on my FDM printer of the same wheel. My second print was a 50 micron model of "Left Shark" plus 5 more wheels. This took about 8 hours to print and it came out perfectly. Compared to dialing in an FDM printer for specific filament this was completely painless. The finish quality is excellent at 50 micron resolution, and of course it will go to 25 micron if you really need it. Since my original review, I have done numerous 25 micron prints for things that I needed to have a very high quality finish or where time was not really an issue, and the surface finish is superb.

    Cleanup with alcohol and trimming off supports is only mildly tedious, and certainly less time consuming and error prone that trimming off a brim and finishing FDM printed parts. My only suggestion to anyone buying one of these is to consider buying a small UV curing machine. They look like a toaster oven.

    Makeblock - mElephant 3D Printer kit
    Hi i must say excellent printer, but im a bit disappointing about something, my kit comes without a stepper motor cable :(, about everything else im happy, fast shipping and easy to build and calibrate.
    Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
    Order on 5 Aug, Ship out on 8 Aug, Received it on 10 Aug. There is super fast shipping. Items arrived very well packed. Got it setup in less than 30 mins and what can I say, the printer is awesome. Really easy to setup, level the head, put in the PLA sample filament and I was printing the sample file. Really no fuss at all. And the print look fantastic. This is really the most value for money fully assembled printer you can buy which allows you to print a wide range of material with decent printing size. Highly recommended!!!!!!!
    Printrbot Simple 3D Printer
    Unfortunately after watching the videos and spending 3 hours on it, we could never get anything resembling what the video showed to print.
    10/08/2015Daniel Lewis
    Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer
    This is a hobbyist printer and do not expect professional print outs with it. It works pretty well and the aluminum frame gives it the much needed stability to negate the vibrations and wobble the printer causes. Built it without much problem, although the instructions are vague and not very helpful. It took me around ~5-8 hrs for assembly and the printer was able to print immediately. At this price rage the printer is a real deal.
    Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

    Great 3D printer manufacture. Solid state due the metal body (not work, not acrylic, not printed parts). You don´t have to assemble the entire printer, just join the tower to the base, plug cables and balance plate and you are ready to print.

    09/08/2015Johnny Baldwin
    Uncia DLP Resin 3D printer  Kit - Free Shipping
    I purchased this printer kit as I was fed up with the failure rates and low resolution prints I got from my makerbot. A friend suggested a DLP printer as I usually need small but accurate prints for my work. The kit arrived within a week of order and was very easy to assemble.

    The Steel body of the printer gives it solidity and sturdiness, but the printer does not move much even while printing. The company claims to have made the Conveyor belt of the printer from Italy, and they look good quality to me.

    I am hoping it works for long. The software is provided with the printer was a real surprise; it works well which I never expected.

    I have made some really small prints and the quality I got was amazing. The printer prints at extremely fast pace never compromising with accuracy. I would suggest this printer for anyone who does not need large printing volume.

    08/08/2015Alex lambart
    Printrbot Play 3D Printer
    Excellent product. From unpacking, checking the website for the latest getting started instructions, and tentatively trying my first print, I had success. I would highly recommend this for newcomers to 3D printing. I did have to download a driver for Windows 7.1 but that took only a few minutes. I use 3M blue painters tape for the bed, Makerbot black PLA, and set z=-0.3 and my prints appear to be working well. There is still a lot to learn but I have had no issues so far. I look forward to making more things.
    08/08/2015Jesse David
    Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
    Kit arrived in good condition. Instructions were easy to follow. Broken fan and missing parts that were quickly shipped by Folger at no cost. Plugged it into computer and found home immediately. No complaints, and would recommend to a friend. To others looking to buy. It took me a while to build and tweak. But with patience you will get there. :)
    08/08/2015Aaron Reynolds
    Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
    Excellent printer for the money! Fast shipping. Easy to assemble. Lots of fine tuning to be done but internet and Youtube are your best friends. Highly recommended!!
    07/08/2015Nicola Regge
    Printrbot Play 3D Printer

    The initial setup instructions are very easy to follow, and within 1 hour of cutting the box open, I had my first successful calibration cube. And this is my first 3d printer. Yep, I'm a newbie. Pretty much everything was included -- power supply, cables, test print proving the printer works, and some filament.

    If you FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS, bed adhesion is not really a problem. My problem is actually the opposite -- for large prints, I get too much adhesion and the part is impossible to remove unless I use a raft. So I use a raft in those situations, along with some precise glue stick application. (Judiciously apply glue only to the extremities of a print.)

    The print quality is excellent. The machine is very rigidly built, and while not all of the mechanicals are perfect, they are good enough for the limited build area. The MIC6 bed is pretty level, and the autoleveling probe works very well. The all metal extruder has performed nearly flawlessly (I believe my 2 jams were caused by the "spool management", see later.) The print speed is not as fast as some of the more expensive, fancier printers, but I prefer to keep the speed down to improve the quality; most of the time I'm printing 45-50mm/s, with initial layer going at about 25-30mm/s. Just because you can go faster doesn't mean you will actually want to.

    There are a couple of weak points to the printer:

    1. Cable management on the carriage droops down too much and hits the bed as it moves back and forth. I fixed this with some retractable badge holders which work really well and are very cheap, and conveniently clip on to the frame itself.

    2. The spool holder sucks. You have to unscrew your case to install it. While it's not a major change to the framing, it should *never* be necessary to unscrew any structural component just to install a spool holder. Moreover, the weight of the suspended spool is not centered over the frame, and the printer as a whole does move a little while it's printing, and this makes it worse. Finally, the spool holder isn't really a spool holder. It's a bent piece of metal which may have a sharp edge which will eat away at you spool and cause small plastic flakes to fall into your printer, which can cause a disaster (like an extruder jam). Even without that, it makes for very, very poor spindle rotation. I fixed this by just buying a 3d party spool holder.

    3. No mount points for *any* accessories. The Play only needs a few more holes in some choice locations to allow people to accessorize it. For example: Raspberry Pi (which I've mounted with some sticky tape on the frame), camera on the bed (I have no solution for this, so the camera is just mounted elsewhere for now -- it would be much better if I could mount it to the moving bed), and a proper spool holder. I think the Play is a much better printer than Printrbot even considers it -- it's a real printer, and real printers want accessories.

    4. Connectors jut out the side, increasing the effective length of the printer for no good reason. It would have been better to have them come out under the bed, where there is overhang anyways. Or have some 90 degree adapters available.

    5. Giant heat shield makes it kind of hard to see what's going on. I understand why it was done, but that doesn't change the results.

    6. Z-axis threaded rod wobble -- doesn't appear to affect quality, but still can't possibly good in the long run.

    7. The small size actually makes it difficult to manipulate certain things, like applying Kapton tape evenly, or prying parts off. This is just a result of the compact size of the printer.

    07/08/2015Javier Rivera
    Makerbot Replicator Mini Desktop 3D Printer
    I purchased a Replicator Mini about a month ago and it’s been a total blast. I'm new to 3D printing and this unit has been an awesome entry-level unit to learn the ins and outs on.

    Out of the box it’s easy to set up the hardware, install the software, and get your first print going. The unit is very small and looks awesome on my desk. About an hour after receiving the package, I was already printing my first object from the content site

    By the end of the weekend I had some toys for my nephew and even some items for around the house. I have to say – 3D printing my first objects was a really cool experience. It’s amazing how quickly you can print a physical object. I also video chatted with my nephew while I was printing and he is excited to come over and help me print some new objects.

    Overall, this unit has exceeded my expectations for my first experience with a 3D printer. My only complaint would be that perhaps it is a bit louder than expected, but when I think about what it’s doing, that’s not so much an issue. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking to get into 3D printing, and when I am ready I will be upgrading to a MakerBot Replicator.

    07/08/2015Van Brussel
    Printrbot Simple 3D Printer

    Got this for my son the budding engineer for Christmas. He is in HS going to University next year. He has made many semi-useful objects with it.

    It has encouraged him to develop his CAD skills. He designs stuff using AutoCAD Inventor and then is able to print out what he designed on this printrbot. It works well and is fun to watch.

    06/08/2015Matthew Sullivan
    Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
    Borrowed a friend's printer, and haven't had any issues at all. Can't comment on support or anything of the sort, but prints have been coming out great. Helped me avoid a massive cost for printing at school, and was able to re-iterate the design right at home.
    06/08/2015Kelsey Silva
    Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
    This inexpensive 3D printer is a treat. Assembly was easy following the included DVD. Even with this being my first printer build, I was printing great quality items within a couple days of receiving my kit. Awesome deal at this price!
    Cubify - Sense 3D Scanner
    I have been very happy with the Sense scanner. The software included makes it easy for anyone to learn CAD. The best part is I don't even need a 3d printer right now. I can simply scan objects, and upload them to, and 3d Systems will print the object for me, then send it in the mail. It's a really cool thing, especially for kids to start learning CAD.
    Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D Printer
    I bought one ultimate 2. It stopped working on the 5th day after arrival. One day after contacting the technical support, I was provided with instructions to remove the clogged filament. It is quite easy to fix the jam problem comparing to other 3D printers I have used. So far, it is working well.
    05/08/2015Peng Lu
    Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
    If you are looking for an assembled printer for the cost of a DIY kit, this is the perfect choice. It is a good and robust entry level printer, but if you are looking for a professional grade printer look for somewhere else.

    The Black body of the printer looks elegant and does not need a lot of space; I have it sitting on my desktop just next to my computer. The printer bed calibration can be messy but the 4 screws below the bed are really helpful. I would not say that they are perfect, they do need some experience but they work. The Drag chain looks great and keeps the wiring together and makes the printer neat.

    I have printed with ABS and Pla and both seem to work fine, the MK10 works well and I was able to get some good prints at 100 microns. The Filament spool holder should have been placed behind the printer as I have already messed 2 prints because I accidentally bumped the spools making the filaments to eject from the extruder.

    The Printer uses open source software’s like Cura & Simplify 3D which are decent but I would have preferred a better customized software like the one you get with Makerbot.

    05/08/2015Nick Petropoulos
    Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
    Delivery and package fine and actually the transport with the courier was fast, however as transport cost were not declared, it made me involve in huge costs with customs. About printer construction, everything fine so far! Follow the instructions on the videos
    Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
    best bang for your buck for the prusa i3! would definitely recommend for beginners or pros.
    05/08/2015Brett McDowell
    Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
    I am very happy with my Folger prusa printer. All the parts were in good order. And Folger were quick to respond to my questions. When assembling your printer, take your time and read each step twice. It took me over 20 hours to assemble, but my first print was below the average but after few calibration the prints were excellent I recommend this printer. I prefer ABS, and heatbed and nozzle works perfect to get ABS prints.
    04/08/2015Ravi Chandru
    Printrbot Simple 3D Printer

    For the first month and a half, everything went perfectly. I made some amazing things - the only thing I couldn't make was too big for the build plate. Cura is amazing, customizable software and I wouldn't use anything else (though it still needs some more tools like pause print and a print monitor with % and time left). If I reviewed it then, I would have given it 4 to 5 stars (maybe 4, because it's very customizable, but not user-friendly).

    Then, one of my prints failed. After lots of troubleshooting, one of the hot end wires frayed. Printrbot sent me a new one. The wiring and bottom of the Printrbot are very awkward, so I had to attach the wire to the side of the plastic housing. I couldn't print for 15 days.

    Two days later, one of my prints failed. This is new and I have no idea what's wrong. I couldn't move my axis' and when I tried to print, the motors made odd noises and the print head ran into my print bed, denting it. I don't know how long it'll take to fix, or if I can even fix it.

    It's been so frustrating and stressful. I'm constantly worrying that my printer will break or a print will fail. Right now, I have a $600 source of frustration.

    3D printers are at an awkward point - rising in popularity, but the price range is huge. $350 for a low-end model up to $1,350 for low/mid-range models. Even though the $1,350 models are double the price, I am tempted to try them if they will ALWAYS work. PLA is very cheap, so the printer is the main cost.

    UPDATE: After breaking three times in a row, my Printrbot is fixed and working very well :-)

    Nothing around its price point compares to the Printrbot, so I love it. I just wish it never broke those times.

    04/08/2015Robert E. Boulanger
    Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini PRO - Metal 3D Printer kit
    I have two other 3D printers, and this was my third. This was the first one I have purchased that was built from a kit. The kit arrived in 12 days and there were delays in shipment, I had to call the seller 2wice to get the exact delivery status update.

    Once the printer was delivered and unboxed it was operational within an hour, the printer came with an auto bed calibration and did not need the extra set-up time needed to level and calibrate the print bed.

    The Printer looks solid and the parts used look high quality. I ordered the one with dual extruder and have tested prints that use both the extruders at the same time, the results were satisfactory. The heated bed did not work immediately and I had to call the seller to get that fixed, they were responsive enough and guided me with instructions to connect the proper connectors to get it working.

    I managed to get good print from this 3D printer - I will say that it is as good as other brand name 3D printer at significant lower price.

    I so with I wish that there was no delay with the shipment; it made me loose a print job.

    04/08/2015Kyle R Boyd
    Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
    Product, store, support, instructions, Live chat, every thing satisfied me,
    03/08/2015 Mitchell Peter
    Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer

    This is an awesome 3D printer. Setup was fairly straightforward, although there were some wing nuts and screws that had come out in packing and transit. Packing was excellent. After set up and leveling the build plate, my first prints were flawless out of the box.

    I've been using MakerBot Replicator 2X--the quality of the prints in the FlashForge Dreamer are superior, although the software does not provide all of the configuration options that MakerWare has. I can't believe it was less than half the price of the MakerBot Replicator 2X, and $100 less than the wifi MakerBot mini.

    So far I am very happy. The only drawback is that the filament spools are not a "standard" size and I'm having a bit of trouble stocking up. Ordering from FlashForge, the spools are $34 each, which makes the filament somewhat expensive compared to the filament I've been buying.

    You still have to be somewhat of a mechanic to work with the Flashforge (more so for the MakerBot), but I think that is par for the course in 3D printing. This is a sweet machine, though, and I'm so happy I bought it.

    03/08/2015L. Roberts
    Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
    The extruder does not last long enough, otherwise I would increase the rating to 4 stars.
    03/08/2015John Devine
    Cubify - Cube Pro 3D Printer

    We love our CubePro's!!! I'm a high school Science teacher and we just outfit a 3D printing lab in our school with 30 CubePro Duo's and all I can say is WOW!!! We've used a few other desktop 3D printers and I must say this blows the others away for a variety of reasons.

    One being the ability to customize your prints with the new CubePro slicing software. The resolution and quality of prints is also fantastic; I've walked into the lab and seen students printing anything from architectural models to intricate gears to new student inventions!

    Students love being able to print in 2 colors simultaneously and one might think that the printer might jam or clog or not be able to pull a feat like this off, but it's amazing how well we've been able to print ABS and PLA together... we can't wait for Nylon too ;)

    Forgive me for rambling but I have to also point out that we've been printing multiple files simultaneously in one print session which has saved us a lot of time and students are not left fighting waiting for their turn to print! Not sure if 3D Systems added more filament to their cartridges either but it seems like the one Black PLA cartridge we have has lasted us since we got the machine 2 months ago and we've printed every day since!

    03/08/2015Theo London
    Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer
    Good Value for the Money
    Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support
    Fastest shipping from Asia. The instructions are a bit hard to follow but still a good printer for it's price.
    03/08/2015Steve M
    Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer V 2.0 - Free Shipping
    I got the printer working within 20 minutes of unboxing. I print for at least 12 hours a day using this printer.

    The printer works rock solid, and the print quality if fine as well. I would say that if your expectations are reasonable; this is an amazing printer for the price. 3D printing is not just any other printing that we have heard off; it requires practice, patience and lot of perseverance. Don’t buy a printer if you are not ready for all this.

    The only grudge I have with this printer is that it’s too slow; the fastest you can print on it is 80 mm/sec. If the developers could increase the printing speed this would be one of the better printers in the market.

    02/08/2015Matt Buchler
    Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
    Excellent customer service, quality parts, made in USA, clean instructions, if you have little experience with the 3d printer kit before then you can get amazing results
    02/08/2015Corry Cox
    Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
    We recently bought this 3D printer for use in our school district teacher resource center. We are having teachers send in the files they need printed and then we send the completed project back to the school sites. The initial printer came with some rails mis-aligned, after some conversations, Makerbot paid for us to send it back and sent us a new printer. The new printer is working great, we've been printing 10 hours a day without any issues. It was very quick to get set-up, we were up and running within a hour. The missing star is for the initial delay, otherwise it would be a 5.
    02/08/2015Gregory P
    Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

    I was expecting a printer that would work right away at a low price that could help me make parts for my research. I got exactly that. I now use it multiple times a day.

    -Currently, the best priced
    -Easy to get running
    -Can print well
    -Can print large

    -Slower than other models
    -Occasional print failures from controller (may be eliminated with time and effort)

    -Get a backup battery supply. 20 dollars to prevent brownouts from causing failures.
    -Go slow. This is not a speedster it's a mule.
    -Do not print from USB.
    -Invest in good, wide tape after you consume the sheets you're given, and beware of air bubbles.
    -Be prepared to learn. 3D printing (your own parts) requires a detailed understanding of parameter interplay.

    02/08/2015James Davis
    Felix 3.1 DIY Kit - High Speed 3D Printer

    We use a Stratasys printer at office and wanted to get a 3D printer for home use, after some 6 months of research I decided to get the Felix 3.1 Kit. I chose the kit because it would teach me about the printers working and I was glad I ordered a kit. I saved some money as well as got my concepts of 3d printing cleared.

    The printer arrived within 10 days of order and everything went smooth from there on. I was able to assemble this thing in 8 hours and was printing within a day. I ordered a dual extruder one and the print quality is amazing. It is on par with the professional printers I have at office which was a very pleasant surprise. The build volume is great and the Felix software supplied with the printer works great.

    02/08/2015Chryssie Greece
    Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
    I got mine delivered last week, So far pretty happy with it. It was not very easy to setup but then I am really messy with wires and I cannot complain.

    The DIY kit did not need any soldering and that really helped. Sure I had some minor issues with belt tension but the manual that came with the printer helped me sort the issue.

    I mostly print parts related to machine designs and have been blown away with the quality of the prints. The Printer comes with heated bed and I could print PLA and ABS on the printer. My next plan is to print using Ninjaflex and hope that works as well. The Dual extruder look high quality and once you get around calibration of the print bed (which can is difficult) it prints beautifully. I hate the slow printing speed, anyone else having the same issue?

    I would recommend this printer for beginner and enthusiast.

    02/08/2015William Graham
    Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer
    The printer is no easy to build due to the poor assembly instructions. Unfortunately, one of the electric motor for the Z-axis is not strong enough, making some problems, especially with a variable offset in the Z-axis. It's also not possible to control the second head (motion) with the LCD screen. Moreover, there are no connecting instructions for the auto levelling unit. Nevertheless, for the price, it is still a good printer.
    Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
    Just got my hands on one of these and am having a great experience. Admittedly, I'm a noob, but the MakerBot ecosystem has made it sooooo easy to get started with printing parts from thingiverse and shape maker. More to come as I start to explore 3d design and exporting stls into makerbots software but so far so good. I did have one issue with homing error but I bought the service plan and their support was extremely quick to help me get the printer running right. Not sure where people are having trouble getting in touch with support but shoutout to Daniel! Great to actually call a company and talk with a human!
    02/08/2015Evan Schreiber
    Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer V 2.0 - Free Shipping

    Most compact 3D printer out there

    3d printers are supposed to be compact but for some reason I see rather large models at offices and homes. This is the smarter, more compact choice. A very sensible buy if you are beginning with 3D printing that takes some time to create the best possible prints.

    Use of steel frames underlines the durability factor. The assembly is rather smartly setup without the use of wrench. You get a fully assembled 3D printer that is easy to use and priced sweetly. My verdict? Not for pros, great pick for everyone else…

    Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support
    Printer works well but remember that it’s a DIY kit and it’s fairly hard to build. I kind of burnt myself while getting them together. I think it’s not safe for kids to handle.
    02/08/2015Jonathan Boyer
    He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
    It takes approx 1 week to arrive, everything is perfect, from the package to the printer. with pro kit you will receive almost everything, you just need a couple of Allen key and a screwdriver and you will assemble a perfect printer, very stable. moreover seller is incredibly fast and accurate, usually he takes just a couple of hours to reply. believe me. buy this printer
    02/08/2015 Rakib Hasan
    Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
    Fast shipment with FedEx, package arrived in 7 days but I had to pay 118€ extra taxes on delivery for italian customs, miscalculated taxes based on totally random value invented by customs (according to FedEx duty calculator they had to be more like 50€). Assembled the printer in one afternoon, prints with good quality...need some tweak for better quality but worth the price
    02/08/2015Melvin Richard
    Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
    Much worthy for its price, although I'm a beginner the instructions helped me to build within 3 hours, Excellent guidance, I can even recommend this product to my friends.
    Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
    Awesome printer! Felt like I just robbed a bank this is such great bang for your buck!

    I have added a glass bed and the (4) m3 nuts to the leveling bed... Both easy and very worthwhile mods :-)

    I did have to tighten up one bolt the holds extrusion assembly to z axis as it was a bit loose so you could wobble print head a bit so definitely worth checking all is secure when you receive.

    Cheers !!!

    Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
    Great product's with a very helpful team to stand behind them and will do their best to make sure you are happy and well taken care of . Will always be the first place I go for my 3D printing need's.
    01/08/2015Rick Matthews
    Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
    This was my first printer, and I had no experience before except seeing how painful and time consuming was for my brother to build a DIY i3 prusa that we had bought for him from ebay.

    Of course may be we were a bit unlucky with that set, however if you can read a lot before, have patience, place, and time to build your own its a good opportunity to learn how the system works.

    Or go with Wanhao i3, and once it arrives you ll start to print in no more than half an hour. My box came safe, but be careful while unboxing, and I had just printed the test file in sd card. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about 3d printing with no hassle.

    Thanks Wanhao, Thanks 3dprintersonlinestore! (the store is fast too, they shipped in 3 days and I had my printer in 6 days right after ordering, and I was printing).

    01/08/2015Gur Isler
    Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support
    I liked this printer! However it comes with its pros and cons:


    • Great value! This is a $1000 printer for $308. The Printer is faster than any Prusa i3 I have seen and the print quality is good!
    • The DIY kit comes with everything you need to build the printer, nuts, bolts, tools required to build the printer, and a manual which comes with step by step instructions to get the printer assembled. No Soldering is required.
    • Ships quickly and is packaged very well.
    • LCD screen which is a rarity at this price.


    • It takes some DIY skill and time to assemble, DON'T BUY IF YOU'VE GOT NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING.
    • The piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame is good but I feel it is delicate and fear that it may break.
    • The printing platform only allows it to print 200 x 200 x 170mm, I would have liked a printer with bigger printing volume.

    I am very happy with this printer, but the cons are a real worry. I would give it 3 Stars.

    01/08/2015Vince Brooks Hoffmann
    Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer
    We have been using this for about 5 months now and this printer works great! The print quality is very good and strong. It came with two big rolls of ABS, one white and one red. We save the sliced files on a sd card from one computer then plug the sd card into the printer and print from that. It is kinda loud with the fans and the servo motors make noise when they are printing. We put the printer in a cabinet made for old huge television sets. We close the doors on the cabinet and this cuts down on the noise big time. Sometimes the prints stick to the platform. Heating up the platform makes it easier to remove. Overall we are very pleased with this printer.
    01/08/2015Susanne Zeitler
    He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit

    I received this printer two weeks back. This printer kit is low-priced compared to others. The hardware is sound and can be operated easily.  The printer has a nice design and is apt for keeping anywhere in my living space. 

    Pros - Fluent printing process, higher precession, high-speed extrusion machine, integrated SD card and LCD monitor display.

    Cons - Requires some configuration, warping issues, small bugs and errors exist.

    The machine is not for the dummies. It takes lot of adjustment work to get high quality and precise sizing. For professionals, it is an appliance worth investing in. 

    01/08/2015Robert Wilson
    Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
    Quality product all stainless steel screws rods stud and nut worth the money. Highly recommended.
    Uncia DLP Resin 3D printer  Kit - Free Shipping
    I have had this printer for a month and it’s the best thing you can for the price.


    • Quick to assemble and printing on.
    • Quality is good quality and highly accurate prints.
    • Printing speed is amazing.
    • The software that comes with the machine is easy to learn and get the work done.
    • The resins for this printer are cheapest for when compared to others.

    Cons: I love this printer and feel the cons are basically the time required to learn the printing process of a DLP printer and finding the right kind of angles to print.

    31/07/2015Alex Berry
    Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer

    After using this for more than 6 months I can say it got a lot better after the last update. The printer can be amazing, and just about all of the initial problems have been addressed. I've made a lot of different items from moving parts to models that look great. It's not perfect, at this time but the potential is definitely there.

    Some thoughts that I learned early on; the prints are only as good as the 3D image you are printing. Knowing how to create with a CAD program can come in handy, especially when trying to make your own items. I really like this printer and can't wait for the new filaments that I saw coming out later this year.

    31/07/2015Thomas Testa
    Hephestos - Simply the Best Reprap Prusa i3
    It took me about 10 hours from the time it was delivered to the time I had my first print done. It was the XYZ demo keychain, it did the job well. I am happy about the Hephestos Prusa i3
    31/07/2015James D Francis
    Printrbot Simple 3D Printer
    Hard to use, but after reading a lot on the Web, I'm getting it. There are lots of things you can do that will dramatically affect print quality or even damage your printer... which for me is what makes it interesting! Great hobby tool for early adopters. Not yet ready for mainstream consumers to plug and play, but I was printing low quality custom pieces in only a few hours. I'm learning to improve quality every day. Fun tool
    Geeetech Me Ducer Assembled 3D Printer
    Great 3D printer for individual projects, I am a mechanical engineering grad student and need to build a lot of projects, this printer has proved to be perfect for my use. I wish it had a closed enclosure and an extra fan on the extruder for the prints to cool down properly.
    31/07/2015James Kearns
    Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
    This was my first 3d printer and here are my views on it.


  • High resolution and print quality (great PLA prints I still need to try ABS prints).
  • All tools needed are provided Inside the DIY Kit.
  • EASY to assemble. I am somewhat tech-savvy so it was a breeze for me to assemble. The PDF is decent and has pictures of every step.
  • Parts feel pretty solid, and of high quality.
  • Auto leveling saves a lot of time.
  • Comes with a hotbed which allows multi material printing.
  • CONS:

  • The user manual can be better. The wiring instructions can be confusing for someone making a Printer for the 1st time.
  • The print quality is not industrial output (But then I really did not expect that to be the case).
  • Software looks pretty much like the last century stuff. Could have been better.
  • 31/07/2015Josh Stuart
    Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
    Fast shipping, perfect packing i've ever seen, good communication. What can i say? Everything was fine from beginning to delivery. And the instructions are crystal clear to understand, this is my first and i built it about 5-6 hours. Everything is working perfectly. It hasn't any 3d printed parts like other i3s, mostly has aluminum parts. It took about 2 hours to calibrate. My first prints were really awful but it's getting better because it needs some additional tweaks on the software side. But all reprap 3d printers need it you know. Thanks for everything, it's the best starter 3d printer you can buy, trust me.
    Printrbot Simple 3D Printer

    I'm super happy with the Printrbot Simple Metal. I have had it for about 48 hours and I'm having a blast printing with PLA.

    I got it pre-assembled with heated bed which worked out really nice for me. No worrying about belt tension, end stops, reversed polarity, calibration, bed levelling and all that. The test cube printed perfectly the first time.

    My previous experience was with a Makerbot at Techshop and that was not fun at all - levelling the print bed with every print, and making ABS rats nests.

    For me this was the perfect intro 3d printer - capable of printing ABS and PLA out of the box, and a sub-$1k pricetag. I can't wait for their CNC!

    30/07/2015Teresa L
    MakerBot Digitizer - 3D Scanner

    Love MakerBot, I love my Rep 2 and was hoping to have the same experience here, but there are reasons that I can't get too excited about this scanner. I'm a 2D computer professional, and thought that buying this scanner would lift the burden of learning CAD programs, but I think that the later will happen long before the former.

    I was hoping to scan some small broken household parts and fix and print replacements, but that seems like a farfetched idea.

    It has limitations, I thought the size limitations would be restrictions for objects that are too large or heavy, but it really doesn't like small objects, or dark objects, or shiny objects....

    I've bought developers spray, hope that will help, but I think that its biggest limitations can be fixed with software updates. I understand that the multi-scan has helped, but I'm still waiting for the software that makes this lose its "experimental" status.

    30/07/2015Mitch Gurowitz
    He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
    He 3D is the best value for money delta printer I have seen, it’s got everything that you can ask for and more. The Auto-leveling and auto-calibration feature is just awesome; you don’t find it in even in some high end printers. I would certainly recommend it if you are alright working with DIY kits.
    29/07/2015Lisa Willcox
    He 3D - Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit - 2016 Model

    I have had a Makerbot for past 6 months, it was time for me to try a delta printer and after a bit of research I bought the He 3d Delta. The Kit was delivered in a week and came with nice packing, this was the first time I was working with DIY printers and it was not too tough to assemble this printer.

    The one thing that impressed me about this printer was the Auto leveling feature. I was told that the auto calibration was not too reliable but for me it works perfectly.

    I also tried a few prints using 2 different colors and using the dual extruder and that works well as well. Using Dual extruder on the same print needs a little practice and if you are expecting it to work on the first go you would be disappointed.

    I used Red Color PLA on one Extruder for the actual print and used Yellow color on the second extruder for the support; it worked and got some amazing prints.

    This printer has everything that you could expect from a profession and for the price $399 it’s the best thing you could purchase.

    Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
    This is a good printer for a good price. I was surprised with what a 3D printer could bring to our life. It is fun to see the designed model comes to reality that I can actually hold by my own hand. Print quality is decent.

    The printer comes with features like heated bed and dual extruder which are only available in high end expensive printers. Seller provides excellent customer service. The customer support is quick and helpful.

    The hardware looks decent but I hated the software, I had to do a lot of tinkering before I could really get to printing.

    A better software support would have earned 5 Star rating but I would settle with 3 Stars for now.

    29/07/2015Jim Chang
    Printrbot Play 3D Printer

    I do really like this thing. It took a bit to get set up, getting the Z-height just right, and I had to print a part to help keep the hose from catching on the build plate on most builds, but other than that, this thing is pretty great for a novice 3D printer like myself.


    • Small footprint - fits easily on my desk.
    • Built-in spool holder is fantastically useful.
    • Metal construction, so it's good and sturdy.
    • Has only clogged once in probably a week's worth of non-stop printing, and that was early on when I probably still sucked at printing things.
    • Prints pretty complicated parts easily.
    • Cost- easily the cheapest ready-to-print printer on the market.
    • Comes with a surprisingly good amount of free starter material in a kind of ugly translucent white (probably undyed plastic).


    Biggest one is the build platform. 4x4x5" is just not that big, but that's why this printer costs hundreds less than its larger counterparts.

    Could not for the life of me get any print to stick without masking tape, hairspray AND a raft, but once I started doing all that, each print works perfectly as intended.

    All in all, the only things I've not been very proud of that came out of this printer so far were parts that were larger to begin with that I scaled down to fit on its small bed and didn't turn out great for that reason (no fault of the printer itself).

    One side comment - I really, really hope they make a heated bed for this one like they did the Simple. Printing in ABS would have its uses. Can't really call that a con, though, since it's not an advertised feature of the product as of yet.

    29/07/2015James R. Brown
    Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit
    Writing this review as to inform future buyers. This item is sold as a kit and it’s not a plug and play Printer. I was new to 3D printing and DIY and assembling this printer was a real head ache. It’s not the fault of the printer or the manuals received, I have a hard time following instruction manuals and that made me err a lot of times getting this printer together.

    You could buy this printer if you enjoy a good puzzle but it’s certainly not something that I enjoyed.

    Once the printer was setup it works fine, the printer bed is really big. I was able to print ABS, PLA and flexible plastic. The printer looks good quality, and it prints but you really have to know your slicer.

    Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 - Auto Leveling & Height Detection

    If you are new to 3D printing and not comfortable with DIY kits consider buying the pre-assembled model.

    This is a kit that needs assembling and can take up to 8 to 10 hours and it certainly made me gain a better understanding of 3D printing concepts.

    The printer looks good and I have been using this for a month and works well. I have used a lot of different kind of materials and none have failed so far.

    I also got 2 Kg of filament free with the kit, which was a pleasant surprise. The heated bed makes printing of ABS possible which I haven’t seen on any printer at this cost.

    28/07/2015Mihai Nicula
    Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

    It was delivered in 5 days from the ordered date and came pretty well packed. As this was a pre-assembled printer I was able to get it up and running immediately. The SD card supplied with the printer had some test prints and I print them with PLA and ABS.

    The PLA worked great but the ABS had wrapping issues, after a bit of research I was suggested to cover the printer with a casing as the printed parts were cooling off too quickly. I turned the ceiling fan off while printing and the Abs prints were better. Next up was testing Copper infill filaments and it was a real disaster.

    I tried 20 times with different heat settings and could not get it to work. I really cannot comments if it’s the printer or the filament or just me who does not know how to print with these.

    27/07/2015Adam Weiss
    Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
    The only words that gave me hope to purchase was Made in USA , and it certainly worthy to get and I have been running this printer for 4 weeks and the results are quite impressive.
    Printrbot Simple 3D Printer

    Justifying the price of a 3D printer was a big hurdle in purchasing one, but after continued interest I decided to start researching which one would suit me. I kept coming back to the Printrbot Metal Simple. I like the simplicity, the design and kept hearing it’s great reliability.

    I consider this a perfect stepping stone into the world of 3D Printing, and it can be upgraded and modified as I learn more and my needs change.

    As of now I’ve only had it for a week, but I’ve used it every day and hope to review it further once I’ve really put it to use. I’ve got it on my desk and I enjoy watching it print probably as much as the prints that come off of it.

    I was printing with it right out of the box, though I did play with the settings and managed to gouge my build plate, I ended up fixing the settings and was back to great prints.

    I’m having issues with parts sticking to the build plate, but that’s part of the 3D printing learning curve. I’m in the process of building an enclosure for the printer since the room my printer is in is fairly drafty.

    The enclosure is also to help cut down on the noise, personally it’s not quiet enough to sit next to and work while it’s printing. It can easily drown out music depending on the object it’s printing.

    The Printrbot support is great, my power supply was broken in transit, I submitted the ticket on a Sunday and received the new power supply on Wednesday, no questions asked.


    + Easy to use.

    + Reliable.

    + Great support.


    - Noise level.

    Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support
    Placed order after watching the demo video. Eagerly waiting for the fastest machine . . . . .
    25/07/2015Zoran Stamenkovic
    Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer - Free Shipping
    The best printer but small yet am happy with the Performance . Worth for the money spent on it.
    Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit - Free Shipping
    Sintron Super Smart Delta printer is a truly European printer; I purchased it because I did not trust the Chinese ones and was not sure if they could give me any after sales services. Once the printer was delivered we could not get it running and called the customer services and they were very helpful, they helped us extensively and we were finally ready to print. The printer has a heated bed, auto calibrating bed and a superb nozzle that can extrude PLA and ABS plastic with ease. The printer speed is decent and I feel better than many Kits out there. The prints are decent and have passed all the internal quality tests we have at our design firm.
    24/07/2015Chris Griffin
    Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit
    Excellent service, this printer is great. Everything worked exactly as advertised.
    23/07/2015Cristian Herrera
    Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
    This printer is a quality piece of hardware, I hate plastic and I am pretty impressed with the metal body this printer has.The Drag Chain and its design do compliment with the other piece of hardware pretty well.

    I use Cura to slice the models and feed the printer and it works well with the printer and the SD card support means I run the printer in standalone mode.

    The LCD may be small but shows most of the information required for the operator to see. I a pretty satisfied with the printer and would recommend it to my co students from our university.

    23/07/2015 Dan Cartwright
    Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer

    After many hours of research and reading reviews I bought this for my business as my first 3D printer. I am glad I spent the extra money for the enclosed metal frame. watching this thing work, the motors run so fast it needs to be as rigid as possible.

    As I mentioned this was for my business which is designing automation systems for both medical and home. The learning curve to get parts to come out clean was a bit more than I had expected and didn't really have time for. Now that I have it down and getting clean parts I am a lot happier with my purchase. I knew it was a good machine because the preprogrammed traffic cone and calibration cube came out perfect. but what I ran through their slicer program failed more often than not.

    There are so many options in both the software and in the machine itself its well worth your time to watch all the videos you can on running this that you can find. will save you lots of headaches. From the reviews that this is one the better machines I would hate to think if I had gotten a less expensive unit.

    For me to get consistent prints was continuously level the plate, clean the surface before each print(that was what was getting me, oil comes out of the ABS while printing and allows your next part to unstick while printing) Blue painters tape helps and last different colors print at different temperatures. the red I have prints 10 degrees cooler than the white. both came with the machine.

    23/07/2015Brad Mickelson
    Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer

    I'm having some problems with this machine and there are some things that could have been designed better, such as...

    The USB connection does not make good contact, have to prop it up with something else it will loose connection with my pc. Hence, what ever you were printing at the time is trashed.

    The power supply fan is already making noise. The power supply it self is under powered for the machine. When you turn the heaters on you can hear the fans slow down and the lights dim. The platform heats up very slowly and the extruders will not start heating until the platform gets it's proper temperature. In other words, they heat up one at a time. I would not mind paying a little bit more for a better power supply.

    The SD card does not work nor does the WIFI. The $160.00 dollar software they recommend is just a better version of the free flashforge slicing software. You cannot design anything with it. However it is a good interface, has lots of controls via scripts and settings.

    I have had a few clogged extruders and it could be easier to take them down for cleaning. Don't try to remove the extruder nozzles with a wrench. They are on so tight that if you put too much pressure on them you might damage the machine. Hence you have to take the whole assembly apart in order to clear the clog.

    Hope this helps.

    22/07/2015Rick M
    Makerbot Replicator Z18 - Large 3D Printer
    The printer is huge and has a great build platform, with features like cloud-enabled connectivity with MakerBot Desktop and Mobile apps, On board camera, Smart extruder, a year of MakerBot MakerCare Protection Plan it’s the most professional printer money can buy.

    The Printer gives great quality prints with PLA but the company has to understand that at $6400 this is a real expensive printer. I expect the printer to print with a lot more material than just PLA.

    22/07/2015Andrea Torri
    Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer
    "I didn’t buy this printer but I got a chance to test it .

    The machine I received was really pretty well packed . Not hart to assemble but just be ready to spend some time putting it together and the PDF would be of great help . All the parts and tools that you need to build it are in the box.

    I've had this printer for a week now and love the thing! It works well with PLA and ABS , I even tried wood and got a good print ."

    21/07/2015Lorraine Deon
    Geeetech Me Ducer Assembled 3D Printer


    I would say that this is really a decent printer!!

    This is my first 3d printing experience, though I do have 2 years of CAD training in school. The printer was shipped earlier than expected, the printer came safely and everything as they had packed it. The overall time to unbox the printer and get it started for print was around 2 hours which included, installation of software’s on my computer. The printing quality is decent enough and the printing speed is better than other smaller printers I have seen.


    The user guide could have been better, the Repetier-Host software which comes with the printer is pretty lousy to use. The prints tend to get stuck to the printer bed – some guys told me its normal so I bought a scrapper to remove my prints. I have already broken a few prints trying to master my culinary skills which the scrapper.

    Geeetech Me Ducer Assembled 3D Printer


    I would say that this is really a decent printer!!

    This is my first 3d printing experience, though I do have 2 years of CAD training in school. The printer was shipped earlier than expected, the printer came safely and everything as they had packed it. The overall time to unbox the printer and get it started for print was around 2 hours which included, installation of software’s on my computer. The printing quality is decent enough and the printing speed is better than other smaller printers I have seen.


    The user guide could have been better, the Repetier-Host software which comes with the printer is pretty lousy to use. The prints tend to get stuck to the printer bed – some guys told me its normal so I bought a scrapper to remove my prints. I have already broken a few prints trying to master my culinary skills which the scrapper.

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