Customer Reviews

He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
I received the printer 5 days after ordering. I live in Singapore. I would recommend this printer to a beginner. But have to do some minor googling for some clarification on the instruction from the kit, as the instruction given is 95% complete. Which is like most kit you can purchase from the market.

I have been using it for 2 months and is doing fine. Already done a few upgrades here and there and is even better and faster.

I got it for only $360 including shipping, I don't know if there is a cheaper and reliable for a delta type.

Cheers and happy printing.

25/06/2015Cyrus Foo
Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer

You load the filament, apply the painters tape (which is included), level the bed, give it a file - and wait. There's practically nothing else to do but make sure you let it warm up enough beforehand. It'll print the socket wrench NASA sent to the space station, and it'll work too. It's not the cheapest printer for a good reason.

Oh, and just a little advice - crank the bed way down with those wingnuts before you start to level, mine was shipped much too high.

25/06/2015Josiah Gould
Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit

As far as 3D printers are concerned, I have used and reviewed many. Prusa i3 printer from the Folger Technologies is the only 3D printer, which is able to satisfy me to quite a great extent.

Prusa i3 comes with an excellent frame and its 203mm x 203mm x 178 mm build area, seems just perfect. Those of you who are thinking of trying their hand on the 3D printer for the very first time must give this one a shot. It comes at a great market price and easy to set up as well. This electronic device is a perfect combo of simplicity and power. 

Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
Shipping was great. One of my friend purchased the same product from ebay it took 15 days to receive the item. Here, i received in 8 days to France.

About the printer, it is average. High accuracy dual color print samples are little hard but worth for the price. I recommend this product to anyone.

25/06/2015Aftab Alam
Wanhao Duplicator D5S - Extra Large 3D Printer
Cool, I just got mine and am doing the review this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first print was amazing. I am very, very, very impressed, and if you know me, that's not easy to do out of the box.
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
I've had this printer since last tuesday (05/19/15) and have done multiple prints with it and am very pleased with the results. No failed prints as of yet and print quality in my opinion is very good. no complaints on this product at all.
25/06/2015James Neil
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
As other reviews says, the shipping is very fast. Thanks to 3dprintersonlinestore and folgertech. I really like this auto leveling delta 3d printer. It's my new toy! I am new to 3D printing and autocad. So after a few more months of playing around with it, I'll do another review.
24/06/2015Christian Meiser
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
Very satisfied with this prusa kit, had a few problems but the company resolved instantly and professionally.
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
Great printer, once you get it working it is better than many more expensive models. May buy another.
24/06/2015Bryan Dott
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
Very pleased. Kit was complete and delivered quickly. Construction a breeze with video instructions. 1st print surprisingly good,then the tweaking starts. Overall very good value and a good way to learn 3d printing.
24/06/2015Robert Law
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
Great Kit. Everything was as it should be and construction was a dream. With the Acrylic frame there is no need to overtighten fittings and cause damage so take care. First prints were very encouraging and I will continue to tweak as an ongoing learning curve. Even room temperature will effect results. Overall very pleased, got started for $200.00 less than I was expecting and look forward to trying a Rostock version later on.
24/06/2015Robert Law
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
I've also placed an order on this printer. It looks like quite a solid Prusa i3 for a low introduction price. Lets hope its a good printer! And if not, I guess it might be worth it just for the parts alone
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
I have been 3D printing for about 2 years now and this printer is excellent with the Aluminium frame. This is my second 3D printer (first was a Solidoodle 3). This printer is very easy to work on and prints very consistently and reliably. Would highly recommend!
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
So far so good, machine arrived calibrated and produced demo to perfection. When importing stl file though, it scaled it incorrectly and I had to rescale the model. I'll be in production within a month and should be able to give a better review then
24/06/2015Daniel Soltero
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
Im a recent graduate for SUNY New Paltz and they had a whole 3D printing lab for students to use for whatever they wanted. I needed to 3D print props for one of my production classes and i didnt know how it was going to turn out, however the quality of the props and the printer exceeded my expectations and it was really great being able to use the printer on my own. I think all schools should have them available for their students use, its fun and it can help them in their classes!
23/06/2015Matt Eitelberg
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
I have had this machine for about two months now. When I started looking at 3D printers I was unsure as to what to buy, after a few web searches I came across the Wanhao i3. Very high number of reviews for this machine. After receiving it I easily saw why. It is a very sturdy machine, the company builds a nice product. The build area may not have the largest size out there but it is a good size for the price. I would also like to say that shortly after I ordered mine Wanhao Steve sent me a email letting me know that he had shipped it, included the tracking number, and advised me on what I need to know before unpacking my machine. He also sent the user manual via email so that I would know before hand what to do so that I wouldn't accidentally damage some of the more delicate parts during the unboxing process. Two thumbs Up for for the machine and the Service!
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
I ordered last week, the price was $299. It is unfortunate that the price dropped to $275 now.
22/06/2015Alex Levy
Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer - Free Shipping
Overall this is a great product! I have not receive any issues at all! As for the proprietary filaments that will def. cost more over time, I personally don't mind because i can afford that extra filament cost of $10 at a time rather than spending the extra $600+ at a time to buy a more expensive open filament source printer. Who cares about the proprietary filament when you can experience 3D printing this cheap that print the same quality as others!? As of now, this product is a 5 star no doubt! I would recommend this printer to anyone looking to experience what 3D printing is! I wish this was available years ago!
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
In overall product is good in suceeded to assemble it and do first prints in 2 days. All parts were there however z-axis rods arrived banked so prints are not precise.
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer

We've got two of these at our local makerspace. We've been plagued with constant nozzle / extruder issues, a cracked polycarbonate bed plate, and other annoyances. Makerbot would not honor the extended warranty that was purchased.

Replacement parts cost an arm and a leg (compare a few dollars for an aftermarket extruder part, compared to several hundred for the Makerbot part). The extruder and nozzle design of the Makerbot is just plain inferior, when compared to a RepRap J-Head hotend and Wade's extruder. They could also get with it and add a heated bed like other professional machines have.

I'd rather them not fix it though, because they seem to claim intellectual property on whatever existing technology they integrate into their machine. Personally, I would much rather support the open-source RepRap based 3D printer companies out there that have integrity and support the open source community. These machines cost significantly less than a Makerbot, and can print 24/7 without any major issues.

20/06/2015Neil Jansen
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
Folgertech Kossel is a great product. The user manual is very informative as explains each and every step. More than worth for the price.

Finally i made my purchase at 3d printer store after reading some reviews about fast shipping and live support. Yes, it is true. I received my package in 4 days. Soon my next purchase.

19/06/2015Peter Joyal
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer

I will write this review for education purposes only. I would give the product a two star rating based on the overall experience so far, but because I have no benchmarks (other 3D printers) I will slap it a 3.

The initial setup was not great, because at the end it failed to properly load the samples. The screen is easy to read and it's easy to get to the plate alignment, etc., but the sample models are blank. I then skipped the setup to try the desktop apps.

I downloaded Makerware for Mac, and out of the box it didn't work in OSX Mavericks. I could open files, fiddle with them, but then it would not detect the USB connection. I had to install Makerbot desktop for Windows, in a virtual machine, to have my first projects going. After a few days, Makerbot Desktop BETA was available for Mac, and I was able to connect to the printer.

Then the extruder clogs started. At first, I followed the troubleshooting steps (let it cool down, etc.) and was able to have it working again. But then in the middle of a project, it would clog again and again. Until I could no longer fix it and returned to Makerbot (i'm waiting for 15 days now for a replacement, and I paid for the one-year extended warranty).

I will not talk about quality or speed, because again, I have no benchmarks.

Although I recognize the efforts that Makerbot is doing to make the technology available and easy to use, maintaining Thingiverse, which is awesome, this is trailblazing technology if you're willing to spend 3K on a desktop 3D printer. Be prepared to face some frustration during the process. All in all, I'm looking forward receiving a new extruder and continuing with my projects.

19/06/2015Henrique Cabral
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
This printer really blew me away. I know many people with 3D printers as well as my university that has an extensive rapid prototyping lab. While the resolution of the Wanhao isn't anywhere near something like a Dimension Elite or an Objet it is plenty accurate enough for parts that need to fit together well. I mainly needed this to print ABS parts for prototyping for my startup.

There is something to be said about a $500 3D printer that takes less than 20 minutes to setup and print. I literally took it out of the box and removed the shipping support brackets, loaded the filament, turned it on and did the demo print. The head cleans itself before and after every print on its little cleaning station with filament collector. The bed heated properly and no parts have lifted up on me yet, the added glue stick helps keep it down but definitely isn't necessary.

Hopefully the printer will last me awhile and not break because currently this is one of the best purchases I have made in awhile.

Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
This is really a great-great 3D printer kit for people interested in delta type printers. First thing wow me was how perfectly the 3D printer parts are accomplished. They are clean and robust. Incorporating them add value to the printer since is going to move the hot end very accurate and smoothly.

Bottom line: This implementation of a delta printer is simple and elegant.

The product comes with incredible dependable support. Customer service adds tremendous value to this product.

Thank you.

Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer - Free Shipping
I really like this printer. I really do. its good for the price and is simplified to the point where a 12 year old can do it (Thats who i bought it for) The software can be glitch at times, but is also simplified. I actually have 2 prints going right now as I write this. In shipping the box's corner got cut off or something, so I was worried something may have happened. but after I checked, the only thing wrong was the cable to the printer was unplugged partially (I got the 0014 error) so i just plugged it back in and it started the first print. this is a day one review. I will update with any info ASAP if anything happens.
Wanhao Duplicator D5S- Mini 3D Printer
For someone who had never even touched a 3D printer before, this machine was a dream. I agree with people who say that the printer lacks basic features like heated bed and dual extruder but I guess it has shed some weight to get perfection with what it really can. This is the right approach for the 3D printing industry, we are seeing the Chinese companies trying to add all the possible features into the printer, and failing miserably. I think this 3D Printer is made for a niche market and works pretty well for people who do not need to print with ABS and want a fail proof printer.
18/06/2015Daniel George
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
Surprised by these guys! I was a little hesitant at first since the late delivery, but after seeing the detail put into the packaging and instructions etc. Its worth the wait. if there are issues it's great to be able to talk with someone to get things figured out. The build instructions are excellent but there really isn't anything about getting the firmware loaded and tweaked. Overall a good printer
18/06/2015Graham Preston
Felix 3.1 DIY Kit - High Speed 3D Printer
I went into buying felix printer kit with somewhat high expectations and it has really surprised me with its high quality prints and consistency. Assembling takes only 2 hours. Easy use and extreme satisfaction.
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
I've been a fan of MakerBot for awhile and was happy that the 5th Generation model lived up to my expectations! With quick setup and easy to use features, this machine is great! I'm blown away that there are bad reviews here. I've had no problems and print stuff all the time.
18/06/2015Kat Iadisernia
He 3D - Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit - 2016 Model

I am new to 3d printing, and a novice at best at electronics, but I have always tinkered with things. I was able to put this together, but it definitely takes quite a few hours. Split over two days, I'd say I spent about 6 hours on it.

The performance and features are same as $1000 delta 3d printers. Have not tried dual head printing so far. Hope it will be good learning experience.

Happy purchase with 3dprintersonlinestore .

17/06/2015 Víctor
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
Item received within 10 days as 3dprintersonlinestore promised. I was not able to take quality prints, tried all settings but no luck. Then emailed wanhao tech support team. The techie was very quick in responding to emails and answered questions that in an understandable. Now i am printing better prototypes.
17/06/2015Mehmet Batmann
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer

Almost Perfect. When you order spools of filament, many wont fit the diameter of the spool holders and so you will need to print new spool holders and a filament thread holder.

So print these first:



17/06/2015Seattle MooCows
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3
"I must say this is a great kit for the money, it is a low cost kit to get started in 3d printing. But, attention, you must be mechanically inclined to assemble this printer because the package only include all the parts for the 3D printer, not the assembled machine. It wasn't to hard to put together if you can understand the pictures in the instruction manual.

Compared with a acrylic structure I do love the all metal structure of this machine, or more accurately, aluminum frame . I have had an awesome time assembling this printer but this kit isn't recommended for people who are not comfortable with electronics and assembling hardware in general.

There are parts that require some adjustments and modification to make things fit together . Once you go through all of those assembling and tinkering process, the result is really worth it. This is the best printer you can ever get under $500.

Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
Received the printer yesterday and it looked very nice. The only issue I had out of the box was that the filament guide was slightly bent, and the printer could not recognize the filament was loaded. I had to take a hammer and 'gently' tap the piece into alignment.

The platform was also a little crooked so i tightened it also to level it out.

After those minor adjustments I printed the demo, and it worked great. I had since printed 3 designs, and by no means is it a fast printer, but for 400$ and still entry level technology, you can not get much better.

For the software i elected to use the provided software first to see what it was. For basic scaling and viewing I would call it 'plug+play' you import an image from a site such as thingiverse, set the scale, hint print. At this time you could set the detail, and layer thickness and then print. Easy as that. I have used the build a printer yourself kit, and comparing to that this printer is as easy as using a desktop 2d printer.

For those getting into the hobby of 3d-Printing, get this. You will not be disappointed, and you will probably have a lot of fun using the new technology.

Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
bought this printer for my graduate-project in college, the package delivered on time and they were sorted up very clearly, it has a manual guide for you even you are a starter you could build it up to one piece. The Service is also very kind and willing to help if there are problems. Overall, it is a good product for starters with no experience on 3d-printers.
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
it was a good buy. the service was fast and efficient too. worth every penny :)
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
Excellent Low Cost Introduction to 3D Printing and Personal Manufacturing Technologies. As other well satisfied hobbyists and beginners have stated this is the least expensive system which will allow the home hobbyist to experiment with 3D Printing.

One excellent feature which demands a special call-out is the possibility of transferring design files to an SD card so that the printer can be used offline from your computer. In order to use this feature if you have designed your model in other free or paid 3D software is that the STL model.

16/06/2015Ronaldus Van Uden
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
I really like this printer. I really do. its good for the price and is simplified to the point where a 12 year old can do it (Thats who i bought it for) The software can be glitch at times, but is also simplified. I actually have 2 prints going right now as I write this.
16/06/2015Jerry Castanos
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
Simple assembling. User manual is very helpful. No hesitation for beginners to go with it. Best quality Best price.
16/06/2015Alex Pereira
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
Blown away by these guys! I was a little skeptical at first because the shipping time was so long, but after seeing the detail put into the packaging and instructions etc. I can say that it's well worth the wait. Not to mention, if there are issues it's great to be able to talk with someone to get things figured out. The build instructions are excellent but there really isn't anything about getting the firmware loaded and tweaked. A good "dummies book" on 3D printing helped a lot. Definitely my first choice for all my 3D printing needs now.
16/06/2015Ben Godard
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
I have been looking to build a 3D printer for about a year and just finished building a laser cutter/engraver as a sort of "practice build."

I was going to buy parts from different sources and could not get the total price anywhere near what I found in the 2020 i3 kit. I pre-ordered the kit and received it 3 days after it was released.

I took my time building it over the next week and I am 100% satisfied with it! It is my first 3D printer and like anything else DIY - you have to have patience and it will pay off. Ignore the negative comments you may see here or elsewhere. Folgertech is great in my book.

16/06/2015Fivey Thesphynxcat
MakerBot Digitizer - 3D Scanner
Within a short time after opening the box, I made my first good scan. The key for a good scan is to have a non-reflective surface!! A few days before receiving the digitizer, I spray painted my items that I was going to scan with a flat ivory color. I've been getting perfect scans each time!
16/06/2015Kevin L Clark
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
It's amazing how good this printer is considering the low price compared to other competitors. an excellent printer, very reliable and easy to work with.
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer
It's a nice printer. Setup is more intense than other things these days. But I got mine going without an issue. The first print was great. I discovered the hard way though that the print area is 8.8" WIDE, 5.7"deep, and 5.9"high. Not 8.8 high...
12/06/2015Jason Kost
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
Out of box 3d printer. I started printing right away once unboxed the item. Highly stable and stylish look. Wanhao i3 is greatest of all prusa i3.
12/06/2015Antonio Goncalves
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
Overall a very polished product.

Took about 8 hours to build. (check the PDF for wiring)!!!!!

Maybe 30 minutes on software config.. Just input the settings on the CD provided.

Off the Bat PLA prints very good. 220/50.

I didn't have much luck using the yellow tape for ABS (sides would lift) but using a glue stick solves this problem. 240/80 bed works well for ABS.

Seems to be a bit of play on the X carriage. Doesn't seem to effect the print quality though. Maybe adding a third bearing could improve the print speed..

Quality of hex screws could be better, sometimes the hex key just spins in the bolt head.

Pretty happy over all.

Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
I received my printer yesterday, and immediately unboxed it. From the start, everything is very simple and straightforward. It ships with a couple of cleaning items (wire brush, cleaning wire, part removal 'spatula') and of course the software disk, power and USB cables, etc. It was very easy to unpack, and set up on the desk. I loaded the printer and the drivers . Once powered up, I printed the 'demo' part from the printers LCD menu while finishing the software install on the PC. The birdbath demo piece came out great! From there, I tried my first design. Despite not knowing the ins-and-outs of all the settings, I loaded up my model, selected a medium resolution, density, speed, etc and printed away. I must say, while my model itself had some problems, the fit and accuracy were VERY impressive to me.
Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
I didnt had an great experience with this 3d printer kit, from the day 1 I have been seeking help from support both from 3d printers store and folger team, calibration, feeding, bed leveling, temperature settings, they showed extreme patience.
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer

Thanks for 3dprintersonlinestore for great support. First of all plz have a good sense of what ur doing. if u do you will not have probs. the video guide is ok. Some pieces are not the same as the video. but easy enough to figure out... Took 6hrs to assemble. and we have been printing are buts off from key chains to mario figures.

11/06/2015Daniel Jaricek
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
Great piece of technology. I've had it for about 4 months without any jams. I would recommend keeping some painters tape handy for the build plate and change it whenever it looks beat up. The smart extruder is also great for using up left over reels of PLA.
11/06/2015Serge Crispiels
Mbot Cube - Dual - Extruder - 3D Printer Kit
This is my first 3D printer. It took about 8 hours to build. The instructions were fairly good, but if you don't have any mechanical inclination the instructions might not be good enough.

After another 8 hours of post-assembly tinkering I finished my first (nearly) perfect print.

11/06/2015Melissa Hold
Printrbot Simple 3D Printer
I recently got this printer and built it myself. There was a learning curve to figure out how to get it to work. I had it running great and producing great prints. But I have ran into many issues with this machine. Most recently a short in the printrboard causes my Z axis not to home. This means my Z end stop is not working, and my printer is basically useless. The printrbot support team responds quickly and can be helpful. I just wish they had a number I could call to quickly get help. I just want my printer to work right. I have had replacement parts sent to me multiple times, and would much rather have the printer work as it is. Good printer for the price, but not worth the money when it doesn't work at all. Consider other printers in this price range when looking to purchase one.
11/06/2015Dylan Rankin
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
Building this delta 3d printer was super easy and kind of fun for me. The features and performance are comparable with $1000 delta 3d printers. It is a premium product from folgertech series.
11/06/2015 John Stocks
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer

Wow! This is a great printer. I get higher quality prints with so much less effort than the RepRap Prusa i3.

The instructions were so helpful that I didn't even need to contact Mr. Tang for support. I recommend that you peel the paper off the plastic pieces for the cover before assembling otherwise it is much harder to peel them off afterwards. The video instructions show them building with the tape on.

It comes with two rolls of filament and test print files that print really well. Spend some time on leveling the bed because that is really important.

11/06/2015Wendy Richardson
Wanhao Duplicator D5S - Extra Large 3D Printer
Overall I am very impressed with the D5. The only real problem I've had is the Z axis on mine was slightly damaged in shipping. Due to the shear size and weight of the machine (it's made from solid 1/4 inch steel plate and weighs in right at something like 90lbs or more) it was packed well but shippers can damage anything. As such, Initially my Z axis motor coupler was bent. It's a pretty standard 5mm (motor side) to 8mm (lead screw side) flex coupler.

The company is very responsive but I already had a few of those couplers on hand and just replaced mine myself.

The software is insanely fast at slicing and is easy to use. From what I've seen, all of the profiles are finely tuned and produce exceptional quality print.

The bottom line- the machine is well built, the software is very, very, good.The factory tuned profiles produce amazing quality.

I would not count my damaged Z axis as a problem, Wanhao has now changed shipping so that the Z axis is not connected during shipping to prevent damage.

I cannot stress enough, this is the heaviest duty printer I've ever touched. It simply is amazing what you are getting for the money. The entire top motion system uses a cast and then precision machined system to ensure it's one of the smoothest and tightest X Y systems around. Everything is easy to get to and robust.

11/06/2015Bevis Thompson
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
Best entry level machine for the price. I have been around 3D printers for 5 years now any this machine is a mile stone in the technology. Machine has been running for 20 solid hours now with no problem.
Sintron Super Smart Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
I bought this for pleasure and experimentation. I found the parts generally of good quality and they fit together as well or better than expected. The instructions had to be gleened and squeezed from all the original sources and even then there were differences that had to be worked out.

For me, figuring out the machine was just part of the fun, but I can see where it could be frustrating for some.

I had some problems with screws coming loose, the print head being loose and the frame not sitting square or rigid enough for reproducible prints. My fix for this was to mount it on a rigid aluminum plate. One last thing is that the power supply is 12 volts. I think this limits the ultimate temperature of the bed and how fast the temperature gets there. It would neve obtain 100C for ABS so I had to settle for about 90C. A separate 24 V supply for the bed heaters and a fan ( and heat sink) on the switching transistors for insurance would fix the problem. It could be helpful on this to limit the current to the bed to avoid over temp.

I had to be rather inventive with mounting the zero reference limit switches, milling some mounts from acrylic, and adding an adjustment screw to the z axis.

I do not use the display/controller provided except for information. I use a laptop to send g-code to the machine since I've found that it can be difficult to predict the effect of changes of settings within Pronterface/slicer3d and the laptop makes editing on the fly easier. Not everyone has a spare laptop, but I have not tried the display controller with an SDHC so I cannot comment.

The configuration of the printer works well with PLA plastic and Kapton tape. ABS is more problematic because of the low bed temperature and the problem of warping on parts longer than 3 inches. I have considered a heated enclosure around the machine to keep a large ABS part (or newer different plastics) from experiencing non-uniform cooling as the print is laid down, and hopefully not warp. I think there is an extra switching transistor on the board that could be incorporated in this plan in some way. The question remains: will this interfere with the electronics or acrylic frame or mechanical stability?

I've enjoyed this project immensely, and am happy that I could purchase a "trial kit" cheaply enough that failure would bot be catastophic.

10/06/2015Dirk Friederich
MakerBot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D Printer

I love my Makerbot. I get frustrated with my Makerbot. I love Thingiverse which has thousands and thousands of 'patterns' to download for free and collect to print in the future. It isn't like printing on your PC printer.

Adjustments may be have to be made in order to get your print to stick to the plate so it will actually print, extruders may get clogged, you may love a pattern on Thingiverse and download it when it fact it will never print (you cannot defy the laws of physics-so know what will print).

I am currently printing a pig for my garden (very cute) and it is printing without a hitch. However, for an hour before I started the pig print, I tried to print a box separator from a pattern that I made in a free modeling program.

Apparently, I have violated some nerd rule in creating the file because it will not print. I fiddled and fiddled and thought it was the printer, since the print would start, but never complete, but the pig is half done and printing behind me-so it’s not the printer. I will have to continue to experiment with modeling for 3d printing. In the meantime, Thingiverse and knowledge of what will and wont print, and how each object must be printed (upside down, right side up, etc) is necessary.

You aren’t just going to magically understand modeling and printing and push a button and have every single thing you try to print come out perfectly. Hence the perfect pig on the printer and my failed self-designed box separator.

I love the Replicator 2x, and I am glad it is the printer that I chose. I have owned it for 2 years I still love it and it is still going strong, but know that I have had more than a few harsh words with it.

Creatbot - Triple Head Nozzle Fastest High Precision 3D Printer
I'm an architecture student, so 3d printer plays a big role in my education. Before purchasing the product, I had done an extensive search on 3d printers. And the creatbot seemed to be a a great printer at a reasonable price with triple extruder. And I can honestly say, that it was a great purchase.

Since I've been surrounded with 3d printers for the past year, I can say that you will run into issues with the machine for the first few prints, just like any other printer, until you get the hang of using it. Don't get discouraged, there are great tutorials online and groups where you can discuss your problem.

10/06/2015Remco Katz
Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer

I could not be more thrilled about this printer. It came right out of the box and printed about 4 times as good as my previous Printrbot Simple (DO NOT RECOMMEND) Everything from the setup to the leveling was easy and straightforward. It even has a cute little startup sound when it boots up each time.

I have done detailed prints about as big as this thing can do and they turn out EXCELLENT each time, usually even without putting supports in. It prints EVERYTHING, ABS, PLA, PETG, whatever specialty filament you want. as the temperature on the extruder goes all the way up to 260 C and the heated bed goes up to 100 C.

Overkill for most projects, but its nice to have the option. Our unit came with a faultyTF card and the support was EXCELLENT, 'Mr. Tang' was prompt, even for being all the way across the world. He was courteous and very professional. I highly recommend this seller and product to anyone interested in getting into 3D printing at the intermediate level for a beginner price.

10/06/2015James G
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
This is my first 3D printer, as I was waiting for one that did not require all the tinkering to get it working. Well this is it. I received it today at 4:30 and I was printing my first item within half an hour. So far I have printed six items and they have all turned out really good. I am still messing with the setting to see what works best. If you are looking to get a 3D printer that is plug and play, this is it.
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
It almost took longer to get the unit out of all of the external and internal packaging than to get the first print started. It needed a firmware update but unlike some other 3D printers I am familiar with, it worked the first time with no hassles, and was very quick!, Loading the filament and confirming it was ready, I started one of the demo prints stored in the machine. Thirty minutes later out came the first object - a small white chalice of sorts. Flat bottom and no warps.
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3
It is a unique prusa i3 for large print area. Fastest shipping from USA warehouse. The only issues i had is power cable is missing, Max Micron team mailed me a replacement immediately no questions asked. Happy with the first print taken.
08/06/2015Sam Cooper
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
I am from Phoenix. This is No.1 affordable 3d printer kit in the market with aluminum frame. I made my purchase here since the shipping cost is affordable than other sites and friendly support.

More reviews after received the printer. Thank you.

08/06/2015Patrick Borysek
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
I own Robo 3d printer for 2 years. Recently purchased wanhao i3 here. The print quality is same as what I had with Robo 3d. But the print speed is not much faster as Robo 3d printer.

Only ready-to-print 3d printer for $400. Worth for the price.

08/06/2015James OReilly
Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer

Mine had a broken fan in shipping, but Tang and the support was amazing. Took about a week to get the fan replaced, and I've been printing almost non-stop for a month. I used the software that came with the printer for the first 3 weeks, and have recently purchased Simplify3d.

The software that came with the printer worked just fine (a little slow in slicing, now that I have Simplify3d to compare), but when you invest in a printer like this, it seemed kind of silly to skimp on the software.

This is the coolest toy I have ever purchased for myself. It has become a full fledged hobby. There is a ton to learn about materials, what makes a good print, why prints fail, etc.

All in all, it's been a great purchase.

07/06/2015Duane Houck
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
Amazing printer, good quality, price and easy to assemble! Just like Travis H the only negatives was that the price was reduced by 20$ about 4 hours after i ordered my kit, i also contacted 3dprintersonlinestore but neither was i offered any price matching option.
Wanhao Duplicator D5S - Extra Large 3D Printer
My D5S printer arrived today. Set-up was easy and the controls were very intuitive. I had my first print within 2 hours. This was my first time using a 3D printer. I am happy with the machine.
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
It is a kit only, take a long long time to assemble, calibrate, lots of fail print and so so quality. If you have nothing else to do for your 2 week vacation, then try it.

It still have some good point about this printer. You can learn a lot more of 3d printing on this project and everything can be customizable if you have time. Simply more than worth for the price.

06/06/2015Edgar Rodriguez
Wanhao Duplicator D5S - Extra Large 3D Printer
New for 2014 is the Wanhao Duplicator 5, a 3D printer that is designed to take on the overpriced industrial-style printers currently available. With a large build volume, accurate resolution and a new software design that rivals high-dollar suites, Wanhao’s design is incredible for the price point.

Wanhao offers their Duplicator 5 as the newest, largest printer in the Duplicator line. It bridges the gap between big industrial printers and desktop printers by offering a 37.8 liter build envelope and advanced features. The envelope has a size of 12x8x23in, which is great for professional model builders and prototypers. The Rock XV Steel ExoFrame is a tough but stylish casing, built from powder coated steel. This frame design, coupled with a 16mm threaded Z-axis rod, allows for taller prints by making the machine sturdier and improving accuracy. The design also makes the printer weigh in at a massive 88lbs. The steel frame powder coating is currently available in a black and blue pairing, but looks great, despite lack of color choice. Prints are produced onto a Lexan bed, which is made for durability.

The Duplicator 5’s other improvements add speed to Wanhao’s famously accurate technology. Improvements all around make this printer very light on its feet. Sturdier movements are achieved by the improvements made to the Z-axis bar. Wanhao has added a Bowden-style extruder to the Duplicator 5, which makes it lighter. Lighter parts mean quicker movements. Linear ball bearings ensure smoothness and speed as well. The stepper motors used on the Duplicator 5 are a class-act. With 1/16th micro stepping motor control along 4 axes speed, as well as accuracy, is improved. Printing speeds up to 300mm/sec are achievable with the technology that Wanhao has put in to the Duplicator 5.

The Duplicator 5 offers only one extruder, but it is truly a professional tool. Marked as the Anti-Jam Queen Single Extruder, it can accurately print using ABS, PLA, and PVA filaments. With the help of a built-in cooling system, print images are resistant to warp, and extrusion layering is improved. The extruder will only accept 3mm filaments due to its extruder’s need for speed, but this filament will quickly be turned in to an image that is accurate up to 20 microns. Layer thickness is adjustable by the software, and can be selected from 0.02-0.4mm. Positioning precision is 2.5 microns on the Z-axis, and X- and Y-axes have 11 micron precision in positioning. Wanhao touts this accuracy as “5 times the resolution” of its other 3D printers.

Accuracy is further improved by the company’s new Wanhao Maker software. Wanhao considers its Maker software the most significant upgrade to the Duplicator product line. It is simpler to use by design, and made as an answer to more expensive third-party applications. Wanhao Maker is included for free with the Duplicator 5 and is available from Wanhao’s website. The company employs a research and development team that is burdened with the task of finding the best software and component upgrades for their products. This means continued development and customer service for your Duplicator 5. Paired with a one-year warranty, you and your Duplicator 5 are not without assistance.

Further, the Duplicator 5 uses onboard circuitry and connectivity to print beautiful, accurate images without being tethered to a computer. Although it is possible to connect your computer to the printer via USB, the growing trend in 3D printers at this level is SD card connection. Place your stored images on an SD card, slide the card inside the slot on the printer, and let Duplicator 5 go to work for you. Using the color LCD screen and push-rotate button, you can change parameters and search for files to print. The OS also makes it a snap to use the LCD to calibrate the unit. Calibration is achieved by tightening wing nuts under the print bed through direction of the OS, and is easily accomplished with no tools. Preheating and SD pairing are also accomplished through the LCD display.

The Duplicator 5 is packed and sent with a power supply cable, USB SD card reader, SD card, one roll of 3mm PLA filament, tools and a USB cable. Software for the unit and a user’s manual are all found online, as well as tech support from the manufacturer. Although it is designed as an expert-level printer, its capabilities and size make it user-friendly to the average builder. The price also allows for accessibility to a great printer with a large print volume.

Although the Duplicator 5 is not as versatile as other printers, it does what it is capable of doing with a high level of success. Its tech upgrades in the way of high-level motors and Bowden-style extruder allow for an up-tempo machine that prints with a high degree of accuracy, even though printing with multiple materials or colors is out of the question. For a borderline industrial machine, this printer packs much punch for the price, and is worthy of ranking on our list of iReviews 2014 best 3D printers under $5,000.

Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit
Shipping and delivery was timely. All there. Went together ok. Had trouble getting Sanguinololu to work so I used an Arduino RepRap that I had for another project, it works great. I've been printing parts all day (30parts so far) and they all look great. It took 4 tries on the 40mm cube to get all set up. Using Slic3r with 's config.(thanks gCreat). I Don't think you could buy all the parts separate for $350
06/06/2015Greg Watkins
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
Great print quality. This is the best way to get into 3d printing for the lowest price. There is no sound tech skills needed to get this printer to work. The detailed user manual explains everything.
05/06/2015Jerry Castanos
Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer
I can't say enough positives about this printer. It is as close to a consumer level device as one can get. The Flashprint software is mostly adequate, although the Mac version crashes every time I try to auto build supports. I'm so new to it this hasn't been a problem yet, but we'll see. The printer is well-built, with only three screws required for the final assembly. Very well packaged.
04/06/2015P. Campbell
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
I set up the printer yesterday, and so far it has been working great. Set up was easy, but it was important to read the instructions closely. I did not have any problems. Many compatible designs can be found at Thingiverse. The quality seems just as good as the printers that cost much more. So far it's been a great 3d printer for the price and I have no complaints.
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
I've got this printer ... assembled easily, and works very well. I don't experience any of the theoretical problems mentioned in some of the other comments. One issue I have had is one of the Y bearing holders coming loose, but this is simply fixed with a small mod to the holder. I've been using PLA and ABS, with good results, although I'm still tuning everything in (half the fun!). There's a thread devoted to the Folger over on the RepRap forum.
03/06/2015Mark Wills
Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
I bought this printer to get hands on experience in 3D printing and so far it has been great for that. It's certainly not something that you can expect to plug and play like a desktop 2D printer. Every print has the potential to fail. From what I understand, the industry is still some ways off from 3d printers as household tools but the pricing on this shows that it's moved into casual hobbyist territory. Take the time to set your z offset straight out of the box. I've also had some issues with the filament feed mechanism where it will strip the filament and I have to cut out the stripped segment and start over. That happened during my first 10+ hour print and I haven't tried another yet. Prints less than 4 hours usually make it out fine though.
03/06/2015Christopher LeFrois
Wanhao's Duplicator 4S - Steel ExoFrame
I've put over 1,000 hours on my Makerbot Repicator 2X and needed a second machine to take some of the load off. The WanHao Duplicator 4S seems to be largely identical in concept and overall design.

Having used it for over a week now I can say I am happy with the purchase. There are some minor differences in design and a few quirks here and there, but overall it is a solidly built machine and certainly a better bang for the buck than the Replicator.

I build only in ABS and the glass build plate that came with the WanHao works like a charm. The Makerbot software works with the WanHao as long as you set it to Replicator (Dual).

03/06/2015Tasha N. Stratton
Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer

I will try and keep this short and sweet. I have been playing with 3D printers for some time starting with a Solidoodle and moving on to a Makerbot replicator 2X and I must say that this machine is by far my favorite. I am not going to lie, when I got the machine I was a little disappointed due to the s***ty software but Simplify3D fixed that problem in a heart beat. The hardware is AWESOME, all metal Z platform, fans built in for PLA prints, enclosed casing for ABS prints, duel extruders, heated build plate, 3 sheets of buildtak, need I say more?!? The printer, in my experience can print up to .08MM for super awesome prints. If I had to complain about anything, it has to be the s***ty PLA that is included with the printer.

I have used Makerbot filament for years and have to say that they make some of the best PLA filament on the market (ya I know its expensive but you get what you pay for). When I started printing with the flashforge PLA I was having adhesion issues with prints not sticking to the print bed. I honestly thought the problem was the Buildtak that was included, but after switching to makerbot PLA the problem became none existent. if anything, I had to re-level the bed to move the extruders farther from the build plate because the adhesion was so great. It took the might of god to remove that SOB off the printer. Again, I would recommend this machine to anyone, just be patient with it.

  • If you take anything from this know that the PLA thats included is garbage.
  • The printer has some of the best hardware on the market.
  • The software is mediocre at best but can easily be corrected with simplify3D.
  • Has the most unique startup sound of any printer I have ever used.
  • Comes with a tools kit, buildtak, and filament.
Flashforge Dreamer - WIFI Enabled and Dual Extruder 3D Printer

This is one of my favorite printers to use on a regular basis, and the quality is great for the money.


  • Really nice to have an extruder fan and case fans on a dual extruder printer. This is incredibly important if you're trying to print PLA or Ninjaflex.
  • The touch interface is much easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing compared to many of the button-style menus other printers use.
  • Overall the printer is fairly compact.
  • It is able to print flexible filaments from the factory, no upgraded extrusion block necessary.
  • Not sure why, but programs seem to post/save quicker on the SD card for this printer from Simplify3D than it does on my other printers.
  • Printer seems to be stackable, but I haven't tried it myself.
  • After ~1000 hours of printing I had one extruder fan go out, and the customer support actually responded in only a couple hours, AND they sent me a new one the same day free of charge. With so many printer companies now charging for any type of support (looking at you Makerbot) this is a breath of fresh air.


  • The power supply is cooled by a fan so it's louder than many of the other printers in standby. While printing it's comparable in noise.
  • The internal spool holders work well for Flashforge's filament, but not well with other 'standard' filament spools. I ended up printing my own spool holders that replace the 'windows' on the sides. I'll post the thingiverse link as soon as it allows me to publish it.
03/06/2015VU Engineer
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
I've also placed an order on this printer. It looks like quite a solid Prusa i3 for a low introduction price. Lets hope its a good printer! And if not, I guess it might be worth it just for the parts alone.
03/06/2015Craig wilson
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer
The printer is well made, compact, hit's the right price point, isn't made of plywood, and is relatively simple to assemble. I would still recommend this printer for anyone with sufficient patience and mechanical aptitude. This isn't the kind of device you'd buy for middle school students or your grandmother.

However, with some effort put into the heated print bed and calibration, it will print as well as a $2500 printer. There isn't really anything else on the market, in my opinion, that touches this printer at this price. It's pretty quick and prints with nice surface finish and is infinitely repairable and up gradable. I don't regret my purchase in the least.

The mechanics of this printer are pretty good.

02/06/2015Christopher Chappell
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
I have seen samples before and thought about getting a printer for a while. I am so glad I did! The printer is simple to use and a great way to see my designs off the computer screen. I am debating getting another one.
02/06/2015John Dutkowski
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
With our 3D printer my employees have began to print out company logos and key chains to give to our clients. We also use the printer to prototype new designs and ideas. Great printer!
02/06/2015Harris Shapiro
3D Stuffmaker | Prusa Gen 2 Kit
Only for beginners not for professionals.
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
I pre-ordered their new aluminum i3 printer. Although they are not being shipped yet, I did deal a little with their customer service since I accidentally put the wrong shipping address.

They responded quickly, and were pleasant about solving the issue. I will continue to update this review as well as the other reviews I am writing on them as the process continues.

Update: The kit is very sturdy and good quality. Instructions made assembly easy. One part was found defective, but they quickly responded and sent me a replacement right away. Would recommend Folger Tech to anyone.

01/06/2015Kyle Mears
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
The assembly Manual is not up to date. Some Parts described do not exist - My Hotend was defect, even after endless discussions with the seller there was no solution
01/06/2015Nicholas Cuevas
Makerbot Replicator Mini Desktop 3D Printer
We purchased the MakerBot Mini for our Science and Technology program at an elementary school. The students love it and it has been very easy to use. We love the wireless capability and the iPad app. The Thingiverse community is a tremendous resource. This is great addition to any STEM program and provides an authentic learning experience!
30/05/2015Paul Haberstroh
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
Decent Printer from 3d printer store, time consuming to put together but overall it was a good learning experience. Still playing with settings and have got some very nice prints on it so far.
30/05/2015Devin William
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
Agree with all the reviews from 26.04 till 29.05.2015 Probably should get 5 stars at the price. 2 weeks delivery in perfect order. Good fun to assemble (approx. 2 days).

When the guy in the video turns the pieces in many directions, it means that there is only one correct orientation, I had to do a bit of disassembly/reassembly due to that, but that leaves you more knowledgeable about the printer. Maybe the video could do with something different from a white background.

Do not be distracted by no wiring video, everything about that is in a clear PDF document. In case of wiring mistake be ready to pull the plug. (In my case the end-stop connectors, but didn't break anything).

Needs patience to adjust.

A good hobby machine to grasp 3d printing at a reasonable price.

PLA easier to start with. Bed 50° / filament 200° giving good results for me.

Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
By far the best printer you'll ever find at this range, excellent printer, and the most significant thing is about their video instructions helps immensely to build the printer quickly and successfully. Also the freebies are worthy to get. I highly recommend this product,
MakerBot Digitizer - 3D Scanner

At least I think it is. As my new computer has Windows ver. 8.1 I haven't been able to use this $1400 unit yet as it requires software and MakerBot doesn't have an installer available yet for Windows 8.1. A message on attempting to install the required software says one will be available soon.

The unit looks all right but has some limitations that aren't intuitively apparent on purchase. The manual says it cannot scan objects under about 2 inches by 2 inches and it requires a certain lighting setup to work well. None of these things seem disabling but I'll just have to find out sometime in the future when the software is available. I am excited to explore its possibilities when I am able to get it running.

Wanhao Duplicator D5S - Extra Large 3D Printer
Looked at 3d printers for a year and finally decided on wanhao D5 because of the name brand. Very easy to use and excellent quality.
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
I ordered on 20 th may 2015 and the Product arrived today. Initially I planned to purchase from wanhaousa, but I ended up purchasing here since 3d printers online store has PayPal option and they delivered the item sooner than I expected. I am very excited to open the box and post the videos shortly.
27/05/2015Michael Penka
Sintron Super Smart Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
I am a technology teacher and we purchased 2 of these from this seller for use in the classroom (one for my lab, and one recently for another lab). Great product and customer service! We have several hundred hours worth of printing on mine already and doing great. Shipping was always great. I even have a student building one of these kits for himself as a school project.

Do a little research and pay close attention to accuracy and calibration while assembling and it will work great. You may need to check the table level weekly, but it is easy to level. I also have an older RapMan printer with dying electronics so I purchased an electronics kit from them (same Arduino Mega/RAMPS setup as in this printer) and upgraded that machine. Great service and communications every time. I highly recommend them!

Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer - Free Shipping

The saving grace is that printer works the way it’s supposed to be once you have gone through the hard time.

I have had all the problems I could with this printer, The printer delivery was delayed by over a week because the stupid courier guys left the printer at my neighbor door and I had to run around to find where it was. Once the traced my printer, I could not manage to get the pieces together, I agree they claim its just 3 parts assembly but believe me the 3 parts can be a real tough job to put together.

The software supplied certainly not easy to use.

Please Handle Carefully.

25/05/2015Patrick Mangan
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3

This printer was fantastic and works as described The printer came a day early, I paid for the expedited shipping and it came from Hong Kong in five days. Don't be alarmed that it is coming directly from Hong Kong, the printer is good quality and well packaged. There were no broken parts coming out of the box.

Mine was an updated version than what I was reading in other reviews. Mine came with a reprap MK3 heated bed and came with a MKS base 1.3. One thing I would like to say is that some of the parts for assembly are 3d printed themselves. None of these parts were warped but were done at a lower resolution most likely to save time. I would recommend printing a filament guide that fits on top.

Also, pay attention to wire management, otherwise you would get a mess of wires like I did originally. I had a problem putting the stepper motor for the extruder together because the spring pushes off with too much tension, I replaced it with something better. Be careful with the endstop switches though, they are fragile because of their size and design, I broke the little metal piece of and had to look for it so I can re-attach it. Other than that, the parts were perfect. Just take your time building it so you run into no problems after you build it.

As for the fabled instructional video. Mine came on a DVD, it had no audio and was low quality in resolution. It also was like it was sped up, especially on the wiring. However, they included a slowed down version for wiring. This shows that they know there is a problem and are trying to help as much as possible. Like other reviews have said before, you will have to pause, rewind, and redo.

I have had some troubles where I built it wrong and didn't realize it. Customer service replied to me in a short period and fixed all my problems for me. Great customer service in general. My experience may be different than yours though.

As for the prints. I have gotten some good results. nothing outstanding but there's still some calibration to be done. pla works without warping. I recommend a slower speed for this printer.

Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
The customer service is great, the printer quality is good, but you have to be precise when putting everything together. Also soldering parts ( on final switches or ventilators) should be secured to not fall off due to moving. Otherwise printing quality is pretty fascinating.
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
Average printer, often gets some issues, but still support team were excellent to solve those issues, I'm a beginner and they are showing much patience in assisting.
Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
I ordered a printer from 3d printers online store After getting the package in the mail, I eagerly went home and starting ripping open the package. After a few hours of assembly, I was beginning to configure the unit and started printing. The instruction manuals were well done and easy to follow. I had two issues with the printer after assembly and both times my emails were answered in less then 2 hours. When I was unsure of which part was creating the problem, they indicated steps to help me test and identify the problem. After we verified the issue, the parts were shipped out immediately. Great service really appreciate it
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3
This is an amazing kit for the price. Some reviews mention that they had parts come misprinted or not in working condition. You have to understand that this is coming from China and things like that happen. With that said, I had no problems with the kit at all. I would recommend flashing the board with Marlin firmware and using Repetier though. Print quality is top notch once calibrated.
21/05/2015Zach Hollifield
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