Customer Reviews

Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer
This printer is the easiest printer to assemble. It just took me few minutes to process this printer. The printer is also very light in weight and can be carried around very easily as per your convenience. The printing area which the printer offers is very spacious and I am able to print on large objects without any disturbance or shortage of space. The vest thing about this machine is that it makes very low noise while printing which does not irritate my ears. The printer also offers 2 in 1 swappable print heads for both 3d printing and laser engraving.
20/07/2016Kathy J. Rivera
Flashforge Finder FDM 3D Printer
I ordered this printer for my college project and it arrived so late but thankfully before the deadline. As the printer is a fully assembled machine so I did not had to spend even a minute to assemble it. I started with my project the minute it arrived. Although I faced minor technical issues with the printer but I am so impressed with the customer support. They solved all my queries within minutes and constantly replied top my problems. I was able to get good quality prints and successfully delivered my college project on time and scored well too.
20/07/2016Bryan K. Swim
Folger Tech Cloner - Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit
The Foldger Tech Cloner is itself proving by its name and delivers the exactly same clone of the original object. I love working on it with FDM technology that enhances the print quality and productivity. I got free timely shipping that is for USA resident bonus! I am so happy to become a customer of this store as they provide reliable products and services what they display at their online store.
20/07/2016Linda Alston
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
It was a good printing experience with this 3D Printer. Some features were worth appraisals like the multi-filament compatibility and optional heatbed. Giving so much autonomy to the user was something which made Delta 3D Printer a worthy choice. But auto-leveling was the best feature along with the LCD Display. I had a little technical issue but the support team helped me a lot. Recommended!
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
I was little afraid when I ordered this Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 because of my last purchase. I thought it will also have heating issues but the heating bed of this printer did not let that happen. I loved the printing quality although speed was little slow. And yes, thanks for their free shipping services too!
19/07/2016Gabriela Lima Rodrigues
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 3D printer is the best printer I have ever noticed. My colleagues have different 3D printers with different versions and they envy what I have. I loved that they provide free delivery for this printer. It has multiple features which need to be appreciated like 100 microns resolution, large printing and the filament compatibility. Worth buying!
19/07/2016Elizabeth A. Smith
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
I bought this fun-loving device to create 3D models for my daughter’s school project. The printer has a well-built area and even delivers excellent prints. But, assembling this kit was a big trouble. It was hard to understand the instructions in the manual, which were quite confusing and were not that detailed enough as well. Models are quite satisfying but, not that up to the mark for the commercial purpose. Overall, it is a good printer for education purpose but, not a perfect kit for industrial use.
19/07/2016Amelia Lilly
FELIX PRO 1 - Assembled 3D Printer
I have owned a lot of 3D printers in the past and this one is definitely not the best printer I own. I believe that it is a poor quality printer with poor quality parts. I expected a lot from this printer but it disappointed me. When I started assembling it, I faced major issues while fixing some parts and got stuck. I took customer care and my friend’s help to fix it up. I had so many projects lined up and assembling the printer took so much of time. After that when I finally started printing, I was not able to print expected print outs in a day because of the slow printing speed.
Flashforge Finder FDM 3D Printer
The printer is an updated one with all the latest features which allows easy printing and handling. The high quality printer features dual extrusion technology which helps in delivering outstanding and impressive results to you. For easier calibration the printer also offers intelligent assisted leveling system which makes my work much easier. The best feature of this printer according to me is it is quite to use and its noise level is as low as 50dB which does not cause any disturbance to my family members. I would definitely recommend this printer to everyone.
19/07/2016Eileen J. Todd
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

This Slimbot printer is a good printer to start with 3d printing. However, it is only able to get a layer resolution of .1-.4mm, which can be improved with a little bit of tinkering. I ordered this printer because I found it very cheap.  It is compatible with ABS, Wood, PLA, nylon and provides fine print quality.

At such a price, it is value for money. I will recommend this printer to all my 3D pals.

18/07/2016Christian Bono
Max Micron Foldbot - Folding type 3D Printer DIY KIT
Max Micron Foldbot came out to be better than the other 3D Printer that I used. The foldable quality is commendable but I had to put a lot of effort during assembling process. The printing quality is not up to the mark but keeping all other features in mind, I think this can be balanced. The LCD Control Panel is a very useful feature which helped me the most. Max Micron Foldbot is best ad usum proprium.
18/07/2016Taus Karataev
Afinibot A30 Portable 3D Printer DIY Kit
I, being an Education Planner, was recommended my retinue to buy this 3D printer. I believe it should be an essential part of education system for young aspirants, because it is portable, light weight and easy to assemble. The printing speed is also passable. My personnel appreciated my advocacy and my sincere thanks are to Afinibot. But my staff told me about heating problems and I had to shift them near windows. Otherwise, I am satisfied with this product.
18/07/2016Hope Jones
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
Wonderful printer kit! I was happy to see that most of the pieces were ABS injection molded and the few 3D printed parts were well done in orange ABS. No parts were missing and there were lots of extra screws and nuts. Although the instructions were in somewhat broken English, the steps and images were easy to follow. I had some questions about first layer nozzle height which they answered right away on Skype. I had a broken thermistor, but I had an extra E3Dv6 which I used instead. When I mentioned this to support they insisted on shipping me a replacement. The printer has been printing quickly and accurately and I believe I made a good purchase!
17/07/2016Dan Michitsch
Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 - Color Palette 3D Printer
My previous printer was not as good as Geeetech. The only problem was that I had to switch the nozzles repeatedly! But with this printer, I am relaxed! There is no such filament problem. I have even bought the spool holder with it. Initially, my extruder filament was not making good bond with the platform, then after little bit of calibrations, this one is good to go. Of course 4-stars!
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer

I ordered this printer for my architectural work. I was so curious to work on this printer as my colleague has praised a lot about this printer. It arrived timely and this semi-assembled machine took very less time to set its framework accurately. But, when I processed my first print, the filament clogged the nozzle and it stopped in between the process. This made me apprehensive. The technician has cleared the nozzle and set the device again. Now, I am getting smooth and highly précised prints without any woes and issues.

Overall, a nice printer!!

Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions

It is a good printer and worthy of 4 stars. I am taking one star from this auto-leveled Afinibot because of their poor customer service (took 10 days to deliver the machine.)

  • Easy to assemble
  • The printer actually works fast (I had this cooling problem with the previous version)
  • Précised prints (Both ABS and PLA)
  • Robust Extruder (loved the spring concept they have introduced)

If you are somebody who loves and respect speed, vouch for this 3D printer.

FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

I am very much impressed with this 3D printer. This DIY printer kit is just superb and it completely exceeded my expectations. The parts came fully organized and were packaged and labeled nicely.  This 3D printer is perfect and has a stable metal structure. 

Printing accuracy and quality is the best ever that I’ve seen so far. With the calibration and assembly, I’ve learnt so much and now I feel like an expert who knows the 3D printing in and out. Every feature of this printer is superb!  The easy connections, adjustment, DIY spread makes it the best choice for a delightful 3D printing experience.

17/07/2016Phillip D. Beauford
Afinibot Large 3D Printer - Linear guide version - Metal Frame
I have had this printer for a long now. Yes, I faced a lot of issues while I was assembling this printer as the whole process is really complicated and consumes a lot of time. But when I was through with the printing process I thought now the printer is all set to work. But after some time of regular printing I started facing problem with extruder filament and at times also with the leveling part which I was not expecting at all. Working to get the print outs right again and again really eats up all my time and now I am so fed up of this reworking too. I think I need some professional help now.
17/07/2016Carmen D. Childs
Mankati E180 - Precise and Powerful 3D Printer
I recently bought this Mankati E180 for my official projects. It has arrived timely. But, at the time of assembling to setup the device, it took hell lot of time and exertion. Although, it is fully-automatic calibrated machine, despite that Z-axis extrusion is not properly positioned and nozzle makes noise by getting in touch with the rail linear bearing rods. This makes it difficult to process the first print. Finally, all the positioning of XYZ axis has been positioned accurately and it started delivering good quality prints hassle-free!
Mmuse - JP Z370 Large Build Volume – 3D Printer Kit
I can’t describe in words my happiness after buying this Mmuse-JP Z370 3D Printer. Its filaments were totally compatible and the speed was good too. The large heated was a boon for me because I have to print in large. The screen interface helped a lot to use this printer with ease. It was a worth buying this printer. Je vais recommander !
17/07/2016Claude Gougeon
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free
Good printer after little bit of tinkering! It deserves 4-stars! • No more heating of Bed required with this Sintron • Good with PLA(finely polished prints) but doesn’t work that well with ABS • Print speed is good • Their customer service is appreciable • Great printer for beginners
17/07/2016Meshal Alkusaier
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 is a brilliant invention. Everything seems so easy to do without much exertion. The assembling process was not at all difficult because of the simple manual. It supports 5 types of filaments which are just incredible. Anyone who has an eye for brilliance should definitely buy this. 5 Stars and recommended!
16/07/2016Terry McLaughlin
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
The printer arrived earlier than the expected date and I was so happy to receive it so soon. I ordered this printer because it is inexpensive and offers so many features which really impressed me. I was surprised to see that the printer does not require any assembling at all and all I did was to switch the printer on and I started taking print outs. But still I am not satisfied with my purchase as the printer offers average print outs and I was expecting much more from this printer.
16/07/2016Rena M. Purnell
Sintron Super Smart Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
This high-quality acrylic framed 3D printer has a sturdy look. It’s simple and comprehensive structure makes it light, handy and trendy machine. The color retention and quality of filaments are perfect for printing amazing 3D models. Easy to install and operate, without perturbing the debugging issues. I am definitely planning to order my second product from this store that provides reliable customer services.
16/07/2016 Scott F. Morris
Sunhokey Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
When I ordered the printer I had no idea that it will be very easy to use and operate. I decided to manage the assembling part on my own so that I can get to know how the printer works. The assembling of this printer was an easy task as all the parts which got delivered along the printer are in good condition. The only problem which I have with the printer is its printing quality which is not that good. I cannot use the printer for my office work but my kids use it for their DIY projects. They are happy with the printer and enjoy printing on it.
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

I have never seen a 3d printer as updated and as good quality as this one. The print resolution is of high quality and I am very impressed with the print outs. The printer works really well with all the material. I have taken out maximum print outs on various materials and the results are unbelievably surprising.

The printer is equipped with such high quality parts that they work the best in every situation and never disappoint with any fault or error. I am planning to buy another printer very soon. 

15/07/2016Dulce F. Camacho
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit

I am an art teacher. I used to create DIY assignments for my students. Thus, Folger RepRap Kit was an ideal choice which I bought it last month. The printer is easy to assemble and light in weight to carry anywhere.

The ‘do-it-yourself’ itself refers that a simple step-by-step instruction makes you learn every process of printing easily. However, it was not easy to debug or processed like it claims. It ruined my expectations. You need to probe comprehensive instruction guide to get clear and sorted instructions to follow.

15/07/2016M. Williams
Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer
As a Principal of the school and a DIY hobbyist, I loved using this 3D Printer for my personal and professional purposes. I bought two Afinibot Creality Pro 3D Printer and everyone asked me about it. I guess this means my purchase was good. I liked the printing quality and especially laser engraving. The prints came out to be effective and amazing. The only thing I disliked was the late delivery of the other printer.
15/07/2016Clotilde S. McMorris
Folger Tech Cloner - Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

Good bang for the buck!

  • 50-micron layer resolution which provides high-quality prints
  • Oak or Melamine chassis: strengthen the structure quality
  • Open-source software (Repetier Host and Cura)
  • Dual extruder
  • Lightweight machine
  • Good printing build area
  • Affordable price tag
  • Excellent and comprehensive instruction manual

Truly an amazing device that to recommend everyone!


14/07/2016Emily Vaughn
Wanhao Duplicator 6 - Metal Frame 3D Printer
I am satisfied with Wanhao Duplicator 6 3D Printer, but I really thought it would be worth buying this printer. In fact, the shipment was late. I thought of returning it but I put that thought away and started assembling it. But I was unable to do so. Still, somehow, I assembled it and was impressed by the quality and speed of printing.
14/07/2016Jay Bryan
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit
I am a patternmaker of fabrics and apparels and am always in a constant need to print my designs out. This printer helped me a lot. My prints came out to be amazing and my boss was happy with my designs. I faced no issues whether technical or assembling. I guess this would be the best printer for professionals. Recommended!
14/07/2016William A. Santos
Mmuse - JP Z370 Large Build Volume – 3D Printer Kit
This printer worked well for my large printing tasks. The printing quality was average but the speed was good. Thanks to Mmuse for extra PLA filament. It would have been good if other parts were delivered in assembled condition too other than DIY kit. Otherwise, it was a good purchase. I will surely recommend this to my co-workers.
14/07/2016Mia Patel
CreatbotTech C Box- Fully Assembled Metal Frame 3D Printer
I ordered this printer only because it is a fully assembled metal frame 3D printer which kept me away from the hassle of assembling the printer. Initially I got disappointed with the delivery service as this printer got delivered to me very late. But when I opened the packaging I realized that it is worth waiting. The printer’s printing speed is exceptionally good as I never expected such a great performance. The print outs are also reasonably good and are appreciated by everyone. The printer is also light in weight so I can carry it around anywhere which and can do my work where ever I wish to.
14/07/2016Lisa T. Crump
Uncia DLP Resin 3D printer  Kit - Free Shipping
I received the printer as a gift from my boss and I was so excited to explore it. I started assembling the DIY kit and it is a tough task. I had to go through all the instructions many times before proceeding and finished the whole process in around 7 hours. The printer is an easy machine to handle if you crack the assembling part. I am able to take out good quality print outs with easy and deliver the daily print outs to my boss on time. I am very happy with the Acer projector which is adjustable and works automatically and makes my work much easier.
13/07/2016Joyce J. Ivey
Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 - Auto Leveling & Height Detection
I have had a good experience with this printer. My teenage daughter creates impressive prints out of it. It would be nice if they increase the build-up volume also… Just a thought!
13/07/2016Victor Korman
Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit - Free Shipping
I expected a lot from the printer but it disappointed me. I am so much tired of this printer that I am planning to return it. I am not able to print the way I want to and the quality which I get is really poor. Whenever I switch from one filament to another the printer gets jammed and I have to make a lot of effort to get it in the process if printing again. The software is also not an updated one and lacks many new features which can make my work a lot easier.
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3
I bought this Prusa i3 3D Printer for my daughter’s projects. She wanted to get rid of that old printer we had, and purchase a new. My sister recommended me to go for Max Micron. With great features like MK8 double cold extrusion system, high quality filament and aluminium frame, I guess I chose this for good. However, the printing quality was average.
13/07/2016Imogene K. Smith
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer
I ordered this printer because I was really impressed with its online specifications. But when the printer arrived I realized that it is a big headache. Assembling this machine is a task which requires a lot of patience and hard work. It took me so much of time to understand the whole assembling process by reading the manual again and again and even after that I invested a lot of time in assembling the printer. I got stuck at many places and called the customer are for help. The biggest challenge which I faced was fixing the extruder. It was a tough job.
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer
A dual extruder machine which arrived on time and all the parts were there. I assembled the printer with the help of the manual which came along and I also took help of some online videos. The printer quality is good and the extruders work really well. The only issue which I face with this printer is that at times some of its parts gets jammed while I am taking out continuous print outs. I have to stop my work at that time and fix it again. I wish I get a permanent solution for this problem as otherwise I have no other issue with the printer.
13/07/2016Dennis E. Brookes
Weistek A Box - Fully Assembled Metal 3D Printer
Over all I am really happy with this fully assembled Weistek. For the price I’ve paid, it has turned out to be a worthy printer. The build-up is fine and changing the filament is not that big a deal. The printing quality is up to the par. Since, I am a fashion designer and am mostly occupied with loads of work so working on this printer is an easy affair. I can pause the work as and when required. For people who are new to 3D world and looking for easy slicing software, check this out!
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

Prusa i3 is a good printer with great performance. The best thing about this metallic frame printer is that it is value for money. At such low price, it has so much to offer!

  • The printing quality is up to par
  • Y-positioned accuracy (great from layering perspective)
  • Great build-up volume
  • Speed is a bit slow!

Also, the customer experience team has helped me a lot in solving the issues I faced during assembling it.

13/07/2016Lou Ko
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
I just loved this printer so much. I can’t describe how much. I am a quality control inspector and for me, quality should be best and this FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta didn’t lose my faith. The prints were so smooth and glossy and the speed was just amazing. All the filaments, with or without heatbed were so compatible. I will surely recommend this to everyone.
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer
I was so excited to receive this printer since the day I ordered this and the printer got delayed so late. I was disappointed. But later I realized that it was worth waiting. I assembled the printer quickly with my friend’s help as he is an expert in 3D printer and he only recommended this printer to me. The printer is of great quality and show outstanding print quality on both ABS and PLA. I am very impressed with the great quality of quality especially laser engraving feature which provide impressive results.
13/07/2016Tony D. Wilson
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit
As a heavy equipment mechanic, managing and assembling this CreatbotTech Prusa i3 was a piece of cake for me. I am very happy with my purchase and thank God my friend recommended me. The printing quality is amazing along with the multi-functionality of LCD screen. I found no flaws in this 3D printer and will surely recommend it to others.
13/07/2016Aloin Boisvert
Xinkebot Orca2+ Dual Extruder Large Format 3D Printer with Auto bed leveling

Bang for Bucks!

This printer came in easy packaging and almost assembled version. It is easy to install and use! I am in love with its auto-leveling feature. The print bed has enough space to print large sized objects.

That is one of the reasons why I liked this printer. Not only this, Xinkebot has a dedicated temperature controller, which prevents the machine from hanging.

As a hobbyist, I absolutely love using this printer. I would recommend this printer to all my friends.

13/07/2016Kiran Irshad
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit

This 3d printer is a machine which is equipped with outstanding features. I ordered this printer the minute I heard about it from my brother because I knew that I am never going to get so many features in a single machine and at also at such reasonable price.

The printer can print outstandingly well on aluminum, polyether and copper as I have used these print outs to impress my new clients and trust me they are really happy with my work and are planning to give their order to me. The outer frame of the printer is made of imported aluminum and steel. I recommend this printer to everyone.

12/07/2016Thomas S. Swanson
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit

After so much of the hustle and tussle, my search ended on this great printer that has great compatibility and functionality only in one device. Thus, I bought this printer two months back for my toy manufacturing unit. I can now manufacture toys and models without any woes and troubles.

My customers are happier with refined quality of my products. Many compatible filament materials have resolved my problem which I used to outsource earlier as per the customer needs. The printing speed is excellent and delivers each print on the high-précised quality.

Cost-effective! Multi-functional! Astounding results!

12/07/2016Precious J. Burton
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
Wow! I am quite impressed with your Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3. It is difficult for me to count its amazing features because it has everything a person can ask for. The best among all is it was arrived in semi-assembled condition which made it easier for me to check out its features. With latest extruder, acrylic structure and LCD Screen I will give Afinibot 5 stars!
12/07/2016Paige D. Williams
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer

Two months back, I bought this Prusa i4 3D printer for my office work. This is a standard component DIY kit which is set to be a plug and play device. It arrived with all parts and screws that are ready to roll with soldering connections. It is semi-assembled that saves my time a lot in its assembling and calibration process.

Despite that, it arrived with a smashed acrylic frame which was the main issue that bothered me. I wish it would construct with steel or aluminum material, it might be worth more for its rigidity and less risk of damaging and altering of the machine especially during shipping.

Overall, I like this product. Handle with care device!

12/07/2016Danica Carver
Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit

After the ton of research work, I finally ordered this amazing printer last 3 months back. Its construction is pretty easy and comprehensible to set up. It has modified feature – 3-in-1 3D control box featuring power supply, LCD panel, and motherboard. This is a brilliant addition to this printer. It saves not even spacing area, but also eradicates unnecessary power dangers. Overall, I loved working on this printer with all its upgraded features deliver more accurate prints on a good printing speed.

12/07/2016Harry Butler
Wanhao Duplicator 6 - Metal Frame 3D Printer
As a beginner in 3D Printing, I liked this printer a lot. It is so easy to use and the HD quality is really impressive. Also, the MK11 extruder was brilliant. I noticed how less time it takes to give prints of amazing quality. However, I was not satisfied with the metal frame. But,with so many great features, I guess I did the right thing in buying this printer.
12/07/2016Gomes Castro
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

It took me about 8 or 9 hours to build this printer. How can you call this an easy-to-assemble model?

First thing first, removing the stubborn paper sheet from the acrylic was one hell of a job! Printing is fine. But, the nozzle choked within 3 months of using it. Thankfully, I had bought the spare nozzle.

The package was nicely done. I am not satisfied with the filaments though! It wouldn’t stick to the bed (particularly ABS) and is completely dependent upon the masking tape! So, I would say FLSUN is an average printer.

 Moreover, this link might help you in understanding the trick of removing paper (especially, if the paper is old. I had to actually see this!)

Max Micron Foldbot - Folding type 3D Printer DIY KIT
I am amazed by the quick delivery of your product. I liked that Max Micron Foldbot is a folding type printer, easy to transport wherever I want. It has the latest MK8 dual cooling upgrading system which makes it better from others. The exemplary 50 microns Layer Resolution gives good quality prints. I am extremely happy with your product and will surely recommend it. Sukran Jazilan!
12/07/2016Wasif Abdul-Nasser Fakhoury
Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer
I am a science teacher and I insisted my school authorities to keep this 3D printer in lab so that I can make my students understand some facts by making a real model. The printer is very economical so the school authorities agreed. When I started using this printer I realized that the printer is of great help. It has one extruder and it is so easy to use that even my students use it under my guidance. The PLA filament on which the students print is friendless and completely harmless. My students are able to understand everything which the help of print outs which we create in the lab period. I am planning to buy 2 more printers.
12/07/2016Lucille W. Derossett
Electron 3D Tevo - Black Widow Auto Leveling / Laser Engraving 3D Printer Kit
The printer arrived quickly with all the parts available and nicely packed. The assembling process was quick too as I found it easy even when I am not a professional when it comes to 3D printers. I am impressed with the metal hot end and extruder as it allows me to any filament be it common or exotic without facing any difficulty. The printer never mess up the look of my cabin as custom electronic box helps in keeping control board cool and wires looking well-ordered. I will recommend this printer to everyone.
12/07/2016Barbara B. Berrios
Electron 3D Tevo - Black Widow Auto Leveling / Laser Engraving 3D Printer Kit
I actually liked this Electron 3D Tevo 3D Printer because of its filament compatibility and metal body. Its color is very attractive in the sense that wherever I put this printer, it just looks good there. However, I faced certain issues with it. The assembling process was tiresome. I somehow assembled the printer and loved its printing quality too. Surely recommended!
12/07/2016Spencer Goulburn
Folger Tech Kossel Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit
Since this is a kit, it is not designed to be a "plug and print" solution. That being said, I have enjoyed my experience of assembling the kit, and hope that the assembly will make it more likely for me to diagnose when something isn't working properly. The kit seems to be of very good quality, and my experience with FolgerTech's customer service has been exceptionally painless! Highly recommended for the hands-on hobbyist.
11/07/2016Bob M
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer
I am a mechanical engineering student and I get monthly projects which require major use of 3D Printing tools. Of all the 3D printers, I’ve ever worked with; Max Micron is the best. The print bed is quite a huge one, extruder is robust and the print surface is phenomenal. What more I could say. I am so happy with the quality of prints- they’re just perfect and beautiful. Working on my projects has got easier with this printer. I would highly recommend buying it for someone who’s looking for a high-functioning printer.
11/07/2016Sharon D. Richmond
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

I am not good with machines and technology so I was really scared about ordering this printer but as my work demanded so I had to. I read the manual step by step and assembled the printer on my own. I was surprised to see such an easy and less time consuming assembling process.

The Kit comes complete with everything including the filament so that you can start printing the minute you are done with the assembling and adjusting process. The best feature about this printer is the auto- leveling which also features auto- height detection platform and helps in offering unbelievable results.

11/07/2016Thomas R. Luke
Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit
This Prusa I3 is a quite good printing device. But, not for a novice at all! I have received my product with some missing substantial parts. Also, I faced some issues in printer’s heating bed which was not working on its control board. With the help of tutorials, I have deciphered the woes & issues. I ordered those parts and complaint about the heating bed. They respond me quickly and the technician arrived in next 2-3 working days. After all the configurations, it has been calibrated correctly and started working well.
11/07/2016Andrea Clark
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions

Value for money!

Being a product engineer, I was desperately looking for a 3D printer that could deliver brilliant outputs. Afinibot Micro Delta fulfilled all my expectations. I received the kit very fast, and it was well packaged. The kit includes everything you need to build the Afinibot. I must also appreciate their customer service. They are very knowledgeable and helpful, even when given vague descriptions of problem. The Printer, once assembled and set, does a very good job! It is a top quality 3D printing without spending so much on the machine and you're not stuck using some company filament cartridges.

In simple words: Smooth, Accurate, Sturdy and Quick! 5 Stars all the way!

11/07/2016Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pull
Afinibot A30 Portable 3D Printer DIY Kit

I cannot justify my happiness through my words. I gifted this printer to my nephew who is an engineer. He was the happiest person after receiving his gift as he was looking forward to buy one. He told me about its outstanding features like 100 micron layer resolution and amazing printing speed.  The shipping was on time and no extra charges were included.

I will recommend everyone to buy this printer especially for its portability features. You may have to put a little effort in assembling the DIY kit but the printer is worth it.

11/07/2016Lisa W. Bragg
Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer V 2.0 - Free Shipping

I am happy with the purchase!

My friend had Me Creator and she was upset with my idea of purchasing the updated version. However, with its great features and pocket-friendly price, I am more than happy with this printer. The printing speed and resolutions are the deciding factor for buying it. The speed of Me Creator 2 is worth praising. It also gives précised prints in PLA. The print bed is large enough to create Legos and nut-bolts. Besides, it is compact and space efficient!

Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit

Commendable Print Speed and Précised Resolution!!

A BIG THANKS to the great invention by Folger Tech in 3D printing arena. After installing this incredible device, my efficiency of work increases and I got an appraisal at my work. I can print highly précised models with its great feature about 50 microns of layer resolution in very less time.

The machine is flimsy and easy to operate. I got my order in the very short span of time with nice packaging. It is a fun loving to work with this printer. For USA residents, great news that shipping is free of cost, thus I honored to get free shipping!!!

10/07/2016Jerry Watson
Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 - Auto Leveling & Height Detection

Go for its updated version!

Last week, I was working on my project when the high extruder temperature decomposed the filaments jamming the nozzle. The build-up volume is small. I think I should have paid $50 extra to get an updated version then only! The print speed is super-slow.

It is not a good printer!

10/07/2016Eliza Alcantara
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

I planned to gift this printer to my wife and that is why planned to order it. The tools which came in the kit to assemble the printer were of great quality and were complete.

Nothing was missing as I read in many of the reviews. I assembled this printer in a day and gifted it to my wife. She loved it and started working on it the very next day. She is very impressed with the metal structure which improves printing accuracy.

She is slightly disappointed with the printing speed as it is not very good and she is not able to take out expected print outs on time. Rest the printer is good to go. 

10/07/2016Alexander R. Nagy
CreatbotTech C Box- Fully Assembled Metal Frame 3D Printer
This printer is great! Very easy to use plug and play. prints efficiently and quickly with high level of detail
10/07/2016Lawrence A.
CreatbotTech C Box- Fully Assembled Metal Frame 3D Printer
I wanted a 3D printer which can offer me years of service as I do not want to spend a lot on buying or maintaining 3D printer. I was impressed by this printer as when I was going through its specifications I realized that it is made of solid metal frame which is durable enough to last for long and offer the best service. The print outs are of high resolution and it is unbelievable to get such great quality print outs at such reasonable prices. The printer supports the Cura software which is easy to use and works really well. I am very happy with mu purchase.
10/07/2016Laura R. Mullen
Geeetech 301 Rostock Delta 3D Printer Kit

I would suggest buying this 3D printer for those who are professional in the forte of prototyping business or in 3D printing. For a neophyte, this is just too complicated from assembling to processing. The manual is also very complex, and the technical terms are too difficult to correlate with the tutorials.

However, it delivers excellent prints in triple-color combination, but not at that good speed of printing.

All in all, this printer is designed for only professionals, but not a good option for the beginners.

10/07/2016Wahid Fadl Toma
Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini PRO - Metal 3D Printer kit
The printer got delivered on time and was nicely packed too. I already own a 3D printer and I thought that assembling this machine will be an easy task for me. But I was wrong. The printer is a complicated machine I was unable to assemble it on my own. I took my friend’s help and even contacted the customer care and finally assembled the printer after so much of struggle. The print quality is fine but the extruder gets heated up very easily which consumes a lot of my time and my work also gets delayed.
09/07/2016Gloria M
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
Frankly speaking, I am quite impressed with this Prusa i3 3D Printer. Though there were minute issues like printing sounds which were irritating. I guess that can be fixed but the prints came out to be amazing. I think this should definitely be recommended. It was very easy to use and yes, thanks for free shipping and gifts!
08/07/2016Owen Dobson
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support

The printer with all its tools arrived in good condition and everything was nicely packed. Assembling process was also easy as the tools are of high quality and also the user guide had clear instructions. I faced issues with the aluminum filament as it was not as flat as it was meant to be so I contacted the customer service and they replaced it within few days. The printer is working fine now and I have no other complaints. I will recommend this printer if you want a printer which is easy to use.

08/07/2016Hermelinda M. Oxford
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit
The Prusa i3 is of good quality and the printing speed was amazing. However, I have issues with the printing quality. They were not as glossy and clear as I thought they would be. Yes, I liked the colored LCD touch screen which made everything easy to use. I will surely recommend this to everyone.
08/07/2016Mandy D. Estes
Electron 3D Tevo - Black Widow Auto Leveling / Laser Engraving 3D Printer Kit

It is a nice kit. It offers easy assembly but takes some extra efforts to be put for getting the precise prints. I was not much convinced with this printer as I had to look for various videos and go through manuals to get my work done. But now, am getting along with it. No doubt, the print quality is amazing.

The information for the customer experience team was also quite helpful. I was able to fix a majority of my issues on a few questions.  

Pros- Easy assembly, high performance, precise prints, large print area, good build, good compatibility

Cons- Some errors in positioning the axes

Nice job with this printer. Good for professionals!

08/07/2016Kevin Grunt
Electron 3D Tevo - Black Widow Auto Leveling / Laser Engraving 3D Printer Kit
I am very happy with the purchase. Everything worked out of the box without the need of replacement parts or modifications. The price was excellent and the build was very straight forward and enjoyable. Ignore the provided instructions and go straight to the facebook group. The facebook group contains a user manual, suggested build items, calibration prints and people willing to answer questions. All in all, I want to justify getting another one! :)
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit
This is my first 3D printer and I had such a bad experience while assembling it that I am never going to buy any DIY kit again in future. The assembling part is very tough and it almost took me a whole day to get all the parts installed with precision. I faced many issues while installing them and even when the installation was complete and started to take print outs I was shocked to see that they were not clear. I contacted customer care and they helped me to get the print outs right. The printer is cheap but is tough to handle.
07/07/2016Angela A. Hernandez
Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
An updated printer! It is very easy to assemble and even being new to 3D printers I was able to assemble it. It took me few hours to get the printer in process. The multi-filament support of the printer is excellent and I can print almost on every filament and get the same high quality. The dual- extruder allows me to print two color objects which add variety to my objects. While printing the colors remain limited to their area and do not mix. My print outs are exact and very impressive. The printer is economical and recommended to everyone!
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT
Great Value. Certainly lower quality than more expensive printers, but the results are surprisingly good. Don't take the assembly instructions literally, often screw lengths are incorrect, and assembly order isn't the most logical. Can't complain for the price. Only required minor filing and drilling a few holes larger. Prints turned out quite good on the first try.
06/07/2016Paul D
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit

Wrong Investment!

I am a hobbyist and was looking for a reasonable printer with great features. Unfortunately, I made a mistake by choosing this hanging machine. Afinibot Micro Delta Kit is not a great printer. Because this printer hangs a hell lot, you would hardly get time to use it. It does not give very precise prints. I might replace this with Creatbot in a few days.

06/07/2016Jeandr Coetzer
Afinibot - New Rostock Delta 3D Printer DIY Kit

Learning how a 3d printer works is the first thing that you need to do before trying to think about 3D Printing stuff. I got this delta printer as it was an easier to assemble kit and with fewer parts it was less scary.

The printer was delivered in the promised time and unboxing made me feel that the printer parts were a fairly high quality. Assembly was fairly easy as I was hoping and the printer was in a working state in less than 5 hours.

The difficult part was to get the printer bed calibrated and that took hours of work. But once that was done correctly the printer was off printing stuff for me.

06/07/2016Donald Borden
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support
I got the delivery on time and the assembling process didn’t take too much time. I am satisfied with the printing quality but the speed is amazing. I am in constant need of printing due to my profession and I bought this one only because it is easy to use and efficient. The LCD display helps a lot. I have not experienced any issue till date and will recommend it to my colleagues.
06/07/2016Oliwia Ström
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

The Electron 3D kit has a good set of capabilities to offer the makers with a tight budget. One neat trick that the Slimbot pulls off is a lack of straight rods for the axis. I loved the concept they have used instead, i.e the rollers on the aluminum extrusions to guide the print bed, X-axis, and extruder.

The prints are excellent. I bought the updated version with large build up. I am more than satisfied with the print speed and quality. Besides, the auto-levelling feature is worth its value.

I couldn’t ask for more. This printer is worthy of 5-stars!

FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

I am very particular about 3D printers and I usually do not write reviews but this printer forced me to right one. It is one of the most outstanding 3D printers which I have ever owned. It was shipped very fast.

Few tools were missing when I opened the kit but they immediately got delivered after I contacted the customer care team. I assembled the printer quickly with clean instructions in the manual.

The printer features metal frame which delivers excellent print outs and that also at very impressive speed. Recommended!

06/07/2016Joshua C. Spell
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit

I bought this printer because I have a curiosity to use the different technical equipment. This printer was far far better than those I previously used. I was able to assemble it within some minutes. But I am really disappointed because the delivery was 1 week late. Also, the printing quality was not up to my expectations. Still, I will recommend it because of its amazing dual extruder.

06/07/2016Will Chin Kaw
CreatbotTech D2 - Multi Functional 3D Printer - Metal Chassis

I ordered this this 3D printer on a Saturday and got it on Friday (6 days later). I had expected to wait a few weeks for it since this printer was in demand and the factory held up orders to revise the printer.

I did not have any experience with 3dprintersonlinestore so I was hesitant ordering from them. After talking with Steve, I felt a little more comfortable with ordering from this vendor and placed an order on Sat. After Sunday, everything just fell into place.

The factory sent me pictures of my unit, I got a shipped noticed that initially said the unit will be here on Friday, then when it went through customs, in China, it was delayed to the following week.

To my surprise, I got the printer on Friday. The unit arrived in great condition. The unit was easy to put together and I noticed I got the updated version of the printer.

I am happy with the experience ordering from this vendor and this specific 3d printer. This is my first 3D printer and I'm so happy with it.

06/07/2016Gary Hongista
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

I wanted to write a length review extolling the virtues of this printer and the couple of small issues I had in building it but due to the 1000 character posting limit the result is...

I really have to take my hat off to the designers of the printer and software as this was a lot lot easier than I was expecting it to be.

Uncia DLP Resin 3D printer  Kit - Free Shipping
I purchased this printer 2 months ago and I regret my decision. This machine is a huge mess. Firstly it got delivered so late and tested my patience. Then after getting delivered I figured out that its various parts were missing so I contacted the customer care to get the missing parts delivered. When I started working on this printer I realized that the printing speed is very slow and I end up taking very less print outs. Its functioning is also bit complicated and there are no proper instructions in the manual to figure out the proper way when I get stuck. This printer is just a complicated machine and I am going to replace it soon.
05/07/2016Su J
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support

I am not a native English speaker. So, my first thought was that using this printer would be a daunting task. However, the experience with this printer was mind-blowing. I was worried about the assembling part but that was piece of cake. Thanks to their complete kit!

The piano-black laser-cut acrylic frame is eye-catching.

Easy to Use and Easy to Connect!

I had most satisfying experience. Will recommend to my colleagues!

05/07/2016Nazmann Uzol
FELIX PRO 1 - Assembled 3D Printer

I am new to 3D printers and I was feeling very nervous while ordering this printer because I knew that I had to face the assembling process.

The printer arrived after 20 days of ordering which increased my nervousness and anxiety even more. I was not at all happy with the late delivery. Anyways, when I stared assembling the printer I realized that assembling the printer is so much fun.

The assembling process is so easy and you do not need to be a professional to assemble the printer. The printer is easy to use to and is perfect for newbies like me. I am happy with my purchase. Recommended to all the newbies!

05/07/2016Steven K. Vroman
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3

I bought this Max Micron - Prusa i3 with so much hope, but they were shattered. I agree that  its features are world-class but I had to put a lot of effort in assembling the DIY kit. The manual was out of my knowledge and I had to call a technician for assembling this printer.
But when I started using, I was glad I bought it. The printinf speed and quality are amazing. The metal frame was good and the printer was easy to use.

05/07/2016William Chandler
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3

I have heard a lot about this Max Micron’s amazing features and functionalities. Thus, I bought this printer last month. But, it was so disappointed in the initial days. From delivery to its first print; that ruined my all patience and curiosity.

The packaging was so poor and was even difficult to assemble due to some of the miss-printing parts. Then, after so much tweaking, I ended with all assembling and assorting process. But, the troubles were not least here. When I processed for my first print the power supply box has stopped in between the process of printing. I have complained all the troubles.

Thank God! It was a great relief that technicians arrived quickly and resolved all the issues. Now, I can work smoothly and interestingly on this printer. Finger crossed! Hope my further experience with it, would be hassle-free!!

05/07/2016Griffin Molina
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer
Max Micron is a nice printer but then with everything, there is a learning curve. Initially, I did face little issues with this printer like setting its bed to the exact level and understanding the working nature. But, with time everything went really smooth and now I’m happy with this 3D printer. It has a strong and stable aluminium build which I’m pretty sure is going to stand the test of time. The prints are of great quality. I’ve made good models with the help of this printer and I am still learning all that this printer can do.
05/07/2016Guadalupe K. Hendricks
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer
I spend at least 6 days in comparing the specifications of various 3D printers online and saw many reviews too and finally decided to buy this one. I am satisfied with my purchase. Initially I got upset because the printer arrived 10 days after the expected date but when I received it I was happy to see the printer with complete assembling kit. The best feature of this 3D printer is that it is compatible with any printing software and this feature does not limit my work and work of my employees.
05/07/2016Keith S. McAlister
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer
I ordered this printer for my wife as she is a fashion designer. As she knows nothing about 3D printers so I decided to assemble it for her before gifting it to her. The assembling part was easy as I watched video and read all the instructions clearly at the time of assembling. I faced an issue with the stepper motors but the problem got solved after contacting the customer care service. Thank you for your help guys! My wife loved this printer and involves it in all her projects. She is happy with its high speed and good print pits.
05/07/2016Kenneth D. Pettigrew
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
I believe I purchased from FLSUN for good. This 3D printer has all the brilliant features one can ask for. In fact, I loved it so much that I have already recommended this to many of my colleagues. They found it worthy too. However, the only thing I disliked was late delivery. Also, many parts didn’t arrive even after that. First I waited for the delivery and then for the missing parts without which I could not start assembling. But, it was a good purchase!
05/07/2016William Keegan
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

This printer is such a huge disappointment maybe because I was expecting a lot from this printer. I read all the reviews online before ordering this printer and it has nothing good in it as mentioned in the reviews.

First of all, the most stressful job is the assembling part as it is very tough and it took so much of pain and dedication to assemble the printer. I read manual, watched online videos and even took the help of customer service to get this printer assembled.

My struggle does not end here as I keep on facing minor issues with this printer every other day. The print outs are of good quality only when I am able to take them without facing any issue.

05/07/2016Latoya J. Banks
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit
I don’t think it is suitable for a beginner to use this CreatbotTech Prusa i3. First, the manual was not easy to comprehend and the printer too. The assembling process consumed my time a lot. The printing quality is undoubtedly good but the speed is average. I will only recommend professionals to buy this.
05/07/2016Jonna Blomqvist
Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer

Well packaged, but when I open the package I found a crack in the base plate. I complained and well they replaced, came with instruction to replace the base plate which is a good thing.

Most of the prints are good sometimes things goes terrible. Durable? I guess its a quality printer as I have been running this for two months with no trouble.

By the way good customer executives.

Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer
I am a teenager and I am so fascinated by 3D objects and I am very creative so my mother ordered this printer for me. It arrived very late as it took around 25 days to get delivered. But now I am happy to have this printer. It took me just few hours to understand how the printer works. It is so light in weight and compact that I can carry it anywhere in my house. The printer prints really well on PLA. Although its speed get bit slow at times but that’s avoidable as this machines gives the perfect shape to all the creative things which I want to make. I am so happy with this printer.
05/07/2016Christine S. Pinkley
Creatbot - Triple Head Nozzle Fastest High Precision 3D Printer

I have been using this printer from past 6 months and I have realized that this printer is the most perfect 3D printer with high quality tools. It is inexpensive and getting such great results from such a cheap price will really surprise you. The only thing which bothered me about this printer was the assembling part but that also I managed by reading the reviews. The printer is very easy to use and I am very easily able adjust the features as per my convenience to get the perfect prints.

04/07/2016Richard M. Davis
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