Customer Reviews

Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer
I ordered this printer for my wife as she is a fashion designer. As she knows nothing about 3D printers so I decided to assemble it for her before gifting it to her. The assembling part was easy as I watched video and read all the instructions clearly at the time of assembling. I faced an issue with the stepper motors but the problem got solved after contacting the customer care service. Thank you for your help guys! My wife loved this printer and involves it in all her projects. She is happy with its high speed and good print pits.
05/07/2016Kenneth D. Pettigrew
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling
I believe I purchased from FLSUN for good. This 3D printer has all the brilliant features one can ask for. In fact, I loved it so much that I have already recommended this to many of my colleagues. They found it worthy too. However, the only thing I disliked was late delivery. Also, many parts didn’t arrive even after that. First I waited for the delivery and then for the missing parts without which I could not start assembling. But, it was a good purchase!
05/07/2016William Keegan
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

This printer is such a huge disappointment maybe because I was expecting a lot from this printer. I read all the reviews online before ordering this printer and it has nothing good in it as mentioned in the reviews.

First of all, the most stressful job is the assembling part as it is very tough and it took so much of pain and dedication to assemble the printer. I read manual, watched online videos and even took the help of customer service to get this printer assembled.

My struggle does not end here as I keep on facing minor issues with this printer every other day. The print outs are of good quality only when I am able to take them without facing any issue.

05/07/2016Latoya J. Banks
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit
I don’t think it is suitable for a beginner to use this CreatbotTech Prusa i3. First, the manual was not easy to comprehend and the printer too. The assembling process consumed my time a lot. The printing quality is undoubtedly good but the speed is average. I will only recommend professionals to buy this.
05/07/2016Jonna Blomqvist
Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer

Well packaged, but when I open the package I found a crack in the base plate. I complained and well they replaced, came with instruction to replace the base plate which is a good thing.

Most of the prints are good sometimes things goes terrible. Durable? I guess its a quality printer as I have been running this for two months with no trouble.

By the way good customer executives.

Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer
I am a teenager and I am so fascinated by 3D objects and I am very creative so my mother ordered this printer for me. It arrived very late as it took around 25 days to get delivered. But now I am happy to have this printer. It took me just few hours to understand how the printer works. It is so light in weight and compact that I can carry it anywhere in my house. The printer prints really well on PLA. Although its speed get bit slow at times but that’s avoidable as this machines gives the perfect shape to all the creative things which I want to make. I am so happy with this printer.
05/07/2016Christine S. Pinkley
Creatbot - Triple Head Nozzle Fastest High Precision 3D Printer

I have been using this printer from past 6 months and I have realized that this printer is the most perfect 3D printer with high quality tools. It is inexpensive and getting such great results from such a cheap price will really surprise you. The only thing which bothered me about this printer was the assembling part but that also I managed by reading the reviews. The printer is very easy to use and I am very easily able adjust the features as per my convenience to get the perfect prints.

04/07/2016Richard M. Davis
Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer

The only complaint which I had with this printer when I ordered this printer was that it arrived after a month of ordering. This delay really tested my patience but when I received the printer I realized that it was worth waiting. The printer is really sturdy in appearance and construction and all its parts are of really high quality which work together to deliver outstanding results.

The best feature of this 3d printer is its laser technique which has been delivering excellent results so far. I have no complaints with this printer until now and I hope it works like this only.

04/07/2016Christopher S. Brewer
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions

 I must say Micro Delta Kit is the premium choice as a user-friendly 3D printer. It is very easy to operate and calibrate. This printer has the commendable printing speed (20 to 100 mm/sec) with the great resolution about 50 microns. This printer offers amazing models with refined quality.

My clients were impressed with brilliant output designs. I am so glad to buy this incredible device for my work as it increases my efficiency and saves my time a lot. This printer consists of an auto level extruder which avoids clogging of artwork and the delivers an exact replica of the original pieces.

If you are looking for a machine with impeccable prints at high-speed printing then vouch for this amazing 3D printer DIY kit.   

04/07/2016Faton Hajredinaj
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions

The build-up volume is really small! Stops a lot until I reset it!

Every time I attempt to print, it would complete the raft and the first one or two layers of the object, then just halt. Even when it works, the print quality is not up to the par. No matter what filament I am using, the results are same.

I am not satisfied with this printer!

04/07/2016Alan Kennedy
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

This is my first attempt at 3D printing and trust me, it would never have been better without this 3D printer. Overall, I had a good experience with this 3D printer except I faced a little issue while positioning the Y-axis. I fixed it with the help of my brother who’s a tech expert.

The best thing about this printer is that it is compatible with so many filaments including PLA, PETG, ABS, PVA and Wood. This is a fun DIY kit, I’ve made many models for my school project.  You might find a kit cheaper than this, but I would gladly pay a little more for this sort of attention detail and a satisfactory service.  

04/07/2016James Davis
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer
I am a fashion designer and I ordered this 3D printer to give a 3D touch to my latest designs. I do not know anything about 3D printers but still I decided to assemble it on my own so that I can get to know more about its parts and also the way it works. I succeeded in the assembling process and started working with this printer. I am so amazed with the structure of optimized extruder which comes with super magnetic base and allows me to switch 4 sets of extruder instantly. Recommended to all the newbies and professionals.
04/07/2016Arlene E. Colbert
Afinibot Large 3D Printer - Linear guide version - Metal Frame
The printer is a great machine I must say and it has helped me in lot of my major projects in recent past. This printer is easy to assemble and saves a lot of assembling time. Each instruction is clear and you just have to follow it while you are assembling it. I had no issues with print out quality or printing speed quality but at times I figure out burns on the prints and I do not know the reason behind it. But rest is good to go as the printer offers good quality prints at reasonable good printing speed.
04/07/2016Tara D. Porter
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit
I am so happy with my decision to purchase this great printer from the gamut of advanced printers at the 3D printer online store. I was so in need of such printer. It is a perfect and complete satisfactory kit for 3D prototyping lovers. It has a great feature that we get a warning indication if the filament breaks down midway. It is flimsy and has an agile and high accuracy nozzle which provides highly précised and smooth prints in larger sizes. I just enjoy a lot working on this commendable device. Great thanks to this site for its astounding collection with a high-tech upgraded version of printers and of course for cost-free delivery in time. Highly satisfactory product!!!
04/07/2016Alice Martins
Mmuse - JP Z370 Large Build Volume – 3D Printer Kit
I wish I haven’t bought this 3D Printer. It is an average printer and does not give good quality of prints. I ordered it only because I wanted a large printer for larger prints which is quite satisfactory. Also, the assembling process was a time-consuming task. It took me 5 hours because the manual didn’t provide details. It was an average experience.
04/07/2016Danielle Clements
Creatbot - Triple Head Nozzle Fastest High Precision 3D Printer

This is real return on investment!

I am an architect and use 3D printers for prototyping purpose on a daily basis. Last month, I purchased CreatBot DE plus. The build-up volume is extremely large. I can tell you the prints are equally beautiful in PLA, ABS, HIPS and PVA. It indeed has a resolution of 50 microns! I am using triple extruder for multi-coloring effects and absolutely thrilled with it!

I would highly recommend all the pals working in this field to go for Creatbot!

03/07/2016Tuck ChoyWong
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

Confused with this extra-modified printer! Not for me!

When I try to print particularly with PLA, the filament only comes out intermittently. The plastic looks really squashed deforming the prints. I think the thumb screws are locked very tightly.

It would have been a better option to buy the simple model and not this complicated version 3D printer.

Never thought printing would be that difficult! Poor rating from my side!

03/07/2016Thomas Lee
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support
Geeetech Prusa i3 X is not at all easy to use and supportive. I was unable to comprehend the working procedure of the printer. I even faced issues with the aluminium filament. I thought that as a professional, it will be of greater use to me but I was proven wrong. Otherwise, the high speed is appreciable and the print quality was average.
03/07/2016Carla Sousa Cavalcanti
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3
My friend has recommended me so I purchased this Max Micron for my office work. I found difficulty in assembling as its manual was less précised to understand and instructions are dreadful. One more thing disappoints me that it couldn’t support multi prints. So far, I found it gratifying to tinker with, though it lucks many times in terms of reliability of the product. I really like its robust aluminium metal frame and will work last long without any major wear ‘n’ tear issues. Overall, it is a good money-value device for prototyping.
03/07/2016Eric S. Bearce
Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 - Color Palette 3D Printer

Quite Complex

Even though, prints are fine but sometimes they leave burn marks. In fact, assembling this one is one hell of a task. It took a lot of time to settle the process.

I would suggest going for an assembled version.

03/07/2016Helge Waldeland
Createbot Max FDM 3D Printer V 2.0
If I describe this printer in one word, then I must say it is a COMPLETE kit that provides amazing outcomes. This is compatible to connect multiple devices like desktop, mobile, etc. and even it is the great stand-alone 3D printer. High quality and high accuracy prints (about 20 microns resolution with 0.02-0.05 mm printing precision) are its USP. This model offers a unique platform for prototyping which is very easy to run. If you are looking for a device that has multi-features with précised framework, then go for this one. This will surely amaze you!!
03/07/2016Elaine C. King
Mmuse - JP Z360 Ultimaker Clone – Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit
The printer arrived 3 days after the expected date but thankfully arrived with all necessary parts in good condition. Yes, I have to say that the assembling part is not that easy as you expect it to be but with the help of SD card which comes along I was easily able to assemble the printer with also I came to know about its proper functioning and usage. If you follow all the instructions patiently then assembling this printer can be fun and easy as it was for me. I am happy with my purchase.
03/07/2016Anna J. Holcombe
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free

For a beginner like me, assembling the Sintron was one challenging task. I installed Cura but the printer won’t connect and showed up with an error message. My friend suggested me to set the baud rate, something I was not very familiar with. This printer doesn’t easily connect to Pronterface also (At least I faced problems with connecting it.) The print quality is fine. The speed of this printer is average.

CreatbotTech D2 - Multi Functional 3D Printer - Metal Chassis

As an engineer, certainly I need to create models or prototypes of new parts or products. On the recommendation of my colleague, I bought this multi-functional Creatbot 3D printer for my presentations. Wow! It’s a nifty device that evolves efficiency and productivity of my projects in much satisfying quality prints.

It has a good print area that delivers larger replicas of the original one at great printing speed. The full metal machine ensures its durability. This is a perfect machine for professionals in the world of 3D printing.

03/07/2016Linda G. Bakos
CreatbotTech C Box- Fully Assembled Metal Frame 3D Printer

The printer arrived 3 months ago and I was excited to assemble it on my own and use it for my DIY projects. But my excitement vanished away when I started understanding the way this printer works as it really tested my patience.

The instructions given in the manual are too complicated for an unprofessional like me and even after reading each instruction again and again I was not able to understand the functionality of this big machine. Finally, I called customer care and got some professional advice and then somehow I managed to take print outs.

The printer works fine on PLA as there is nothing too good about the print outs, they are average and so is the printer.

03/07/2016Michael G. Tabor
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
First of all, this printer does not require any assembling which is the most outstanding feature of this printer as assembling can be complicated and ca consume a lot of time. The extruder of this printer is of high quality and I have not faced any problem with it until now. Moreover, it provides very smooth print outs and also allows relaxed loading and unloading. The printer is compatible with PVA, nylon and ABS and offers outstanding results too as I have worked on these three materials. Highly recommended!
02/07/2016Catherine F. Keifer
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

5-heartwarming stars from my side!

I've been using this printer since June. FLUSN just works great. Luckily, I have never had a trouble working with it. Its best feature is two cooling fans to cool hot end and printing filament. I am satisfied with this upgraded version. I literally use it every day. The printing precision is fine. It is very easy to calibrate.

Genuinely Nice printer!!

02/07/2016Thomas Thul
Afinibot A30 Portable 3D Printer DIY Kit

This portable printer is best useful to children for education purposes. My son took part in a Science Competition and asked to purchase a 3D printer. But I was unable to perform the assembling process of DIY kit. Although it was promised to be an easy task, it was difficult.

The manual was incomprehensible and I was not able to help my son in his project. Somehow, my husband managed to assemble this after 6 hours of exertion. After a few days, the printer also started generating some heating problems and I don’t know how to get rid of it.  I was extremely disappointed by this product.

02/07/2016Kayleigh Ross
Creatbot - Triple Head Nozzle Fastest High Precision 3D Printer

I was desperately looking for a 3D printing machine, which is less costly, contains all the basic features that a 3D printer usually have, deliver high quality and precise quality prints. After a rigorous market survey, I finally found CreatBot - Triple Head Nozzle 3D printer and was absolutely delighted to have it.

The automatic shutdown system of this printer is simply amazing. It is equipped with power management tools that shut it down automatically after printing. This printer is inexpensive, energy efficient and performance oriented. I would say Go for it!!!  

01/07/2016Johnny Bloom
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
This is a good printer by Afinibot which was arrived semi-assembled. But when I started using it, I found it to be a difficult task. I mean, for a beginner like me, some functions were not easy to comprehend. Otherwise, I loved the printing quality of this printer and the speed too!
01/07/2016Theodore B. Fiala
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support
I received Geeetech Prusa i3 X 3D Printer a day before yesterday. The Diy kit was easy to assemble, though I had to take help from the manual. The printing speed was great and filaments were really supportive. The quality of printing was average and the LCD Display made connectivity easier. I am satisfied with this 3D printer and will surely recommend it.
01/07/2016William S. Ross
Flashforge Finder FDM 3D Printer

I know nothing about 3D printers and I ordered this printer because I came to know that it is a fully assembled machine. So I thought that the printer will work straight out of box and I will not have to spend a lot of time while assembling. Yes, the printer came as fully assembled machine but still I faced various problems while assembling it. I printed on PLA which was a huge disappointed as the prints were of really poor quality and not even close to being exact. Even the slid-in build plate gets jammed in between the printing process and leads to a huge mess. I am disappointed with my purchase.

01/07/2016James J. Acevedo
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer
Reprap Prusa i4 is my second printer that is a great buy so far. I am a manufacturer of small plastic daily need items. I bought this printer in my work assets to increase my productivity. It was my best decision to buy it. I love its high-quality built featuring MK8 extruder, best quality linear belts for XZY axis, light-weight acrylic frame in yellow & black color combination and multiple filament compatibilities. It is a great printer for beginners too, as it provides the step-by-step learning experience. Optimums printer!!
01/07/2016Lexus Melton
Max Micron Foldbot - Folding type 3D Printer DIY KIT
I was relieved when I came to know that Max Micron Foldbot is a folding type printer but all my hopes were shattered because I faced heating problems on a regular basis. I had to place it under a fan every time I used it. But because I am a technician, I was able to cope up with this problem. I thought having the latest version of extruder will not create a situation for me but I was proved wrong. But now that I have fixed the problem, the printer is working fine.
01/07/2016Christopher E. Ruth
Mmuse - JP Z360 Ultimaker Clone – Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit
If you want to have one high quality printer which offers excellent printing speed and is compatible with various filament then this 3D printer is perfect for you. When I ordered this printer I had no idea that this will be so amazing but when I stared working with this printer all I got was outstanding results and faultless prints. I am very easily able to print on PLA, HIPS, PVA and ABS and the results have been impressive in each filament. The printing speed is so good that you can print as many print outs as you want to in a single day and this printer will not disappoint you.
01/07/2016Russell H. Johnson
Mbot Grid II Plus Dual Extruder 3D Printer
What a fun thing to use! Easy to set up and easy to get started. Grid plus arrived well packaged and was easy to remove from the box. We put the printer on my desktop and were impressed by the huge size of it. It's as big as a large microwave oven which will allow for some really spectacular models being made.

Once unpacked, you load the plastic filament spool inside and calibrate the platform so it's level. After that you just plug it in and get started. There is a quick guide, thorough instruction manual and also onboard control panel directions that are very easy to follow.

30/06/2016Menthol Rum
Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini PRO - Metal 3D Printer kit

Geeetech is worthy of 5-stars!

I received mine last week and it's an amazing piece of kit. This printer is a great value for money. Who gets dual extruder delta printer for such low price?! Assembling it was very easy (thanks to the BOM and user manuals.) It comes with auto-calibration and auto-leveling which makes the whole process of printing like plug and play!

The printing quality is just superb! I can print in ABS, PLA, nylon and many other types.

Absolutely loved it!

30/06/2016Robert Embry
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

I ordered this printer because I found it very cheap and the specifications available online also conveyed that the printer is really easy to use. The printer arrived almost after a month of placing the order and I thought that I might have taken a wrong decision.

But when I assembled the printer and it got ready to use I was surprised to see the high quality prints which came out. The printer is compatible with ABS, Wood, PLA, nylon and provides outstanding results with each of the material.

I cannot believe that I got such a great quality printer at very cheap price. I will personally recommend this printer to everyone.

30/06/2016Doris W. Johnson
Createbot Mini FDM 3D Printer V 2.0

This is not a printer for someone who is not at least a little technically knowledgeable - the state of 3D model generation, manipulation and printing is not yet at mass market level, but for someone who is moderately adept, it is very easy to use, I had my first test print running within an hour of unpacking, and have been printing successfully with very little adjustment since.

The software which comes with the printer is good, but I have been using Simplify 3d, which give a bit more control over the whole process, while being possibly easier to use.

30/06/2016Daisy Elsa
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer

I am fascinated with Formbot!

The best part about this printer is that you don’t require support materials anymore like dissolvable filaments. The build-up volume is actually huge! You get précised prints.

I was able to assemble this printer in a matter of an hour using manual instructions. The print quality is superb! I can switch the extruder kits easily. It is a highly recommended to all my 3D-friends.

29/06/2016Laszlo Nyeki
Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer V 2.0 - Free Shipping

Even after the Z-axis accuracy, there is warping visible in my prints. The nozzle gets regularly blocked. Its y-axis shaft is bent, which is giving poor-quality prints and I have no idea how to change it. Not just this, the filament gets clogged after first layer of print.

The good side of this printer is that it is fully assembled. Although it’s only been a week with Me Creator, I will give this one 3-star!

Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

I absolutely love the redesigned version of this printer. For a hobbyist like me, this printer is working reasonably fine. I am able to print in ABS, PLA, nylon and many other filaments. The quality of prints is mind blowing. Calibrating it hardly took any time. Shipping and dispatching process was excellent! In short:

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Fast printing
  3. No layering Issues
  4. Large build up volume
  5. All in all 5 stars!
29/06/2016Ronvan Domburg
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit

I bought this printer about a month ago. This printer kit is the most proficient in handling my workloads and delivers impressive prints for my clientele assignments. I love a lot working on Cura – open-source software with the greater compatibility of various filaments. It has a sturdy look constructed in Aluminum frame and threaded rods.

Great value money product!

29/06/2016Maria J. Butler
Bq Witbox 3d printer - Large Scale Prototyping Machine
The printer was delivered in 10 days and very little assembly was required out of the box.

Software installation was easy First print of test Cube and was a success.

The printer has performed flawlessly for about 5 weeks. I would want you guys to be a realist and do not expect every print to be perfect.

The printer is good quality unlike the many fake chinese clones out there.

29/06/2016Carl Young
Geeetech Prusa i3 X - High Speed & Multi Filaments Support

My husband gifted this printer to me on my first day of new job. He even assembled the printer to me before finally gifting it, so I had a fully assembled machine and was too excited to explore it.

The printer allows smoother movement of prints with the help if gears, stainless steel rods and connectors. These features also contribute in providing good quality prints.

I am so happy that I received this printer as a gift and now I enjoy working with it and try to involve it as much as I can in my official projects.

29/06/2016Janet R. Dickerson
Makerbot Replicator Mini Desktop 3D Printer
My 5th graders loved being able to see their creations being printed on the mini printer. There were some extruder clogs and the customer service was very helpful sending me a new one right away. The extended warranty was helpful to have because I had direct access to a tech.
29/06/2016Kelly Duggan
Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer

This amazing printer which I received few days ago is not also easy to assemble but offers quick installation also. It features the new aluminum alloy frame and do not cause loud noise at the time of printing.

I usually print on flexible rubber but have tried other options too and all the outcomes have been exact and commendable.

The printer is also equipped with 2 in 1 swappable print which is available for 3d printing and laser engraving. I am really happy to invest on this printer as this is the best 3D printer which I own till now.

29/06/2016Loretta R. Thomas
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3
I got an amazing offer on the purchase of this Max Micron Prusa i3. My order was fast delivered and arrived in proper and safe packaging. The printer is DIY upgraded version and has auto-leveling feature that make it easy to work on it. I love working with open source software -Repetier host. It works well with the printer and offers high-quality prints. The MK8 double cold extrusion system helps me to increase my efficiency by providing faster printing speed. At the end, this is a complete 3D printer that delivers incredible outputs.
29/06/2016Stanley S. Hoyer
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer
This i3 kit is very easy to assemble. The features and printing quality offered by this printer is typically found in much more expensive machines. I have not seen this combination of features at such low price! The build-up volume is large. I can easily connect it with Cura. Although, I was a little upset as it was delivered to me after ten days. But, it was worth waiting for a printer as budget-friendly as Max Micron!
29/06/2016Adrian Toma
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer

This printer is brilliant! Heartening 5-stars!

  • Capable of giving fine ABS prints!
  • It has large build-volume
  • Auto-leveling
  • It has E3D hot extrusion. (I love printing in dual tones)

 Currently, I am using dual-extrusion wizard. I can easily slice the models using G-code previewer. You can also check out this link for printing multiple parts:

29/06/2016Harrison Hussey
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

I ordered this printer a month ago and it took a lot of time to assemble this printer as the instructions and the whole assembling part is very complicated. This printer is made for professionals and is not recommended if you are new to 3D printers.

After assembling the printout it took me more time to get the accurate prints and consumed a lot of my time too. Finally I took some professional help and somehow managed to get the prints right. The prints are of average quality.

29/06/2016Katherine B. Newby
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer
It is a smartly engineered device in the 3D industry. It functions incredibly. It has remarkable print quality with high printing speed and large print size. Its USP is Mk8 updated extruder assembly and its impeccable X-axis precision designing. I would certainly endorse this to those who wants to explore themselves into 3D printing learning. Hassle-free printer with the maximum result-oriented device!!
29/06/2016Amy Ashley
UP Box - Flagship Model 3D Printer
such a nice small easy too use machine.. right out of the box. I have professional experience in 3D printing with commercial machines and the quality on this machine is impressive for its cost. The start up guide is terrible but the software is relatively easy to figure out. I had purchased another inexpensive machine (Da Vinci) and while it was a very nicely constructed machine, the quality was unacceptable.
29/06/2016Jeff J
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions

I am a newbie to 3d printing arena, it took time to assemble and get the device do a primary calibration. Its auto-leveling feature helps me to get basic understandings of 3D printing.

The very first print turned me so happy. One more thing I like the most that it cools down fast and continue to print the next layer. The printing process is very prompt and it delivers finest quality prints as what the printer says about on tutorials.

It is a lightweight machine that I can drag it as per my convenience. I recommend 3D online store for those who are looking for genuine smart 3D printer Kit.

29/06/2016Ian Morton
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

I was dicey about ordering this 3D printer online and I had no idea about its quality. I just read a few reviews online and decided to take the risk. But to my surprise this printer is the best machine which I have ever had and I am so happy to have it. The printer is equipped with auto bed leveling which allows me to get good print outs. There are two cooling fans which immediately cool down the printing filament and hotend. This printer is all I wanted and I would recommend it to everyone.

29/06/2016Paul L. Borland
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

It is easy to maintain, cheap no-nonsense machine with great features. It was a long process of assembling and calibrating Afinibot, but that is the fun part of this kit. I now have a printer with satisfied printing quality. I am now learning to work with ABS filament and might do some more 3d modeling in the future. The build-up volume is large for printing small objects.

All in all, an ideal machine for the tinkerers!

29/06/2016Wim Haelterman
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit

It is a complete package! Lesser price and better features!

It is a great piece of open-source hardware in case you want to dip deep into the fuzz of open-source 3D printing. I've learnt a lot from it in the terms of how do these machines work. That being said, if you want a 100% reliable and zero-maintenance printer then go for Creatbot!

I can print in dual colors. This printer supports all types of filaments so I no more have to rush to 3D hub for getting a finished print (my earlier printer didn’t support PLA). The build-up volume is huge. The layering is smooth making very fine prints.

Absolutely a must-have!

29/06/2016Christian Bono
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free
This is the best deal on the market right now for an entry level DIY printer kit. Packaging was excellent. Instructions were typical. Assembly was easy. Did some slight mods, but comes pre calibrated, just need to level bed. Printing with PLA right now and having very good results. Still need to try with ABS. My unit shipped to mid USA in 7 days. No customs fees.
29/06/2016Ette Pianta
CreatbotTech D2 - Multi Functional 3D Printer - Metal Chassis

I am a hobbyist and I love to experiment with new projects and technologies. I have heard a lot about 3D printing, thus I bought this Creatbot Tech D2 last week. It has metal built that gives a robust and strong look, but a little heavy machine.

It has multiple filament compatibilities though my device doesn’t support TPU. I have complaint 2 days back & they promised me to resolve this matter soon. Overall, I am enjoying printing on this multi-functional printer.

Finger crossed! Hope my complaint would be resolved as soon as possible so I can start using TPU material for my models as well.

29/06/2016Steve L. Lennon
Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini PRO - Metal 3D Printer kit

Geeetech Delta Metal 3D printer is a next-Gen innovation in the 3D printing world. I must say 3D printing becomes more easy and fun-loving with this amazing printer at unbeatable fair cost-price.

This lightweight auto-leveling machine has improvised the version of G2 PRO that allows more accurate calibration and delivers smooth prints.

The commendable speed improves proficiency. The printing procedure is very fluent and prints come out at higher accuracy. This printer helps me to explore my all new imaginations in reality! I just love it!

28/06/2016Justine Barker
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1
Since the beginning I am facing difficulties with this printer. It arrived very late and the packaging was not properly done. Many of the parts were broken and then I had to call the customer care and ask them to replace the parts. After the parts got replaced I started printing and I faced issues with z-index as it was not fixed accurately and that is why I was not able to take out proper print outs. I tried a lot but was not able to fix it and at last I had to take the professional help. I am so unhappy with this printer.
28/06/2016Bonnie M. Wagner
Printrbot Simple 3D Printer

This printer is fantastic!

I have two other 3d printers (Makerbot Replicator [$3000] and Lulzbot Mini [$1300]). This one, despite its low price performs far more consistently than the others. We set it up with Cura, which is arguable less user-friendly than the tools offered by the other printers. However, once you get over the learning curve (takes about an hour), this machine will print anything you can throw at it!

The only downsides are the lack of a spool holder (which you can print out for yourself) and no on-unit interface (you have to have a computer connected at all times. I bought this for work, but am seriously considering getting one for home as well.

Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer

I am a housewife and I love decorating my house with 3D models. I thought of making these models myself instead of purchasing them from market.

I ordered this printer and received it on time. It took me few days to explore all its features and to understand the assembling process. Assembling the printer is a time consuming process but it is all worth it. The printer successfully delivers high quality print outs with impressive printing speed of 120mm/sec.

It is light in weight and I can easily carry it around. The printer is also equipped with heated bed which makes it safe for use.

28/06/2016Geneva D. Gulley
Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 - Color Palette 3D Printer
While I was planning to buy a 3D printer online, I came across this printer and was really impressed with its features. This printer is perfect for the DIY projects which I handle. The most impressive feature about this printer is that it comes with 2-in-1 hotend which can be switched and it offers an easy way to print in two dissimilar colors. This unique feature makes my work very easy and also saves a lot of my time. I print with PLA and the results are outstanding. I will recommend this printer to everyone. It’s a great machine to own.
28/06/2016William J. Graham
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit

A cheap no-nonsense machine!

  • A no-go for people who want plug and play but ideal toy for the tinkerer.
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble!
  • Great bed
  • Nice prints

Worthy of 4- stars!

28/06/2016Jedrzej Maslowski
Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer

My first 3D printer. I'll admit it didn't work perfectly right out of the box. I was unsure how to use it so I called the customer support and they got me up and running in no time. I have already printed stuff I downloaded from thingiverse and have already subscribed to Lynda to learn how to design my own stuff.

I am super happy with the printer.

28/06/2016Jerry J
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

This printer is all you need to get the most amazing print outs. This printer works very smoothly and all the parts which came along this printer are of high quality.

The auto bed leveling works well and allows you to get the best print outs. What impressed me the most about this printer is its powerful extruder and outstanding design.

I use this printer for all my major projects and its printing speed and high quality print outs never let me down in front of my clients. The printer works best with the aluminum frame. I am planning to order another one for my husband also.

27/06/2016Larraine D. Thomas
Max Micron Foldbot - Folding type 3D Printer DIY KIT

I am very happy with the service 3D Printers online store and their customer support. The affordable prices of distinct featured printers are a real value for the money! Max Micron Foldbot is my 2nd printer and I had and amazing experience working on this.

The display support helps me evaluate all my work white working. The clear and high-color quality prints are really impressive and recommendable to be used in art student presentations.

The best thing which attracted me is its foldable feature and the latest MK8 dual cooling.

27/06/2016Bob Watson
Mmuse - JP Z360 Ultimaker Clone – Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

I ordered this printer for my boss and gifted it to him on his birthday. He is an expert in 3D printers and already owns one. He was really happy to receive it and got impressed with the one roll PLA filament and 8GB SD card which consist of operation manual, assembly manual and firmware.

The availability of SD card made his work much easier and it took him some time to understand the whole assembling process and handling process. He also told me that the printing speed of the printer is really impressive. I am so glad that he liked it. I am planning to order one for myself too.

27/06/2016Melissa L. Wilson
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free

I've got this guy few weeks ago. Customization and its inbuilt quality output maker stands high than my previous printer.
Pretty much happy about the user manual for instructions.Got the extruders fits in proper width.Would recommend tw101 for all who involved in 3D art. Cheers !!

Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

I bought this printer last week only, and I am more than impressed with the quality of prints. The build-up volume is impressive. For the record, this is my first 3D printer.

So, won’t be able to compare with other printers. But, I have to admit that it is easy to use, easy to calibrate and delivers great prints. What else can I ask for?

Overall, 4 stars from my side!

26/06/2016Amelia Klein
Weistek A Box - Fully Assembled Metal 3D Printer
This machine squeaks quite a bit! Weistek works fine with PLA but printing with wood and PVA is annoying! On my first attempt, I had problems with making the raft. The extruder always seems to get too close to the last extruded layer & gets stuck and jumps all over again. This causes problems while printing and the work is delayed. I will be glad if someone can help me adjust the feedrate of this fully assembled printer. So far an average printer!!
26/06/2016H. Pugh
Mankati E180 - Precise and Powerful 3D Printer

Mankati is not perfect (none are) but it is a really solidly built and reliable printer! Most often I can just turn it on and start printing without having to do a load of setting up. I have left it doing a large 47 hour print twice in a row without failure. Nice print quality. Precise printing!

Such an office-friendly printer!

26/06/2016Marcoantonio Pires Guedes
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free

This printer is a full package as it is not only made of high quality acrylic material but is also light in weight, portable and trendy. I have kept it in my office and it works really well.

When I bought this printer at that time I was new to 3D printers and this printer provided me with the feature to pause/print and adjust print speed while printing which actually gave me a chance to take my own time and learn without making any mistakes.

The extruder of this printer is designed with high quality material to provide you with pleasant & smooth printing. Recommended to everyone even to newbies. 

26/06/2016Horacio J. Young
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
My first time using a 3D printer was with a MakerBot Replicator Fifth Generation. It was really easy to set up and we had the printer up and running pretty quickly after taking it out of the box. We usually use Thingiverse to print things to give out at work to potential customers as well as letting employees use it as an office perk.
Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer
I work as a freelancer and help students of college and school with their projects and that is why I ordered this 3D printer as 3D printing is a lot in demand these days. The printer is not very difficult to assemble and came with all necessary parts but I am not very happy with the laser feature as it provides average results which do not impress my clients. My two projects got canceled because of this problem. The printer is affordable but I wish it can offer better laser prints.
25/06/2016Theresa R. Gabor
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit
The printer arrived on time and the kit includes everything which you require to assemble the printer. The kit includes filament also so that you can start with the printing process the minute you are through with assembling. The printing speed of the printer is really impressive and unbelievable to get at such a cheap price. I take out as many prints as I wish to in a single day and the printing speed never decreases and keeps on surprising me with its high functionality.
24/06/2016Octavio T. Daniels
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

I am happy and satisfied with this printer so far. I have been using this printer from past 3 months and it works well. I was nervous when I ordered this printer but when it arrived I was so pleased to have it.

The only issue which I face at times is the printing speed of this printer which gets bit slow after I take a huge number of print outs. But I manage somehow as the print out quality is excellent and I guess no printer can provide such great quality prints at such cheap price.

24/06/2016Lorretta W. Uribe
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free
This is a great 3d printer for the money. It does take some time to set up, it took me and another person approximately 6 hours to fully setup. And expect a lot of trial and error, but that will be the case with any 3d printer. If you have computer and electronics experience and aren't afraid of a challenge, then this is an excellent option.
24/06/2016John Snyder
Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer V 2.0 - Free Shipping

Absolutely amazing 3D printer

I'm an absolute tech enthusiast. I keep tinkering with the new devices. I had been looking for a good 3D printer to fulfill my printing needs.

I surfed, went through a number of reviews and finally decided to buy Geeetech and I can’t be any happier with this decision of mine.

This 3D printer has all positives, I tried hard but I just can’t find a single negative aspect. The packaging was great, the print-quality is super and the aesthetics are to die for. 

By far, I’m having a really really great time with my new printer.

23/06/2016Aleida Mickens
Geeetech Dual Extruder Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping
I bought the printer for my office. I have around 15 colleagues in my office who are using this printer and they all are equally happy with it. They all have different operating systems and the printer is compatible with all of them. The print outs are good but my colleague told me that the quality decreases when I use the dual-color prints. I only print on PLA and I am very happy with the results and the high printing speed too. I have no complaints!
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free
Awesome, after 3 days tweeking and setting it works sweetely. Many thing you have to set up by hand but after seeing many tutorials, it all works as described.
23/06/2016Nico van
Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit

This printer needs constant calibration for consistent prints!!  Geeetech Prusa I3 kit is a bit complicated printing device. The print accuracy is sub-par. It is actually very slow. It does not have a large build volume.

Not a good choice for professionals!

22/06/2016Joseph P Haroldsen
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit

While going through the specifications of this printer I figured out that this printer is compatible with Linux/Mac/Windows and that is why I decided to order this printer. It arrived on time but some parts were missing so I had to contact customer service to send the missing parts.

I received the parts in another 4 days. The assembling was easy for me as I am a professional when it comes to 3D printers.

The printer works really well with Linux/Mac/Windows and I have got some really good results. The printing speed is really good and I am able to deliver maximum prints in minimum time period.

22/06/2016Deborah R. Quintero
Creatbot - Triple Head Nozzle Fastest High Precision 3D Printer

Not up to the par!

I wanted to print a cover in dual color for my cellphone using 2 colors and 2 materials. But, it looks like this printer does not support ninjaflex! After spending so much of bucks, I was expecting more.

Prints are fine but the speed is average!

22/06/2016Meshal Alkusaier
Wanhao Duplicator D5S - Extra Large 3D Printer
I have a friend who has one of these. They are amazing machines for sure! The more people who buy these and use them ... the better the technology gets. I think if you can afford one and like to construct things and be creative this is for you!
Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini PRO - Metal 3D Printer kit

My main issue while printing with this printer wasn't the assembly. This was my second 3D printer build, so I knew the stakes going in. The problem came when spider-like extruder that squirted out plastic started tilting forward and backward while moving on the y plane. Thanks to the customer support, I was quickly able to solve that issue.

Since then, I have faced no such problems with Rostock.

If you have this printer, please join the community @googleplus: "Geeetech Rostock mini delta printers".

I have been logging my experiences with this printer. Lots of photos are posted there as well.

So far, a great printer! Précised printing!

22/06/2016Fernando Carrasco
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer
I purchased a Flashforge Creator Pro in July 2014. This machine can print very detailed prints. I would like to mention that the service response and resolution was among the best I have ever had. I had a issue with the motherboard on the machine and Mr. Tang responded back to my email within 30 minutes. I explained the problem to Mr. Tang and he had a new board air freighted to my house within three business days at no charge to the customer. I was very happy with his response and action taken. I would recommend this printer to anyone looking for a well priced machine with great service.
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer
I ordered this printer only because of its special feature that is dual extruder. Although other parts and functions of this printer are also very impressive but I am very amazed with dual extruder. With this feature I am easily able to printer a different color print without any need to pause the print or swapping next filament. This saves a lot of my time and I am able to take maximum high quality prints in very less time. Highly recommended! A great printer!
22/06/2016Walker V. Berge
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer
I am new to 3D printers and do not know anything about them. But now many of my projects demand 3D printers so I have to order this one. I decided to assemble the printer on my own so that I can get to know about its part and usage and to my surprise I experience a hassle free assembling. I am very impressed with the MK8 Extruder which is of high quality and the printer is also equipped with quick- release feed gears which allow smooth and faster filament feeding. The printer is too good if you are a fresher as you will learn a lot from this printer.
22/06/2016Gertrude A. Pham
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

It was a big challenge to choose the best quality 3D printer from the numerous options available online. All have their own perception as per their utility regarding 3D printer.

My colleagues suggested me Maxbot, Geeetech, Flsun, and much more. I finally ended up with my decision and bought this Flsun 3D i3 DIY kit. This printer is just next to amaze you with all its functions and compatible features. The metal frame of this printer makes it firm and therefore improves the accuracy of the prints.

It contained two cooling fans that help in cooling down print filaments quickly.  Its integrated motherboard connects and operates with DIY projects easily which is an amazing feature to work upon. Printing and précising quality is out of the box!

22/06/2016Samantha H. Spears
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

The printer is modern in its appeal and is equipped with latest features to provide the best possible print outs. It’s been 8 months working with this printer and it provides me major support when I have to handle important projects. The integrated motherboard of the printer is very easy to connect.

The printer is very easy to use and maintain and I have not faced any major problem yet. The printer’s extruder is powerful enough to offer stability and accuracy. an economical printer with outstanding features.

22/06/2016Samuel K. Richards
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

I bought this Prusa printer three weeks ago. It works fine. But, yesterday the nozzle clogged midway while I was busy with my usual printing stuff. Then there were some blobs that came out. Changing the nozzle is not a big issue, but I am not satisfied with the print quality as well. Also, the assembling part was a headache!  

Overall, it is an average printer!

22/06/2016Ales Kapun
Novio 3D - Fablab 106 - Foldable 3D Printer

It is an ideal printer!

This printer is simply amazing! I just love the add-ons like CNC mechanism and swappable print bed. I was able to access this printer with ease even though I am a student and novice in printing world.

This printer gives excellent prints. Even the delivery was quicker than expected.

All in all, a great product at affordable price!

22/06/2016Ferdinando Carleial
CreatbotTech - Multi Functional Metal Frame Prusa i3 Kit
I bought this Prusa i3 kit for my architectural need. This printer brings a great revolutionary change in my working style. It makes my work tranquil and proficient. This multi-functional device has power off and break-point resume feature that is next to amazing as any power-cut or other issues doesn’t hamper my work in between. I can continue my prints with its auto resume feature. All metal construction gives it a sturdy look. I am using this printer almost about 10 months without any hang-up issues or troubles. I must say it has longevity in terms of service and mechanism. I love doing prototyping with multiple filaments supporting in various formats includes .stl, .gcode and much more!
22/06/2016Leo Downing
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free

My first 3D printer. I had no idea what to expect because you read a lot of horror stories. Especially with less expensive, import, and kit printers.

But I couldn't be happier! The build took about 7 hours. A couple of ours to calibrate and I was printing. Two failed test prints using the provided test file. Tweaked the temps a bit and BAM I was printing. I received the printer about a week ago and I now have about 70 hours of solid printing with no failed prints. I'm using nothing but PLA right now but plan on trying out ABS, Nylon, and the wood and bamboo filaments. I'm going to try some NinjaFlex as well.

I have a programming and electronics hardware background and I think definitely helped me get going so quickly. But it's not unreasonable to think you can build and use this printer with just a bit of mechanical ability and some patience.

Couldn't be more pleased with my first 3D printer experience.

Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer
I am an expert in 3D printers as I already have two of them. But when I came across this printer I was so surprised to see that this printer is made for kids. I immediately ordered this for my son. But this printer is a huge disappointment. My son faces major issues when he is printing on smaller parts as the print outs are not clear. The printing speed is so slow that it bored my kid. He wanted to have a 3D printer of his own but not a printer like this one. He is so fed up of this printer that he does not use it now. This printer was such a waste of money.
22/06/2016Robert A. Tobin
Wiiboox 3D Printer - Attain Extraordinary Creativity

The Wiiboox ONE MINI Desktop 3D Printer has earned a spot on BoldList's Top 5 3D Printers list!

- Layer resolution 100 microns (0.1mm)
- Single extruder
- World’s first desktop 3D printer equipped with particle filtration module, filtration fineness up to 0.08um

- Sounds like they just combined the names of the Nintendo Wii with the Microsoft Xbox, unoriginal.

Check out the rest of the list:

21/06/2016James Mccarthy
Afinibot - New Rostock Delta 3D Printer DIY Kit

I am content with the quality of the prints. The printer came with the complete kit. The delivery was quicker than my anticipated time. This printer also works fast. I loved the carbon fiber arms that keep the printer rather cool. I had compared it with some other options, but the price of this printer suited my pocket. Overall, a good printer!

21/06/2016Laurie J. Scheetz
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit
la verdad no me puedo quejar de la impresora es muy recomendada para los que iniciamos en la impresión 3d, el sistema que tiene uno lo puede mejorar alcanzando estándares de profesional. no es como otros sistemas que ya no podemos modificar nada, la verdad le doy 4 estrellas, saludos
21/06/2016Esteban hm
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