Customer Reviews

Sunhokey Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit

This 3D printer is a blessing for me. It’s cheap, is equipped with excellent features and works really well.

The printer comes with self-assembly DIY full kit which allows you to install the 3D printer and also allows you to print by PLA without any need of the Heatbed which is an amazing feature offered by this 3D printer.

For newbies like me, the printer also offers self-leveling which makes it easier for you to operate the printer. The print quality is excellent and with the available of heated bed you can also print the ABS.

Highly impressed and satisfied!

07/06/2016Anne M. Brady
Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit


I am an Architecture student and have dealt with numerous 3D printers. Unlike most 3D printers, the Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit works smoothly and saves a lot of time.

The printing speed is impressive and the prints delivered by this 3D printer are of finest quality.

The best thing what I liked about this machine is its automatic and adjustable projector which lends a stable beam and excellent precision when it comes to printing.

07/06/2016Olivia Clark
Cel Robox RBX01 - High Definition 3D Printer

This is not my first 3D printer and probably won't be my last but it will be the one I use for the foreseeable near future. I inboxes this thing and had it printing in no time. I'm not sure it is %300 faster than the competition, but it is a noticeable leap ahead. I will make this short and sweet,


  • Device Quality.
  • Well planned/designed around plug and play.
  • Speed.
  • Print Quality.
  • Dual extruders.


  • Cost.
  • Misleading dual feedstock fillament port.
  • No manual open close button.
  • Print bed size.

Normally I would give this a 4 start but once you normalize against the competition and realize how far ahead this unit is, for now it will remain a 5 star.

07/06/2016Diesel Engineer
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

It was a tough task to browse online and find the best 3D printer. But when I came across this printer I knew this is it.  Everything about this printer from assembling parts to features to accessing is outstanding.

The metal structure of the printer makes it more stable hence improving the printing accuracy. The integrated motherboard which is the printer’s controller is very easy to connect and operate especially when it comes to DIY projects.

The printing quality is very precise and the aluminum frame of the printer offers better printing effect.

Highly recommended!

07/06/2016Bo M. McCormick
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer

I ordered this printer 3 months ago and I am not impressed with its parts as well as print outs. First of all when I assembled this printer which was a stressful job in itself, I realized that the printer became a heavy machine. I wanted a portable printer which can be carried around easily.

Secondly, when I started working with this printer I faced issues with nozzle as it gets jammed again and again which consumes a lot of my time. I basically ordered this printer for my minor projects but due to its poor quality even my minor projects are consuming a lot of time.

07/06/2016Tommy P. Harper
Afinibot Large 3D Printer - Linear guide version - Metal Frame

Afinibot is a sensible investment! I loved the CNC mechanism. It offers fluent feeding and maintains heat efficiency! The large size allows printing of larger object. Exactly what I was looking for!

And guess what… They even provided me 12 month free-maintenance!

A new product like this was bolt from the blue. Loved it so much!

07/06/2016E Hê
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

Without any doubt, I give this printer 4 stars!!

This Afinibot has low noise printing, the reason why I loved it most! This 3D printer can print PLA, HIPS and ABS. It also delivers high accuracy.

The product came in secure packaging. I was able to assemble it in a matter of an hour as mentioned in the instructions.

Feeling lucky to have this amazing 3D printer as part of my inventory!!!

07/06/2016Curtis J. Hernandez
Novio 3D - Fablab 106 - Foldable 3D Printer
Good for CNC transfer module. Yet to experiment other tool heads.
07/06/2016Eddie Butler
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free
Not a bad kit, some bits ive replaced for better quality but out of the box its pretty good and comes with parts some other kits dont like decent couplers and bearings. My screen didnt work properly but was refunded eventually. I would recommend this kit but you do need to print some extra parts once its complete like feet for the frame (not necessarily needed but holds the frame level)
07/06/2016 Marcsm Mario
Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer
Issues with printing smaller parts! I bought Createbot super mini in order to make refined models. However, now I can only imagine that in my dreams. This printer is not up to the par. While printing with PLA, there is shrinkage when cooling. Afterwards, the model becomes flexible in an undesirable way. There no other filament option available with this 3D printer. The speed is very slow. I think it would have been a better decision to invest some more bucks in a good printer than working on this toy machine for children!
07/06/2016Manuel Antonio
Createbot Mini FDM 3D Printer V 2.0

A perfect small version of its larger counterpart. I bought the larger one for my boss who liked the functions and all, so I bought this one for my personal use (cannot buy such an expensive piece myself).

Apart from the area of the printing bed, this one perfectly complements the large one in features like its direct drive dual extruder, print precision of 0.1 mm and double guide-bar Z axis along with a heated bed.

Buy this with your eyes closed for nice value for money!

06/06/2016Katherine Carpenter
Creatbot - Triple Head Nozzle Fastest High Precision 3D Printer

The CreatBot DX Plus is a professional level printer for a higher hobby printer price.
Some minor issues are sorted out promptly by the excellent customer service and fast shipment of replacement parts
My printer is printing flawlessly even at a much higher then recommended resolution

Wanhao Duplicator D5S- Mini 3D Printer
Very good construction. The parts are made of steel so it is durable and somewhat heavy (25-28), so that the printer has less vibration. Together with the associated software, the printing process gives very high resolution objects. I am very pleased with this printer.
06/06/2016Christos Arvanitis
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

This printer works fine with PLA and ABS but printing with wood is quite exasperating!

On my first attempt, there was under extrusion because I heard bubbles popping out of the nozzle while printing. The surface is extremely rough compared to the other filament kinds. I think there is still air in my wooden filament.

Not sure whether the problem is with the filament or the printer itself!

Currently, I am trying with higher feed rate just to check how it behaves and if the result is smoother.
So far an average printer!!

06/06/2016Patrick Letarte
Afinibot - New Rostock Delta 3D Printer DIY Kit

There is nothing unique about this printer!

It is just an average printer with average speed and average print quality.

The downside is that you can’t give final touches to your print because this printer only works on PLA. Earlier, my old printer had both ABS and PLA filaments.

So, every time I was not satisfied with the prints, I would dip it in acetone to wipe away all the blemishes and bumps. In fact, yesterday I made a joint part and it deformed this morning.

It’s just been a week and I have already started missing my oldie!

06/06/2016Trevor D. Turner
BlueFrog Planner - Fully Assembled Delta 3D Printer
Awesome 3D printer value. Works great, easy to use, an ideal entry level 3D printer.
06/06/2016Teddy Striker
Printrbot Play 3D Printer
You must get the heated bed, it makes things much easier. Be ready to give it a lot of time to calibrate.
Makerbot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer
I could not wait to start using my MakerBot printer. I have saved on prototyping expenses by having my own machine!! The results have been great and it is so easy to use. Worth every penny!
06/06/2016Mandy Gerstein
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer
First of all, this max printer has only 2 kg of spool. Last week, I was working on my project when the high extruder temperature decomposed the filaments jamming the nozzle. Due to shortage of time, I called the customer service and the issue was resolved there and then. But, it was a bad experience!
06/06/2016Chan Tai
Zortrax M200 - Professional Desktop 3D Printer
I received mine yesterday and wow! Right out the box I printed the rook piece on the included SD card and it was perfect. The detail is incredible.

I'm on my fourth print now with no problems whatsoever. This is a great unit for those who want minimal tinkering. I can just grab a model from thingiverse and load it up in the z suite software and send it to the printer with no fussing.

Shipping was fast. I have not yet had to deal with customer service so I can't speak to that.

Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions
It's my first printer ever. The kit was easy to build, really easy to use but calibration is a little bit complicated. For beginners like me, it's a really good choice, cheap and really instructive!
06/06/2016Mihai Tarasi
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

I already own two 3D printers which are big, huge machines. I ordered this printer because of increase in work load and employees in my office. This DIY kit arrived much later the expected date as I am good with handling 3D printers, I assembled this printer within few hours only.

The printer quality is average and it works fine on few objects. But the printer is small as compare to the other two printers which I own and is not suitable for larger objects. I use this printer only for smaller objects.

06/06/2016Eugene C. Snow
Mmuse - JP Z360 Ultimaker Clone – Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit
I recently ordered this printer for my husband as he was planning to buy a 3D printer. The printer arrived on time and I planned to assemble it on my own before giving it to him. I was surprised to see that the assembling process is so complicated and tough and I had a very bad time assembling it. It took me a lot of time to get the setup right and finally I gave it to my husband. He told me that the print outs are of average quality and the printer only support one 3D printing software that is Cura which limits his work.
06/06/2016Dorothy I. Ford
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free

I am very pleased with this printer. You need to get the hang of 3D printing, but from what I read the quality of this printer is as good as other printers, at a very good price.

I had some question when building the kit, but the youtube channel sorted all of them.

I currently have a problem with the extruder hanging lower then the other, but the support has been good, so I hope to sort this out quickly.

06/06/2016J Bijnens
Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer

I am in awe of this product!

  • First of all, it is economical!
  • It works on all Ops!
  • I can even connect it on my mobile phone and PC
  • It works on PLA that has very fine quality
  • It is light-weight and easy to carry

I had a troublesome delivery issues. Just mentioning!!! Otherwise, a good printer!

06/06/2016Caesar Samsi
Createbot Super Mini - Light Weight Metal Frame 3D Printer

Bang for bucks!

This printer is amazing and budget-friendly! The features and printing quality offered by this printer is typically found in much more expensive machines. Yesterday, my son was appreciated in school for printing some wild animals for his science-fair. I have to say, the quality of prints is commendable. I bought this printer in blue color. The shipping was fine and the packaging was in good condition. I would recommend heartwarming 5-stars to Createbot for creating a safe-to-use machine for kids!

06/06/2016Ashraf Ali
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit

I was so excited for this Folger RepRap printer. But, my first experience with my order was disappointing. Some of the substantial parts were missing and even some of them came in bad condition. Though, the parts have been replaced and dispatched all missing parts. It took strenuous efforts to cluster all the parts together. For a newbie in this printing industry, it is so difficult to club and to understand its procedure.

All in all, it delivers high-précised prints at good printing speed. According to my experience, this printer is too tricky to handle for a novice.

05/06/2016Cody R. Wang
Mankati Fullscale XT Plus 3D Printer
Very happy with the Mankati full scale XT. It's been a great machine to learn the art of 3d printing. Fairly user friendly and easy to get good results quickly. Printing quality is great and being able to use both PLA and ABS plastics means that you can print most anything you see on Thingiverse with a little practice. I researched for quite a while and decided on this model as being a good balance of quality and price. Customer service seems to be very quick to respond when I have needed to ask a question and there is plenty of forums that provide excellent advice from other experienced Mankati users.
Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini PRO - Metal 3D Printer kit

Don’t be fooled by this Rostock! It is just the same as the older version!

The extruder motor pushes filaments through 2 heads separately, so mixing of colors to make a 3D model is not possible here. The 3d printed parts have poor layer adhesion. Ultimately, I had to pay on 3dhubs to have better quality printed model.

Expect to spend lots of time lots on calibrating and tweaking it.

05/06/2016Ariel Rossell
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer
The printer is good for its price and arrived on time too. I started assembling the printer which consumed a lot of time because I am not an expert in handling 3D printer. It took me a lot of time to understand the procedure and how to fix various parts. I faced minor issues like assembling the second extruder was a challenge. Some of the parts also get jammed while I was taking the print outs. The printer quality is also an average one. I will recommend this printer to you if you are a professional.
05/06/2016Ruth R. Harrison
Afinia H480 Mini 3D Printer

I have been using 3D printing for many years. I've owned one of these printers (previously called an "Up! printer) for 2 years. I upgraded it to the newest version. For every 2 prints that work, one fails, although this may have been partially due to using inferior old plastic filament. As a result I often find myself endlessly leveling and calibrating the platform and/or unclogging the nozzle. In addition, the building envelope is small - about the size of a coffee cup. Several printers with larger builds are now on the market.

I`d say that most of these consumer grade printers are not quite there yet. Since another professional level 3d printer company still has the patent for a heated enclosed printing environment (important, if not essential for ABS plastic, which will last far longer than the PLA corn starch material), warping and splitting are commonplace. I'd wait awhile before purchasing a 3D printer.

That said, I have read that this is rated as one of the better consumer grade 3D printers on the market.

05/06/2016Brit Bunkley
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer
I ordered this printer for my new office and it arrived 6 days after I placed the order. But it arrived in very poor condition. The packaging was poorly done and that is why half of the parts were missing from the kit. I contacted customer care to send me the missing part and they arrived after another 10 days. All the parts are of poor quality and are also not labelled correctly and that is why it took me a lot of time to figure out the parts and assemble them. I am highly disappointed with this printer.
05/06/2016Addie T. Gibson
Createbot Max FDM 3D Printer V 2.0

This printer has many impressive features that make it a wonderful device in the printing process. But, as per my opinion, there are a few points that to consider. Some reliable actions have to be taken to make it as a more appealing purchase at an economic level.


  • Complete assembled device
  • Multi-device connection
  • Independent nozzle replacement
  • Highly précised prints at great quality


  • Poor packaging
  • Late delivery
  • Fully metal frame leads to very heavy machine
  • Too expensive
  • Less warranty period for this hefty labeled machine.
05/06/2016Veli Holkeri
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

I found this printer economical and that is why I ordered it. As this is my first 3D printer so I thought of buying an economical one. The printer got delivered with good packing and all the parts were there. But assembling this printer gave me a major headache.

The assembling part was really tough and even after the manual in my hand I was not able to assemble it easily. I had to go through each line again and again before proceeding for the next step. Finally, I had to take professional help to assemble it. Disappointed! I wish the instructions were clearer.

05/06/2016Nicole R. Young
Geeetech Delta Rostock Mini PRO - Metal 3D Printer kit
I'm so very impressed with this printer. My experience4 with 3D printing wasn’t that good, but I decided to give this printer a try. The price is just unbeatable. I bought it 2 months ago; it arrived quite early and was packaged fairly well. It is working amazingly well. I have already made so many models with it and haven’t faced a single issue. I really like its software, it is quite improved. This printer truly deserves 5 stars!
04/06/2016Ronald Curtis
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit

Posting this in multiple parts because of the 1000 character limit.

Part 1

Received this printer about two weeks ago and I finally think I tested it enough to be able to write an honest review.

<b>THE GOOD:</b>
- There were no missing parts and putting it together was very easy thanks to the supplied DVD with instructions and software

- All software you need is supplied on the dvd with all the parameters and instructions on how to set it up.

- The shipping was insanely fast and you can track the package(it took 3 days to get from China to Slovenia, and then another 3 days to get through our customs)

- Print quality is quite good for such a cheap printer. I've seen prints from this exact model (with simple upgrades) that can rival prints from $2000 printers.

- Because this is a Prusa i3 model there is almost an infinite amount of possible upgrades that you can print by yourself which will greatly improve the quality of your prints.

<b>THE BAD:</b>
- The heated bed is a little bit warped (around 0.5mm on the x axis) so I'm having problems printing bigger objects.
This can be solved by buying a glass plate (which I planned to do anyway - and you should too) 

- The supplied SD Card adapter doesn't fit anywhere (it is too thick)
No other solution than to buy another one.

- The supplied 8GB MicroSD Card isn't recognized by the printer (you need a FAT32 file format, the supplied was formatted to NTFS) and you can't format it (tried on 3 different computers)
I'm not sure if the MicroSD is faulty or it's just a problem with the firmware.

- Because of the SD Card problems I'm stuck with printing directly from my computer. The supplied USB cable is insanely short and I had to use my own cable to reach my computer.


- The stepper motors aren't completely calibrated (they are close but not perfect) so you will need to calibrate them yourself. The problem is that all settings reset to factory settings when you shut down the printer so you will have to input your setting every time you turn the printer on.
<i>You will need to update the firmware. The DVD doesn't cover this but there are tutorials on YouTube.</i>

- The free filament is not the best quality, but for the price I can't really complain. At least I can properly calibrate and print upgrades without spending a lot of money for the expensive filament.

- The painters tape included is complete rubbish and it's almost impossible to get first layers to stick.
Buy blue painters tape and a glue stick instead. After that it will stick without problems.

Wiiboox 3D Printer - Attain Extraordinary Creativity
This is one awesome 3D printer!!! hands down beats all other 3D printers quality is mind blowing as must buy if your looking for a high quality 3D printer
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Kossel Delta DIY KIT - Auto Leveling

Not really what I expected

This Delta Printer has appreciable printing speed. I also liked the printing quality. But, this printer can’t fit larger objects. The build-up volume of this printer is relatively small if compared to printers within the same price range. Further, I had higher expectations from this metal frame body but it doesn’t even support ABS filament. Although I must say, the auto-leveling upgrade came as a great relief!

03/06/2016Larry D. Piper
Electron 3D - Sixth Generation Prusa i3 - Auto Leveling & Height Detection

Background: About a month ago, i was strolling around the offical Reprap Wikipedia resale list. My goal: Find the cheapest Prusa I3 possible for my student budget. I came up with 3dPrintersonline Sixth Generation Electron 3d printer, basically a raw copy of the migbot (Yo dawg chinese, heh)

My order was dispatched after 3 days (+ weekend) of order, and it arrived 4 days later. As extra i got USB 2.0 Bundle, 8GB SD card, assembly tools and 1kg of PLA filanment. I asked for blue ABS, and several times told that i would like any color of ABS over PLA. I got green PLA.

When my package arrived, it was in mint condition. All the pieces were high quality except for the extruder (More later about it). Nothing was missing from the box


Assembly was a little bit of pain in the arse. I followed the video they provided in my E-mail, however it was not perfect. You can easily screw up and place the first 2 acrylic hull-pieces to the wrong sides and not notice until you are finished!!!! Guess what? I placed them the exactly wrong way and had to use a power drill to drill new holes for the power-supply and for the arduino motherboard

The video explains the end-stops placement wrong. The motherboard says "X-, X+, Y-, Y+, Z-, Z+" slots for the end-stops, use the minus ones. NOT the plus ones.

They dont tell which size of screws you are supposed to use, so i always used a screw which was shortest possible. Some of the parts were pre-assembly, this was nice except for the extruder. Later about it

Heated bed and bed mount

Heated bed works well. However the bed mount is acrylic The bed mount is fucking acrylic! The leveling is provided to the customer by a metallic easy-to-adjust m3 nut, and one hard spring for every corner of the bed. Result? The acrylic mount bends and bends until it wont run on the metallic rods. I fixed this by printing 8 pieces of bed adjusting, m3 nut mountable and i use them to level the bed.

The printer is equipped with aluminium bed, i have nothing bad to say about it.


Okay, here feelings get mixed. Im also asking someones better knowledge on this one. The printer was equipped with pre-assembled extruder. It extrudes great, the quality is nice... But. First, the pre-assembled stepper motor with replicator 2 style extruder came with it being horribly assembled. There was leftover print-plastic which made the guider to jump back and forth, this didn't block printing thought. The extruder makes horrible noise. High, resonating noise which probably comes from the screw holding plastic parts against the stepper motor resonating against the plastic parts. The guiding plastic parts are exactly this style: Thinking about printing them and trying if it helps with my resonating problem.

And a big minus of the Extruder

The aluminium block, which the stepper motor is mounted on, has the second hole located too far! I had to take the aluminium block off, find out which hole was in the right place and use a power drill to expand the other screw hole! According to the internet, im not alone with this problem so dont except that you wont suffer from this if you buy the machine!

Print quality

This is where shit gets real. The printing quality is INCREDIBLE! Or well... Not incredible. For a 235 dollar printer it is. All of the calibrations were pre-set with high accuracy. Only thing i had to do myself, was to calibrate the two stepper motors holding X-angle, naturally. The prints come out with 0.2mm (Measured with mauser) distinction from the printed model, which may as well be the plastic shrinking down.

Here i have some pictures, using 0.4mm nozzle that came with the printer. The creeper is my thrid print on the exact printer. The unfinished wrench is when i tried to print the wrench with slic3r, and the program fucked up and made the print half-way ready(Which made me to switch to Simplify3d). The finished wrench is made with Simplify3d, which didn't have the right settings at time.

Slic3r bottom close-up

Simplify3d and unfinished Slic3r

Unfinished Slic3r top

I can only imagine how my prints look when i receive my 0.2 and 0.3 mm nozzle.

Should i buy this printer?

Here is a checklist:

1 Im short of money

2 I can modify metallic parts

3 I can put up with possibility of horrible resonating sound coming from the extruder

4 I can put up with problems with assembly

5 I have logical capability to build the printer with bad assembly guide

If everything checks, buy it! You wont regret and you can always sell it after hand for PROFIT


-Nice print quality

-Sold by offical reprap resale site

-18 month insurance

-Incredebly cheap

-Free 1kg roll, free SD Card, free USB cables, free assembly tool, free!

-Fast, handled carefully and free of charge DHL delivery

-Pre-set high precision calibration

-100% Hassle free after assembly and bed leveling

-If you get tired of the hobby, you can easily sell this baby for 300-400 dollars aftermarket


-Horrible noise from extruder

-Reddit line positioning sucks

-You can fuck up with the acrylic hull parts, dont do that!

-Cant use the stock bed leveling springs, as the acrylic bed mount wont hold it. Buy a metallic mount or use only m3 nuts with adjusting wheels

-The filanment holding stand is piece of crap. Here is my solution, if you want it, comment

Geeetech Me Creator 3D Printer V 2.0 - Free Shipping

Enthralled with Weistek!

I love this fully-assembled printer. The calibration was very easy. I can easily work on my Mac!

The print speed is indeed up to 100 mm/sec. In one line….. VALUE FOR MONEY!

03/06/2016Harold A. Vos
Afinibot - New Rostock Delta 3D Printer DIY Kit

I received the kit in fair condition within a week.  I was able to assemble the printer in a matter of few hours because of open source platform. 

Delta has impressive quality of the carbon-fiber arms that are light and cool. My friend kept pushing me to buy other version with ABS filament. But I am satisfied with my purchased stuff.

 I just wish delta had dual color print option. Nevertheless, this is a great 3D printer.

03/06/2016Yi Ma
Flashforge Finder FDM 3D Printer

Loved its compact and clean design! I even liked the print quality. Flashforge even instructs you to tighten or loosen a print bed support screw. Compact and clean-size, this printer is perfect for my school.

The only thing is that I can’t make Lego bricks from PLA. Somehow, they are not that strong and solid. I will replace this model with Flashforge Creator Pro. Thanks to their 14 day return policy!


03/06/2016Steven Lyon
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer

T Rex is a bit noisy. For the first time in two months, my nozzle got jammed even though I am not switching the filaments regularly.  Also, this machine does not have an enclosed build volume. Therefore, the prints are directly exposed to ambient air temperatures disturbing the quality of my models. Can’t print with ABS. Worked fine for PLA!!

A Typical 3 Star Printer!

03/06/2016Saral Tayal
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
A great first printer. Easy to build and get printing. It needs a little ajustment to the e steps and to the hot end temps but after that it prints great. I would recommend to anyone looking to get into 3d printing. 3d printers online was very easy to do business with and had fast shipping. Thank you.
02/06/2016Jeremy Meyer
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

My lovely daughter gave me this present on my 50th birthday. I am impressed with the quality of prints. Such an inexpensive machine! Easy to assemble and easier to use!

Kudos to its 5 filament support!! Here come 5-stars!

02/06/2016Maria Forssell
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping

I received this printer in promised period of time. This is a semi-assembled device which saved me from doing the tedious assembling.

The manual is fully updated and cleared enough with all instructions that were very helpful in assembling partial assortments.

There are many pros to count on such as good build, filament compatibility inclusive from ABS, PLA to wood, durable extruder, precise resolution up to 100 microns, large printing size about 200 x 200 x 180 mm and lot more. It was my best purchase in 3D printer’s arena so far!

Bom trabalho!! (Great job) Deve ir para ela!!! (Must go for it)

02/06/2016Leila Pinto
Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit - Free Shipping
First of all, thanks to Sinton for sending test material in the kit itself. For a rookie like me who has no previous experience in 3D printing, this was the best option to choose from. The quality of prints is mind blowing. Calibrating it hardly took any time. It has the feature of replacing the nozzle. Kudos to quick customer service! And of course 4-stars!
02/06/2016Jai Juan
Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit
I ordered this Max Micron last month. The shipping was on time. But the major issue with this printer that the accuracy of Z-axis is not that good. And I got disappointed with its very short warranty period which is just about 6 months where most of the companies give at least 1 yr warranty.
02/06/2016Samuel Wilson
Weistek A Box - Fully Assembled Metal 3D Printer
I think the printer only looks good, and has no functional attributes. I saw many reviews and videos and bought this printer, but I’m not fully satisfied with this one. It’s not what I was wishing for exactly. The only thing I like about this printer is the printing pause feature with easy filament change. I read that it’s hassle-free but I didn’t find it that at all. Its printing speed and the control option is good but I wish that the prints would have been a little better.
02/06/2016Keith Sanford
Geeetech Prusa I3 A pro 3D printer DIY kit

My best friend advised me to purchase this printer. I must say the quality of prints is impressive. I also enjoyed using both PLA and ABS. At such low price, it is indeed a great machine. It came to me with well-designed parts. The assembling was super easy.


02/06/2016Robert Waida
Wanhao Duplicator 6 - Metal Frame 3D Printer

This 3D printer is a quite satisfying printer. It has superb print quality with great color retention. It can compatible for both simple and complex models to print.

Initially, I got irritated while printing my models as it was quite difficult to operate. I am a very meticulous person, so I went through every single tutorial instruction mentioned in the guidebook. Now, I can work speedily and effectively on it. Not least, I got late delivery of my order and also troubled in assembling.

Later, tech support helped me and it was satisfactory.

02/06/2016James Sears
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer

I like working on Formbot. Earlier I had a portable printer which could only print small models. I was hardly able to print nuts. But this printer has large build-up volume. Also, the extruder is optimized. The only problem is after switching to a non-portable device you can’t get that comfortable.

Can’t blame them though!

Overall 5-Stars for Formbot…

02/06/2016Sergey Efremov
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

This 3D printer has the best combination of features including great printing quality, specified extruder temperature, ABS material and what not! The printer actually gives finest quality of polished prints. Although, I had to buy another spool holder but I absolutely loved this product!

I recommend all those who are looking for work efficiency must buy it ASAP.

Genuinely Nice printer!!

02/06/2016Charles D. Shore
Wiiboox 3D Printer - Attain Extraordinary Creativity

Definitely an great upgrade to other brands

Wiiboox does not make me disappointed with their mini printer. Actually, I have another 4 printers.

The printer comes fully assembled and it can work once it is unboxed. What you need to do is load the filament and plug it in.

If you are in the market for a 3D Printer, I doubt that you can get anything better at this price range. It's definitely comparable to a replicator 2 ( which I also have ) but at a discount of more than 1000 dollars.

As for the support, Wiiboox as always provides the best customer service and response me very quickly, while Makerbot does not provide so good customer support. Sometimes, 3D printers are very fragile that you definitely want to buy from a pro and is sincere in replying to any concerns. According the communication with Rebecca, I don’t worry that if the printer will have any problem in the further since I believe Wiiboox will cover any problems I have.

Novio 3D - Fablab 106 - Foldable 3D Printer

I was dicey about choosing a printer with glass print bed and now I am facing problems. Novio takes more time to print models, even more than my previous printer.

So, first I heat the bed and then heat the hot end so that the bed gets more time to settle to the right temperature. Being a music geek I want to print some musical instruments.

Soon I will replace this with ABS supporting printer. Over all, it is an average printer.

To all my music lover buddies, check out some amazing musical creations you can make with 3d printing here:

02/06/2016Ales Kapun
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free
Excellent version of the reprap with multi filament feature. Solid construction. Best value for money. Shipping not so fast but ok.
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free
You will get what you pay for, average printer for learning experience, recommended for students, it will be a great learning experience. print plate came with some scratches which they replaced. Instructions should have been better.
SINTRON TW101 - Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY KIT - Tax Free

When I came across this printer online I just knew that this is going to be the perfect 3D printer for my son. He is dealing with 3D printers in college and that is why I thought of gifting one to him. The printer did not arrive on time but as it arrived we assembled it within 2 hours.

My son has been using this printer from past 3 months and he is very happy with it. According to him the most impressive feature about this printer is that it provides him with an option to pause/print and adjust print speed while printing which is really beneficial for him. His friends are also planning to buy this printer.

02/06/2016Carrie D. Galle
Max Micron Foldbot - Folding type 3D Printer DIY KIT
Goods got damaged got new parts and put all together but bed wont move no happy at all
Weistek Ideawerk - Portable 3D Printer for professionals

I am an art student and a pro in 3D printing. Just highlighting what I liked the most in this printer:

  • It doesn’t have vintage look. The metal chassis body is very eye-catching
  • It supports FDM technology
  • The resolution is exceptional for a portable printer like this

I don’t have second thoughts about this product. Whatta Brilliant Machine!!!!?

01/06/2016Randall J. Brown
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

I ordered this printer as it is a fully-assembled device and saves the time.


  • Perfect device for beginners
  • Easy to use without any woe and tussle
  • Various filaments compatibility like Ninja Flex, ABS, Nylon and much more!
  • Durable steel construction
  • High-quality prints in large size


  • Not delivered within the promised time period
  • Packaging was poor; many parts came in damaged condition
  • Guidebook and uploaded videos are not directed clearly to install software. Programming the software is quite tricky for the beginners.

At the end, the damaged parts were replaced within few days of my complaint. Overall, in my opinion, it is a good printer at this price.

01/06/2016Shadiyah Qureshi
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

This printer is very reasonable and came fully assembled! Nice one!

  • It can print in ABS, PLA, PVA, Wood and what not!?
  • The print quality is superb
  • A little bit of vibration during printing which is normal (I guess?)
  • Great for home use
  • No extra protection tapes required for this printer
  • No rafts required

Over all, great printing speed and quality

01/06/2016Shane Anderson
Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer - Free Shipping

 Excellent printer at a reasonable price!

Afinibot Creality Mini is one of the best purchases I have made so far! It has helped in making my cardboard printing task quicker. It delivers a superb performance and the prints are of remarkable quality.

Reliable, the multi-language selection option of the printer makes it convenient to use. 

Only thing I found troublesome was the customer support and instructions manual which made the assembling process quite tiring.

01/06/2016Wayne Rollins
UP Box - Flagship Model 3D Printer
Not as simple to use as an ink printer but very simple. This is my first 3d printer and I was able to get it running in just an hour or so by following the PDF manual from the website. I'm using it with a mac and have experienced no problems with the software either.
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

The Prusa had amazing design; I was able to get the printer together as it was not very difficult. I have been using this printer for more than 3 months now, and I cannot really complain much. The Printer was delivered well packaged and damage free.

It’s a good product with excellent customer service. Happy with my purchase!

01/06/2016Shawn B. Kastner
Max Micron Foldbot - Folding type 3D Printer DIY KIT

First of all, I am flattered with this printer’s folding feature. It has made 3D printing way too simple. I still remember the fuss created by my previous printer every time I had to adjust its nozzle clogged with ABS. Thanks to Micron’s filament compatibility, now I don’t have to go through the same pain.

I am looking forward to update to its automatic leveling and height detection version. Overall, it is a good printer.

01/06/2016Mary S. Bowen
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit

I am in awe of this product!

  • First of all, it is economical!
  • It works on all Ops!
  • It has auto-leveling mechanism
  • It has PTFE tube that removes blockage

I had some troublesome delivery issues. Just mentioning!!!

31/05/2016Dylan Holder
Sunhokey Acrylic Reprap Prusa i3 DIY Kit
It is an excellent first printer, and the price is great! It went together without any issues, and is easy to assemble. Everything mechanical comes together nicely and works well, but it takes hours of tweaking and failed prints to get good quality and speed. For example, all the stepper motors function at 80.5 steps/mm, but my extrusion motor needed to be at 107 steps/mm to function properly. Can't complain about the amazing price.
31/05/2016Austin M.
Printrbot Play 3D Printer

Excellent first-time in-home printer!

Arrived well packaged, full assembled, and (mostly) calibrated. After following the online setup directions, I was printing tests within an hour. I decided to purchase this printer - after many hours of comparing options - because I wanted to make sure that I would actually use a 3D printer in my home & because I wanted to relearn software like Solidworks/Sketch-up, and not necessarily focus on tuning the hardware of the output machine.

This printer works as intended, fits adorably on my desk next to my computer, is relatively quiet, and makes really really nice (but small) prints.

I definitely foresee myself spending a little more time and money on a larger, home-assembled printer kit down the road, but for now this baby is perfect.

31/05/2016Kristin Burka
FELIX PRO 1 - Assembled 3D Printer

I am in love with its filament detection technology. My earlier printer would give me Goosebumps each time the filament blobs would spurt out from the nozzle.

That would mean delaying of my work and printer failure. Thankfully, this felix printer has fully automatic nozzle adjustment so now I can easily work on my layering models. The best part is it has one year warranty.

5 stars for its smart sensors!

31/05/2016Manchu Tai
Sunhokey Reprap Prusa i4 Semi Assembled 3D Printer

I gifted this printer to my brother on the occasional of the opening of his new office. I had no idea about the assembling process so I left the assembling part for him.

After a month of using this printer he told me that I took him a lot of time to assemble this printer but he managed somehow.

He is very happy with the functioning of the printer and also high quality linear belts and Stepper motors. The print quality is also impressive and everyone in his office is using this printer.

He is planning to buy one more for his office and thanked me for introducing him to this printer.

31/05/2016Clara C. Pacheco
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer

PEEK Breakdown!

This printer works fine when I use ABS and PLA. But yesterday, for the first time I tried printing Surfboard Fins using Nylon filament. And I was shocked at how this printer reacted. First, it burned my model a bit and then there were some fumes. Even though I couldn’t smell it but safety is definitely a concern now since my daughter is usually around when I am printing. Other than that, the printer works pretty fine. Good Quality!

I have called the company for customer support and will post soon about the quality of their service. So far I am counting on this blog: (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

31/05/2016Daniel Chambre
He 3D K200 Sinlge/Dual Extruder Delta 3D Printer Kit

Prints are of good quality!

I ordered this printer few months back. It got delivered within four days. The He 3D - Auto leveling Delta 3D Printer kit is good pick as it has some remarkable features.

It comes in a KIT form and features a solid construction to ensure great performance.

Initial assembling was tiring but otherwise no issues at all. The prints are of good quality and are delivered quickly.

30/05/2016Charles Barkley
Creatbot - Triple Head Nozzle Fastest High Precision 3D Printer

I absolutely Love Creatbot……

This 3D printer cost me an arm and a leg! But Creatbot is worth its price! I loved it for three reasons:

I love the design:  metal ultra-big chassis

Multi language support – It was desperately needed!

Finest Prints and adjustable nozzles

30/05/2016Tara Sharma
Folger Tech RepRap Aluminum 3D Printer Kit
About a month ago, I was browsing the internet for a printer. After much hemming and hawing between Geeetech and Folger kit; I found RepRap 2020 Prusa i3 the most suitable and compatible one to handle my workload effectively. So far I haven’t experienced any bug or issues in it. I got Free Shipping as I am a USA resident which was a bonus. The kit comes in secure packaging. It is light in weight in comparison to other printers. Great assortments!
30/05/2016Maximilian Himmel
Afinibot Creality Portable 3D Printer - Free Shipping
This Mini 3D printer has low noise printing which is its Unique Selling Point. This 3D printer can print PLA, Wood and Flexible Rubber. It has a portable body which is very useful. The product came in secure packaging. I was able to assemble it in a matter of an hour as following the instructions. I am happy to have this amazing 3D printer as part of my inventory.
30/05/2016Kardal Kassab
Sintron Super Smart Prusa i3 - Free Shipping

I like this printer alright!

With a lot of technical knowledge about its various small parts and cables, I was able to get this assembled on the day of its delivery. The basic functionality is good and on point.

Pretty light so you can easily carry it around, although you might not want to do that since it has threaded rods which might get damaged. Use a crate or trolley or moving it around. One more thing it could have done well with is in terms of its supported 3D software.

30/05/2016Christine Schultz
BlueFrog Planner - Fully Assembled Delta 3D Printer
Mine works great, decent print quality and it is relatively fast. Great budget printer.
30/05/2016Carolanne Hehir
Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engraving 3D Printer

Worthy of its value!

I am happy to buy such a versatile device. Its laser engraving technique is impressive. Its aluminum chassis is durable and rigid. Very easy and fast to assemble this great printer!  It has large printing area about 210*210*210mm and delivers high accuracy print quality.

It came with MK10 extruder which is an incredible feature as it can support 10 different printing materials. I like the most about this printer that it makes low noise while printing. I will definitely recommend to others. This is the best printer I have ever used before.

30/05/2016Afinibot Creality Pro Laser Engrav
Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit
The Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit is an excellent printer with commendable print quality. I like its compatibility with softwares like Repetier host and slic3r. The only thing that irritated me about this printer was the instructions manual. It was very confusing and took a lot of time to assemble it. Even the customer support was not supportive.
30/05/2016Lily Smith
Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer

Max Micron is absolutely amazing!

 Shipping process was easy and products were well packed. I was able to assemble it in a short span of time. I am in love with its auto-leveling feature. The print speed is indeed up to 100 mm/sec.

It even supports all ops. Now, I can easily work on my Mac! All-in-all I think this printer has delivered its promise!

30/05/2016Piper Girdle stone
Folger Tech Cloner - Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

After lots of R&D, I purchased this printer and absolutely it. I was a beginner back then so i had asked for customer support. They immediately sent me lots of online links and called me personally for guidance.

Overall, I am impressed with this printer.

4 stars from my side!

30/05/2016Lucinda B. Maggi
Folger Tech RepRap Acrylic 3D Printer Kit
Perfect Pick for Beginners! I ordered this printer a month ago and being a novice genuinely liked it. The good thing is that it is not very expensive. The 3D printing kit had all the important components for quick assembling. The print quality of this DIY Folger printer is mind-blowing, irrespective of whether printing in PLA or in ABS. Although I must admit, it requires a little bit of adjustment with the z-axis. Worthy of 4-Stars…
Sintron Super Smart Delta Kit - Free Shipping

You buy this printer only if you know Chinese or Japanese! The machine is that complex to use!!! I went through lots of files for software, firmware, instructions and PDFs but nothing helped in assembling this device.

If I use ABS, there are fumes in my office and when I switch to PLA, the device gets jammed delaying my work. I can’t take risk with this printer anymore. I am thinking of replacing this device.

But, I must say the quality of prints is impressive.

29/05/2016Dustin B. Garcia
Afinibot Micro Delta Kit - Auto leveling - Pulley/Linear Guide Versions

This 3D printer has the best combination of features including USB control Interface, specified extruder temperature, ABS material and what not! The latest version (which I bought) delivers finest quality of polished prints. It also features auto leveling and auto calibration mechanism at minimal cost.

The temperature control mechanism enhances its uniqueness. I recommend this to all those who are looking for work efficiency, must buy it ASAP.

29/05/2016Uthal Badi
Formbot T Rex 2 – Wifi Module/Large Size/Dual Extruder/Laser Engraver 3D Printer

This printer arrived quicker than I had expected. It came in perfect packaging which was done thoughtfully that made me easily remove the printer from its box. It had the setup manual but I don’t know what went wrong as I took 2 hours for setting it up. I was relieved after setting it up.

I am happy for its multi-support software proficiency. It works with Cura, Slic3r and more without any obstructions. I love the print quality as well as its print speed. I have already made so many models on wood and my old jeans and they look amazing!

29/05/2016Monique Taylor
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

Order process was simple and I got tracking number pretty fast ! Shipping by Fedey was a mess (12 days to get it delivered to France !!).
Packing was good as everthing arrived in perfect conditions. Videos are pretty bad to explain how to build it but if you are used to mount technical stuffs it should not be a problem for you.
Labels on screw bags should be better written or printed ;)

29/05/2016Vincèn PUJOL
Geeetech Premium Prusa i3 Kit - Free Shipping

It takes ages to print with small nozzle.  I was already against fused-deposition because it is time consuming. I chose Geeetech only because of the quality of prints. But, it seems like a wrong idea now. Horizontal planes in this model are slow to fill which means that I am comfortable with printing thin-hollow vases but not with the layering stuff!

Thanks to the Mk2A heatbed that improved things a lot. Trickier part however is when the smallest dust particles clog the nozzle.

Setting the temperature is not easy especially with wood filament! I can’t deal with it on every day basis. Such a headache!! 

27/05/2016Brian G. Pickett
Sunhokey Auto Leveling Delta 3D Printer Kit

Yes, the printer got delivered on time and it is my second 3D printer. All the parts are just of fine quality as there is nothing too impressive about them. The assembling part was not that difficult as I already have a 3D printer. The printer worked fine for few days but after one month I faced certain issues.

The speed got very slow and the quality of the prints decreased. I also figured out that the software is not up to date and lacks a lot of recent features. I am not happy with my purchase.

27/05/2016Michael M. Cruz
Max Micron - Auto Leveling prusa i3 kit

I am an Architecture and this printer is a great choice that I ordered for my models. It just made my work easier to represent in front of my clients. I really liked its adjustable and automatic projector that provides a stable beam and high level of precision in printing by using multiple filaments.

I have begun to love to work on it. My colleagues are also impressed with its printing quality and precision and want to buy from online 3D printer store because of their great collection and reasonable rates.

27/05/2016Lisa Watkins
Flashforge - 2016 New Creator Pro FDM 3D Printer

Well built, rigid, smooth linear slides, and extruders that work very well.

You can print just about any filament you like. I've made my own spool holders patterned after the originals that are a precise fit for Hatchbox and Taulman filaments. Contrast this with the FF Dreamer, which is more of a closed machine and will not accept generic filament spools because they must fit into a very tight space inside the machine. Even worse is the 5th gen Makerbots which not only use a very odd, skinny spool, but they have an extruder that is highly prone to jamming and can only print PLA when it prints at all.

With the the Creator Pro, I've printed ABS, PLA, various Taulman Nylons, T-Glase, and other specialty filaments from Taulman with zero problems.

My only minor complains on the Creator Pro are the lack of a printed manual (it's on the SD card), and missing screws to assemble the acrylic pyramid cover.

The second extruder is a nice feature, but quite frankly it gets in the way more often that it's needed. I removed the nozzle from my left hand hotend because it has a slight tendency to drag on medium to large prints. I only reinstall the nozzle when I want to do dual extrusion (which isn't often)

Print quality is outstanding - especially when you consider all the extra weight the machine has to deal with to throw around two extruder motors.

By all accounts the support via Mr. Tang is excellent (although I've never used it). If you are willing to completely forgo any support, you can actually get this machine under the Powerspec 3D Pro label for about $400 less. (although it is rumored to have a weaker power supply)

There is one ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to purchase along with this printer - good software. The enclosed Replicator-G software is a tired old dinosaur that should be put out of its misery. Install the USB driver from the SD card and stop there!

Immediately go online and purchase the software "Simplify3D" at

I can not overemphasize the importance of this! It is $150, but well worth it. Doing this will save you untold hours of misery and frustration which will end with you going out and buying Simplify3D eventually anyway.

27/05/2016Greg Granville
Folger Tech Cloner - Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

If you are a 3D printer professional then this printer is going to work for you. It arrived on time and assembling part was also easy as I read all the instructions clearly and managed everything on my own within few hours. This amazing printer offers excellent printing speed along with a layer resolution of 50 microns.

I am able to deliver more than expected from my clients now and some of my clients have also doubled their order. I am so happy to have this printer. Highly recommended!

27/05/2016Thelma A. Mays
Electron 3D Tevo Tarantula - Single/Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit

I bought this printer two weeks ago. I did some research on the web before buying it. The assembly wasn’t that tough for me as I’ve worked with many machines in my post grad days. 

But, I must tell you if you’re not well acquainted with intricacies of 3D printing, this printer is definitely not for you.  After completing the assembly, when I tried to print, it started making a popping noise.

The customer service was helpful and came to my rescue when I asked them to help e stop the noise. But then, the z-axis couldn’t be easily positioned and it came out every time. I wanted to print and make toys for my kids and I was disappointed.

My elder son helped me in fixing it, and finally it gave good prints. I am not that happy but satisfied with it now!

27/05/2016Sandra E. Flores
Wanhao i3 Fully Assembled - Steel Frame - Version V2.1

The Wanhao printer came fully assembled and there’s no stress of getting it assembled. I was happy with it.


Steel structure- Durable

Very easy to use  

High precision prints

Multi-filament capability: PLA, ABS, PVA, Ninja Flex, Nylon, LayWoo-D3, Lay Brick, Copper FILL


Problem with the cooling fan of the extruder- it broke and had to get it fixed

26/05/2016Linda Dye
Mankati Fullscale XT Plus 3D Printer

I have a Ultimaker 2 , a RepRap, and an Airwolf 3d printer which cost more than 2 times the cost of this printer but there is no difference in the quality of the prints. As a matter of fact this This thing keep working when all others fail.

I have heard a lot of people complain about the printed parts being stuck at the heated bed, my suggestion would be use hairspray and try to remove prints after heating the bed a bit.

Also never buy a printer that does not have a close enclosure are you will end up getting more failed prints .

I would have rated this printer 4.5 unfortunately they don't allow that so I would rate it at 4 so that the manufacturers can make even better product next time around.

26/05/2016Stephan Schmitz
Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 - Color Palette 3D Printer

I usually neither read nor like putting reviews. But Geeetech Prusa I3 M201—the awesome printer forced me. The smart creativity of color templates and 2-in-1-out switchable hotend are the two exceptional features of this fantastic print.

I can easily do blended way of printing as well as I can effortlessly reproduce vivid colors. Its printing volume of 280 x 210 x 200mm is just commendable and let you print large models perfectly. 

A highly recommended 3D printer for all those folks who wants to add colors to their print!

26/05/2016Frank Obtram
Afinibot Large 3D Printer - Linear guide version - Metal Frame
One thing which impressed me about this printer is its sturdy metal frame. When the printer arrived I was equally impressed to see the huge printing area and at times when I have to print on much bigger objects then the printer allows me to make alternations to expand the printing area. The printer works very smoothly and offers flawless results which are outstanding. The printer is economical and it is impossible to get such a great quality at this price. I would like to recommend this printer to everyone.
26/05/2016Brenda W. Ponce
Afinibot A3M - 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3

I have been working in the 3D printing industry for 6 years now and I know about a good print when I see one. I ordered the Afinibot Prusa after going through its features and reviews. I build quality of this 3D printer is quite good. It is sturdy printer with steel bed frame. Print quality is good but I was expecting for something better.

What I liked-

Good price, good size, nice build,

What I didn’t like-

Troubleshooting problems, software not as expected

26/05/2016Mattie F. Grubbs
Createbot Max FDM 3D Printer V 2.0

Fantastic 3D Printer!

I am an architecture. This printer is a really appreciable device by Createbot. I am so impressed and happy with my buying decision.

  From the installation and assembling to delivering 3D models, everything is as perfect as it should be to justify its functions.

The sturdy metal enclosed frame of this printer looks great. My daily work has become so easy and it is now really a great fun working on my projects.

25/05/2016Kenneth Teckson
FLSUN 3D Metal Frame Prusa i3 DIY KIT

This is the first 3D printer which I own and that is why initially I was bit nervous about the assembling process. With clear instructions and images I was able to assemble the printer very easily. Although at the time of assembling I figured out that some of the parts were missing.

I contacted customer care and the missing parts were delivered within 6 days. The printing quality of the printer is really impressive as it allows me to complete all my work successfully.

The printer is very easy to control also and the regular adjustments can also be made easily as per your convenience. I am very happy to own this printer.

25/05/2016Jason A. Perkins
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