Indian Child Gets New Life Because Of 3D Printing

3D Printing and its application in the field of healthcare is no secret anymore, we keep hearing stories about them. Unfortunately most of the breakthrough in medical applications of 3d printing is happening in the developed countries of the west, where as there is great potential of its use even in the developing countries. China is already making conscious efforts to make optimum use of 3D printing in the field of medical surgeries now it’s time for other developing countries like India, countries of Africa and Other Latin American countries to pick up the pace and use 3d Printing for good.

3d printed cardiac

Every year thousands of people die in these countries due to lack of high tech medical equipment’s and specialty hospitals to cure rare ailments and diseases. 3D Printing could be used as an aid to cure these special cases as customized solution can be provided to assist these patients. While there is no formal Government policy in these developing counties to research and develop Surgical or medical application of 3D Printing, there are private individuals and companies that have taken up the task to up the ante.

One such company is an Indian Company called Sahas Softech LLP, which has opened a healthcare branch of its company, named OCTE Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company has started assisting hospitals in complicated surgeries where 3D printed models of the patient’s organsis used as reference models.

The company’s recent achievement was the heart model they created for kid named Ram. Ram was suffering from a rare and strange heart condition called “criss-cross heart” or CCH. In a country where there is serious shortage of healthcare facilities to cure normal diseases the child’s parents had a real task at hand to save Ram. They visited a lot of hospitals and were turned down as the heart operation would be extremely difficult to perform.

3d printed cardiac

Finally the help came from a hospital called Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Dr. Mahesh Kappanayil who works as a pediatric cardiologist at the hospital took up the challenge to operate on Ram. He decided to use 3D printing to understand the complex nature of Rams heart and fortunately found Sahas Softech LLP which could help him generate the heart model using MRI Scans and CT scan of the kids heart.

Dr. Mahesh explains “I realized that the expertise and potential for creating 3D printed heart models existed right here in India. All the intricate details of Ram’s heart and its abnormalities became clearly evident – much more than what was possible through all his previous scans. Using the model, his surgery could be precisely planned and executed on the same day, with a much shorter surgery time than otherwise.”

3d printed cardiac

Ram’s heart operation went smoothly and he is now recovering from the same. One more life saved due to 3D Printing and a will to use it in an unconventional way.

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