Indian Doctor Used 3D Printer For Pelvis Fracture

05 Jan

Indian Doctor Used 3D Printer For Pelvis Fracture

We have seen many incidents where 3d printing technology has saved many lives. It has been immensely useful in the medical field. An Indian doctor from Nagpur have used 3d printing technology to save a young boy's life.

Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria used 3d printer for operation and to reduce the cost and medication for the patient. It happened when a boy had an accident and admitted into the hospital, he was suffering from a pelvic fracture with disruption of his pelvic ring, and a fracture of his acetabulum.

CT Scan

The operation seems much difficult and challenging comparing with other surgeries due to heavy blood loss, however the Doctor approached this case in different angle by trying with 3d printing to reduce money and risk. For the surgical purpose before converting them into.stl file and printing, we need a CT scan of the wounded area that is exactly what Dr. Viabhav did. He took a scan and printed the file into 1:1 scale using what he created named “3D patient optimized surgical tool or 3D POST”

3d printed pelvis

The pelvis 3d printed model of the patient helps the doctor as well the team to view the injury and prepared accordingly. The operation was successfully completed in less time and prevented huge blood loss that usually occurs while operating the pelvis. The 3d printed model helped doctors to immensely.

“3D Patient Optimized Surgical Tools (3D POST) developed from 3D printing the CT scans of patients appear to be a promising approach that can help improve the surgical outcomes and reduce the surgical time and blood loss,” Told Dr. Bagaria.

Soon 3d printing is going to be the necessary must tool for medical industry.

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Indian Doctor Used 3D Printer For Pelvis Fracture
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