It Takes 2 To Tango

Around this time last year Google announced ‘Project Tango’ which was targeted towards bringing 3d Scanning to Smartphones, but we did not hear much about it until just a few days ago. However things are getting a lot clearer now, Google and their hardware partners Lenovo (They made the Nexus Phones for them) has announced that they are working towards a 6.5 inch smartphone which will have an in build 3d scanner.

3d printer Project Tango

The unannounced device would be sold as a Sub $500 device and could scan the world around us and can be used for 3d printing as well as for augmented reality apps of the future. The device which is still under development could also be used to measure things while being converted into 3D, it could make it a perfect tool for architects and designers. The said device is touted to be powered by Qualcomm chipset and Lenovo went a step further to show some possible prototypes designs of the device during CES 2016.

It is notable that Google has selected Lenevo to make this device, as they are already working in the field of 3D Printing and have made a Chocolate 3D Printer and have recently announced a modular ThinkPad X1 tablet which is powered by Intel RealSense-powered 3D Scanner.

Google also flaunted an augmented reality game called Jenga which could shows how virtual pets to interact with real objects using the 3D camera. This was just a show off of technology and probably an Idea to show how 3D Scanning can be used to apps of the future.

I remember that during the announcement of the Project Tango almost 2 years ago, one of the Google executive said that "We are physical beings that live in a 3D world. The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion." I am glad that this Project is making some head ways now, as this would be the single most significant development in the field of 3d Scanning we hear for a long time.

3d printer Project Tango

3D Scanning sector is certainly the one to keep an eye now as hardware giant; Intel also has entered into the field with the Realsense scanner. The companies recently also announce their RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit, a 6-inch smartphone that also supports Google’s Project Tango 3D scanning camera technology, and is already available for pre-order for just $399. Although the release date for the same is not available yet but as the company is already taking pre orders we can be sure that it would be available sooner than later.

3d printer Project Tango

With so much happening in the 3D Scanning sector, we think it would soon become a standard feature on most smart phones and change the way these devices interact with our surrounding. The possibilities are multi-dimensional and all we can do for now is contemplate the future of the technology the way we want to.

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