Jake Lee makes a 3d printed Robotic vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are small disk shaped automatic vacuum cleaners that are fitted with sensors and can be programmed to clean floors without human intervention. These small beasts are slowly but surely entering into every modern home as it saves a lot of time for people with limited to no time for daily household chores. These so called robovac’s have technologically advanced pretty fast in the short period of time and its commercial success is purely credited to these advancements. There are many kinds of Robovac’s available today; the price of these can vary between $150 to over $1000. But what if I told you that you can make a 3d printed Robotic vacuum cleaner for just $5.

Panda 3d printed vacuum cleaner

Jake Lee, an Industrial designer from Taiwan has released the latest version of his improved version of cleaning robot which he has nicknamed as ‘PANDA’. According to his instructables page he has named the sweeper on his to be born son. This improved version of Robovac has features like air suction, sweeper and roller brush.

Panda 3d printed vacuum cleaner

The smart sweeper can also detect obstacles and randomly picks it direction to move. Mr. Lee’s Panda is the result of 3 failed prototypes and measures at 17cm x 17cm. He has uploaded the list of things he used to make Panda and the assembly instructions; however he has not shared the original 3d design files as he plans to use it for another contest. The top, bottom and mid-housing components, as well as two battery covers, the gear box and the dust cabinet were all 3D printed on Lee’s MakerBot 2x replicator at 0.2mm resolution.

To save power Mr. Lee has used Gears instead of additional motors to run the roller and sweeper that do the cleaning. He has uploaded the video explaining how he managed to use the cogwheels and managed to run all the sweepers and roller with the power of a single motor, he adds that it also saves enough energy and the cleaner does not need heavy battery packs to operate.

Panda 3d printed vacuum cleaner

If you like Mr. Lee’s 3d printed Robotic vacuum cleaner design, you could head over and vote for it at the 3D Printing Contest at instructables. I am sure that the to-be born son of Mr. Lee, ‘Panda’ would be real proud at the efforts of his dad and Mr. Lee would surely need it to work perfectly with all the mess the new born kid will create in the house.

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