Japanese Court Sentenced Two Years Jail For Making Gun

We common people know what impact a gun can do. Technology made things easy for us and the same sometime hurts, and the real truth about 3d printing is that you can make anything you want, if you think for good deeds it will be great but if a terrorist with good technical skill can do danger to this world using 3d printing.

3d printed gun

We have seen some 3d printed made gun in recent months though there is no such case of murder using 3d printed gun it’s always dangerous to print a gun, Yoshitomo imura from Japan has found guilty for making a gun using 3d printer. He didn’t stop there he went on to add fuel by releasing the video in internet about the process of making a gun. He was arrested by local police in Japan.

Japanese court has declared him two years jail for making a gun and publishing it in internet which will certainly encourage and impress others to follow him. He was punished under criminal case for two years.

Even using cheap 3d printer people can make what they want, the weapons he made using 3d printer found by manual checking in airports and not even security equipment could find this gun, they suspect it would have been used for hijacking the plane.

3d printed gun japan

Ever since the Texas-based group released its first ever 3d printed made gun it has been very sensational and was considered as serious issue so then the US government renewed its rule of ban against gun with no metal.

Make out the best from 3d printing!!

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