Japan allocated 21 million for 3d printing human organ

17 Jan

Japan allocated 21 million for 3d printing human organ

3d printing has reached all over the world, one fine example is Japan, we have been repeatedly seen additive manufacturing that made an impact in the medical field, but what about the 3d printed inner tissues and cells that can be translated into human, though it might take some years to implement many countries have already started the research and development.

3d printed organ

The Japanese government has allocated 21 million of US dollars for 3d printing the human tissues, cells and other parts of the body to get transplanted into humans. Sources say that, they are planning to launch in next five years. Already we have heard from Russian scientists who are in research of using 3d printing human kidneys to transplant in humans might be possible in next 5 years, while Organovo and the Yale school has collaborated to bring 3d Bio- printed surgical tissues.

The Japanese government has allocated this fund to Osaka university through which five research institutes will handle this project as Osaka university researchers have already shown some result of transplanting tissues, organs, muscle cells in humans. With this fund they can even reach a height that no one does before. In the initial stage, the government was even ready to invest 2.5 billion, since 3d printing is a cost effective technology which made the Japanese government to allocate just 21 million.

If the project successfully tested in humans, then it will be a milestone in the medical field as many patients all over the world will get cured.

Image Source:Survincity.com

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Japan allocated 21 million for 3d printing human organ
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