JG Aurora Big Metal Frame A8 Industrial 3D Printer

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5 reviews   Rating: 5/5.
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JG Aurora Big Metal Frame A8 Industrial 3D Printer

JGAurora Industrial 3D Printer


Lead Time: 5 to 7 days.


JGAurora Industrial 3D Printer
JGAurora Industrial 3D Printer
JGAurora Industrial 3D Printer
JGAurora Industrial 3D Printer
JGAurora Industrial 3D Printer
JGAurora Industrial 3D Printer
JGAurora Industrial 3D Printer


Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 350 x 250 x 300 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.05 - 0.3 mm
Layer Resolution 50 microns
Chassis Metal Frame
Filament Compatibility ABS & PLA
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Speed 20-100 mm/sec
Print Plate (Build Platform) HeatBed
No.of Extruders One
Power Requirements AC 100 - 230 V
Connectivity (Interface) USB, LCD display and SD card reader
Electronics Atmel 2560 (Arduino Mega)
3D printing Software Cura
CAD Input data file format supported .STL
Client Operating System Windows/MAC/Linux
Machine Dimensions 590 x 450 x 570 mm
Shipping box dimensions 700*570*680 mm
Machine weight 32 Kg
Shipping box weight 40 Kg
Lead time 5 to 7 days
Shipping Location China
Manufacturer Warranty 6 Months
| 5 reviews
Wonderful Mega printer! I hacked it to use any filament on the market. I've had the best luck and prints with PURL Scientific 3d Filament. It's the same filament my school used.
| 5 reviews
<p>I love this printer. It works pretty well right out of the box, and i had much better prints on this printer than i ever received on my 200+ prints on my old DIY printer. The only cons were the fact that some parts were swapped out for upgraded parts that I was unaware of. (But they were upgraded parts, so iIm not complaining!)</p> <p>Their support was also top notch, I had a few printing issues at first, but i was able to call their number, get a live person on the call, and he was knowledgeable enough to help me fix the issues.</p>
| 5 reviews
This is my first 3d printer. After more than a year of usage, I should say I am really happy with it: It is really easy to use, the provided software is really intuitive. The JG Aurora support is also great, I had a problem with the extruder one time and they sent me immediately a replacement. Definitively the perfect printer to start exploring the exciting 3d printing world!
| 5 reviews
<p>I've been on the fence for over a year on deciding to buy a 3d printer. I kept resisting because of reviews saying "not plug and play" "wait for the technology to improve", etc... Well I don't know if I lucked out but I made the plunge and bought the JG Aurora and haven't been this excited since the darkroom days. Everything was packaged well and I was up and running within minutes.</p> <p>The only difficulty I had was loading the filament and changing the filament (I'm sure both issues were my fault). I've printed things from thingiverse and so far haven't had any issues. I've just used the default settings of the installed software. I've only used the included glue stick to hold down my prints and that has worked so far. I ordered some ABS so I may have to change what I use to make it adhere once I try that.</p> <p>The only negative I have is the speed and the fan. I have only been using the medium setting and wow is it slow. Were talking three hours for small prints. The fan is an issue because since these prints take so long I turn it on and then go about my day. The fan constantly runs even after it's done printing. That may be something configurable that I haven't found yet but not sure why the default wouldn't be for when it's not heating, than to shut off. Other than that I can't praise it enough.</p>
| 5 reviews
<p>I have to say i was a little hesitant to spend the $800 on this baby, but once i got this in my apartment , hooked up and printing , I am convinced I got an awesome deal!</p> <p>My hobby's include cad design, custom automotive projects and my 9-5 job is a maintenance technician, so i have some know how when it comes to design and function as well as failure analysis.</p> <p>This 3d printer has exceeded my expectations and throws all the bad reviews of this product in the trash!</p> <p>This being my first 3d printer and the software that comes with it (Cura), setup was a breeze and fast, i think i spent longer unpacking it then actually setting it up!</p> <p>The first print was a calibration circle, looked and spec'ed out amazing with the supplied filament that comes with the printer.</p> <p>Now there are some mods out that you can print that will improve the quality and the life of the printers electronics, but out of the box this printer has done a wonderful job.It is a little noisy, but what do you expect? its a CNC machine that has motors,belts, and 2 heated surfaces so its gonna make some noise.</p>

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