Life Size 3D Printed Dinosaurs would soon roam the Queensland

Dinosaurs were animals that lived in the Mesozoic era between 220 and 65 million years ago, these prehistoric reptiles have close resemblance to crocodiles and birds we find today. These animals which once ruled the world were suddenly wiped off the face of this earth due to a catastrophic event (which according to popular belief was a meteorite hitting the earth). Finding the fossils of these once varied species is a rare event and one of the largest collections of these animals can be found in Queensland area of Australia.

3d printed dinasour

Queensland Museum has a dedicated viewing area which displays the rarest finds of these Dinosaurs; it is also the only place in the world that attracts its visitors with a Dinosaur trail which spans 100 miles. Dinosaur Trail in Queensland's Outback is an exciting adventure, where you can discover the world-class fossils of Winton, Richmond and Hughenden. A journey along the Dinosaur Trail offers visitors a range of unique experiences not available anywhere else in the world, let alone Australia.

The team handling the remains of these pre historic creatures has now decided to modernize the visitors experience with a life size 3D printed model of Rhoetosaurus (a large herbivores Dinosaur that roamed these lands almost 170 million years ago). This yet to be made structure is to be made with special 3D printed foam with a cost of 200,000 Australian Dollars. The project would be headed by Dr. Scott Hocknull, who specializes in demonstrating natural and geo-heritage with the help of Digital visual effects and now with the help of 3D Printing.

3d printed dinasour

Dr. Scott Hocknull, geosciences senior curator at the Queensland Museum was ecstatic to make the announcement about this 3D Printed sculpture when said "Right at the moment you can rout out of a large block of foam, a bone or an entire dinosaur and that's what we're working on at the moment. It's a long time to get to a big dinosaur, so fingers crossed we can actually create something this large.”

He was also elected as the Young Australian of the Year in 2002, he added passionately that “Just imagine being able to walk up close to one of these things, because it's a replica, because it's something you could potentially touch, kids can get a really direct engaging, exciting experience, by seeing these things close up.”

3d printed dinasour

The project would be funded by Maranoa council; the initiative is taken by the Mayor Mr. Robert Loughnan with the objective of developing Queensland one of the major Dinosaur tourist attractions.

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