Life sized Iron Man suit made using 3d printer

05 Mar

Life sized Iron Man suit made using 3d printer

A Marvel fan has made what he believes is the country's first fully-3D printed Iron Man suit.Twenty-year-old Ross Wilkes bought the printer in 2013 and decided he wanted to use it to re-create one of cinema’s most iconic action heroes for his New Year’s resolution. Now, the suit is ready to be unveiled.

“Building my own Iron Man suit has been an incredible challenge,” says Wilkes. “Before I could start, I had to learn the basics of 3D printing and was able to pick up the rest along the way. I’m thrilled with what I’ve been able to create using only a 3D printer, and to be able to see the complete suit now is incredible.”

3d printed iron man suit

Resembling Tony Stark’s famous armour, it took a period of 14 months to complete and used 32 rolls 1kg-spools of plastic filament were used the equivalent of 2,900 meters.To bring the creation to life, Mr Wilkes used the build-it-yourself Velleman K8200 3D printer, which works by layering plastic to form a solid object. The machine’s small print area means that the Iron Man suit has been printed in hundreds of individual segments and painstakingly pieced together to create the final result.

Mr.Wilkes used three different colors of filaments for the main body of the suit – red, gold and gray and it even features the same chest repulsor transmitter centered in the sternum area. Unlike other projects of the past, none of the parts of this particular life sized iron man suit were painted, Wilkes did not use any finishing techniques in this project, relying on the colors of filaments to do their job.

3d printed iron man suit 2

A remarkable job has been done by Mr Wilkes which appears to be 3D printed yet still remains very accurate and presentable, the suit we are all familiar with from comic books and movies.

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Life sized Iron Man suit made using 3d printer
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