Little Kyra’s Vision saved with the help of 3D Printing

“Brain Surgery” is mostly critical and complicated process; it’s a kind of operation that needs lots of skill and practice. Such a difficult operation on a six-month-old baby would have been impossible without the 3D printed replicate Kyra’s skull.

Kyra Duschene is a six-month-old baby born with a rare condition called front encephalocele in which a part of her brain was growing through her nasal area. Her parents were told that she would lose her vision if a surgery was not performed on her, but the doctors themselves were scared to do such a delicate surgery on such a small child.

Little Kyra’s Vision saved with the help of 3D Printing

Kyra’s mom’s, Jamie Duschenefear was evident when she spoke to the media about her daughters condition “This kind of surgery scares me just in itself for any kid, but for somebody so little, I think it’s even worse,”

To surgically restructure the skull, the doctors used MRI scans of Kyra’s head which was then 3D Printed on $400,000 3D printer. The doctors made 3 different versions of her skull which was then used to simulate the operation.

Little Kyra’s Vision saved with the help of 3D Printing

The actual operation took a team of 20 surgeons and a cliffhanging nine-hour to complete in which the doctors pulled back the skin of Kyra’s face and removed the obtrusive brain tissue and then graft a piece of bone onto her nasal area.

Little Kyra’s Vision saved with the help of 3D Printing

The entire procedure was documented for TLC series called “Body Bizarre,” which highlights stories of unusual and often life-threatening medical abnormalities and health conditions that people around the world must overcome.

This operation gave a perfect story to Body Bizarre, as it had a tragedy, suffering, pain, but in the end had happy endings. Baby Kyra is looks nothing like she looked just 6 months ago; she celebrated her 1st birthday this month. Mr. and Mrs. Deschene released her photograph to the press shown little Kyra laughing and smiling.

Little Kyra’s Vision saved with the help of 3D Printing

One more life saved with a little help of 3D Printing, and out of the box thinking of doctors who were ready to give it a try. How many more examples do we need to provide before every hospital in the world gets an in-house 3D printing lab? We are hopeful that it will happen soon, until then we would keep reporting every such incident hoping that the post is looked at by the hospital managements and doctors.

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