Local motors shows how a car is made with 3D Printing 101

31 Mar

Local motors shows how a car is made with 3D Printing 101

For experiencing the next level driving big car companies are promising to come up with futuristic concept cars incorporating D and 4D printed features. With companies like Buick , BMW and Ferrari would take another 10 to 50 years for the vision to become a reality, Local Motors  has entered into an ear that is yet to come. The company has recently launched their road ready 3D printed car will be available for orders later this year. Local Motors is an Arizona based technology company behind the world’s first3D printed car. Automotive startup Local Motors is taking the3D technology to the extreme level. The all electric 3D printed car LM3D—or at least, 3D printed car parts comprises of 75% 3Dprinted parts.

While many of us don’t even know how the 3D printer works, irrelevant of how it can manage to create an entire vehicle. To fill this informative gap Local Motors have created a short informative video called, “3D Printing 101 : How to print a car” a video that clarifies questions that are inevitable from the consumers end. Last year the Company has amazed that automotive industry last year at SEMA trade event in Las Vegas by live printing the world’s first 3Dprinted car.

3d printed car from Local Motors?

“As the public relations guy at Local Motors, I’m constantly asked by people—whether it’s the media, business partners or folks at the grocery store who see my LM shirt—what exactly it is what we do as a company,” explained Adam Kress, Local Motors’ PR Manager. “In the interest of being as open a company as possible, we decided to simply show you how it’s done in a way that everyone can understand.”

A few quick facts about Local Motors’ "safe, smart, sustainable" 3D printed car:

Approximately 75% of the LM3D is 3D printed eventually increasing it up to 90%. The printing material being used is a blend of 80% ABS and 20%carbon fiber. It plans offers a wide range of full customizable aesthetic features only possible through DDM and 3Dprinting. With the crash testing expected to be complete by the end of this year, it further aims at offering a 3Dprinted car that is safer than the traditionally manufactured cars. It can be preordered through their upcoming Indiegogo campaign, with retail purchases available in the later year. The MSRP is suggested to be $53,000 dollars.

Local Motors has collaborated with other leaders of the industry to enhance the driving experience through more revolutionary technologies. They include IBM to integrate technology that supports interactions between 3D printed vehicles, the drivers and the outside environment through IBM Watson; Siemens Solid Edge to provide CAD modeling of the car; IDEO to renew Local Motors Labs; and SABIC a maker of thermoplastic materials solution to build the body.

3d printed car from Local Motors?

 With a lot of ambition and technological promises filled into a compact and sport LM3D, Local Motors approach seems to be quite open as the want the consumers to understand and appreciate the process that goes in the manufacturing of the LM3D vehicle. Therefore the 3D printing 101 video shows the steps that are involved in moving the digital file to a fully functional 3D printed car. The video is produced by Multimedia Specialist Motaz Hussein.

The process starts with the designing of the 3D model. Once that is done the design is converted into an STL file ad sent to the mechanical engineering team with the required specifications for the printing process. Further the operator runs the 3D model through a slicer program that breaks it into individual layers. Eventually everything is sent to the BAAM 3D printer. The extremely big BAAM printer is extremely fast and valuable to the future of 3D printed cars. BAAM is one of the largest 3D printers in the world, it was used by Local Motors to print Strati in just six days. Also a full-scaled Shelby Cobra and has also 3D printed house car mob that produced and shared clean energy. Once sliced files has been sent to the printer the ABS and carbon fiber composite material which starts printing in te for of dried pellets is heated at 410°F and extruded layer by layer. Five hours later the part is completely printed and is ready to assemble to the large car structure.

Local Motors 3D printing 101 video is a must watch to get familiar with the new technology and see how far technology has bought us with a 3D printed car for a new experience. The video offers a quick watch through the process from the start to the end and how exactly the 3D printed car is made. The company furthers plans to further produce videos on entire series that describes in details hoe the pieces are prepared. Also Local Motors plans to release several new models in the LM3D series throughout 2016.

Image & Video Credits:Local Motors

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Local motors shows how a car is made with 3D Printing 101
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