Love project to convert our emotions in to 3d printed objects

18 Mar

Love project to convert our emotions in to 3d printed objects

ESTUDIO GUTO RQUENA from Brazil and D3 studio revealed the Love project at the recent Design weekend (DW) Sao Paolo. DW is about advancing the configuration and its association with workmanship, construction modeling, urban arranging, finishing, social incorporation, business and mechanical advancement. Occasions will be led on a different configuration, for example, classes, teachers, entire sessions, workshops, business fairs, shows and a great deal more. Don't miss the chance to be a piece of this show.

Love project

The Love project is all about bringing the human emotions and expressions of their love into 3d printed objects. The motive of this project is to give meaning to each and every person love by attaining different and unique product design through computer-generated designs to 3d printed object. This was made possible only by team hard work and their creative thinking.

Love project  to create 3d printed objects


The key man behind this love project is from Brazil a famous, promising designer and architect Guto Requena, who has built many buildings, one such familiar building is the Brazilian headquarters of Google and Walmart. He so far have won many awards and rewards in his field of design and architect.

Overall 53 people participated in the love project, participants were individually measured of their heartbeat, brain activity and voice fluctuations using sensors connected to the computer. Special software developed by D3 studio was used to draw the data and patterns in a grid pattern which then will convert the emotions of the people while they tell their love stories.

Love 3d printed objects

To all our surprise the shapes of a vase, a lamp and a fruit bowl that the software converted was interesting from the emotions of the participants, although this is the first experiment of three stages they are going through it was quite unique and love objects were amazing. And they are also developing a smart phone application where people can tell their stories convert them into real object using 3d printer.

Image Source:designboom

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Love project to convert our emotions in to 3d printed objects
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